Sunday, February 5, 2017

colorfull snowflakes Nail Tutorial

colorfull snowflakes

Nail Tutorial

By Rosalie



Hi Lovelies,
today I was in the mood to share another nail look with you. Again, I know that I am not a professionel but I enjoy doing this from time to time. So if you feel the same, please feel free to share your nail creations with me I would love to see them! <33

In the following picture you can see the things I used to make the nail look.

#1 unicorn snow ball

First make shure that your nails are clean and free from other nail polishes.

Than you add a little dot on the top of your nail in one colour...

add some more...

and more in a few different colors.

(and again on a different nail :P )

For a nice finish you add some clear nail polish and then you are done! <33

#2 snowflake

Again your nail should be clean to start up with the look! :3


Then you should choose a color from the first look (it looks the best if you choose the darkest color) to draw a snowflake with the nail tool.

And to give it the best finish add some clear nail polish. DONE!

#3 one color

For the last nails I want to bring something light and without a special pattern into the look.

So I used the same color as from look #1 and #2 that all nails match together. These looks are for the remaining nails without any polish to complete the look.

The first easy design is just adding some color on the top...

and for the secound look you color the whole nail. That's it. <3

After my nails look like this:

I hope you enjoyed this nail look tutorial. Please share with me if you try out some of my ideas! <33333

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