Sunday, February 5, 2017

ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Color Contour Duo Stick

ETUDE HOUSE "Play 101 Color Contour Duo Stick"


Hi my lovelies,
today I want to share this new product from ETUDE HOUSE.
the "colour contouring play 101 pencils"

As you may know contouring your face is really a must for many professionals to do (for me it's still somehow difficoult! haha, I think I look damn ugly with contouring my face!!) :D
Within this content, ETUDE HOUSE now got a new contouring method. It's not with shades and highlighting, it's more that you correct places on your face that have a strange coloring, to simply make them look nicer and make your whole face look perfect.

For example I have some red spots around my nose. Then I should add something from the gree pencil to correct the color, that it doesn't look red anymore.I think the idea behind it is really cool.

On the packaging's there are little sketches where I am supposed to apply the color. Plus the makeup artist PONY made a example where she put the colors to correct her face the best.



In the following pictures you can see how the colors look like on my arm:


To tell the truth, I can't imagine me in the beginning to apply blue or purple color onto my face. And there are 6 colors that have to look good on my face. That's really so muuuuuch!!!
But I have seen that you can buy just one pencil and don't have to buy all 3 ones. So if you exactly know what you want to correct into your face that will be the best to choose the color. On the sketches (If I use all 3 pencils) the colors would overlay each other. MH... I don't think that this is right. So if you use all 3 colors I think the idea how to use it from PONY is a good one.

Here you can see Violetta, using the different colours (thank you Violetta for modeling!<33).

without products

#1 Peach Orange&Yellow
#2 Mint&Blue

#3 Lavender&Pink

all colours

To use the pencils perfectly I think you have to try them out a bit before you get the best result onto your face. 

I think it is easy to blend them with a foundation brush or a beauty blender. The only colour that confuses me a bit is the blue. It is nice to blend but you still see the blue... Its not like with the other colours.
Violetta is really impressed with the #1 to correct the dark circles under the eyes. My favourite is the green but also #3. They all work nicely.

For a natural and easy look I use primer and then these pencils on top. But you can also apply foundation on top of the pencils. The pencils leaf like a silky finnish, so if your skin is dry I think you can get shocked how bad they blend in. But with a nice skin condition I have no problems. (Just telling you to not use a powdery or silky foundation on top. The pencils are not supposed to moisturize your face. You have to use different products for that!)

But all in all I like the product. Still, I need some training to get a perfect result with them, since I am not using contouring for my make up I am really bad at this! haha. But even when I am bad at contouring I get some nice results, so if you want to try out the product you should give it a go. It's easier as you may think in the beginning and it somehow is fun to try the colours out, too.

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you still have some questions please feel free to ask! <33

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