Friday, March 10, 2017

esfolio "Moisture Soothing Gel Aloe Vera 100%"

esfolio "Moisture Soothing Gel Aloe Vera 100%"

by Rosalie

Hi Lovelies,
same as last time I want to write about a product, wich contains aloe vera extract. It's the esfolio moisture soothing gel in aloe vera. The brand also came out with a snail gel one but since I think that snail gel and cream (and beautyproducts in general) are disgusting (yep, in Germany it is pretty unnormal to use snail beauty products).

I got this big pot within a beauty box from but since I got this a while ago they didn't sell the product only on the webside so I can't tell you the original price of the product. Sry for that... :(
Ânyway, I remember this product to be selled around $8 to $10, something like this.




 In the following pictures you can see pictures from the product.

Somehow I think this gel looks amazingly cool! :D

When I put this gel onto my skin it feels super refreshing and cooling, wich is really great in summertime. 

When I first used this product I was really shocked how long I had to wait for my skin to fully absorb the gel. My skin is oily but also very dry so normally my skin would absorb moisturizing products really fast. At first I thought that this is really bad but right now I am doing skin massages really often because I feel my face to be really stressed. With a massage the product can absorb fully and my skin can feel super nice and soft. Also the smell is really nice. But I also have to say that this gel isn't as moisturizing as other (aloe vera) products are. So this can't replace a moisturizing cream fully.

-great for skin massage
-cooling and refreshing in summer
-low price
-nice scent

-the moisturizing effect is low
-I really dk where to buy it right now!!
-my skin doesn't absorb the product fast

so all in all if you want a nice cooling gel in summer or a product for skin massage I highly recommend this product. But if you are searching for a rich moisturizing product you should search for something different.

I hope this review was helpfull for you.

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  1. Hi, is it sticky on the skin after putting it on? I tried Nature Republic's aloe vera gel and it was great no sticky feels at all. Then I bought another brand because the NR brand is sold out. The new brand I got is sooo sticky until I woke up in the morning. I saw this Esfolio brand and thinking to give it a try if it's not sticky at all and dries fast like NR do.

    1. This esfolio one is really not sticky at all! :D
      When I use it I need to massage it into my face for a few seconds but after that there is a super fresh feeling. Like cooling and clean feeling but not dry. I really like it for summer time! *__*
      Hope this helps you!