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B.A.P. Live On Earth 2016 - Concert Diary #2

B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 - Concert Diary #2

by Violetta


This time I (we) wanted to share, what clothing we planed for the concert. Since I personally have a fanshirt from B.A.P, but my sister and my friend, which is also comming to the concert with us, doesn´t have one, I decited to make some fanshirts by myself. And I thought, if they both have the same shirts, I want to have one of these, too. So in the end, I decited to make three group-fanshirts. ^^

(concert diary #1(ordering the tickets), #3(the concert!!))

Since I am working with wax batik colourimg in my semester project, I wanted to use my insights to make them. I don´t know if my translation is correct, but this technology is a sort of reserving technology. (But You´ll see it as soon as you see the pictures)

I want to make a little tutorial for you. This way you can make a T-Shirt with a text or image you want. ;-)

You need:
  • wax (3 tealight candles for one shirt)
  • one water bath (both is going to be full of wax afte rit, so use one you can use for such things only, not for cooking anymore)
  • owen (or something you can heat up the wax with)
  •  a shirt in your size (the best is 100 % cotton, because this way the colour is the most intense, but if you use a fibre with a little bit of elastan (like 5 %), the wax gets better of after the dyeing process) (you can also take one in a colour if you want, but you have to calculate in that the colour you want to dye may change)
  • a stancile of the motive you want
  • pencil
  • newspaper
  • an old brush (you can only use it for wax things after that)
  • a big bowl to dye the shirt in
  • batik colour
  • wrapping paper (or something that absorbes really well)
  • iron


First of all, cut out yout motive. I also want to put on some words, but I am going to  just draw it on the shirt after I drawed the motive on it.

I am going to write / put on something on the back and the front. I know that it is really difficult to draw on the shirt with a pencil, but it is important to not use something you can´t remove afterwards.

I drawed the typical matoki bunny head on it and also the typical writen letters.

Cut some paper to put it inside of the shirt, or else you would put on the wax on both sides at one time. I used wrapping paper, but you can use what you want for this step. The only thing is, that it should not be to thin, so you can also use a view layers of newsletter.


Now, you can heat up the wax. It is important to don´t heat it up to much (the wax should not smoke). I use a brush for the application, but keep in mind that you can´t use this one after it for anything else, so don´t use your best brush. ;-)

Since it is not possible, to control the wax completelly, see the lines you made just as a direction where you have to put wax, but you have to deal with the  wax as a liquid, which means that it can run in some directions which you didn´t wanted. But don´t be to sad if that happens (it also happened to me), just try to deal with it. I started with the outlines, then fill in the wax completelly.

To get a good result, the wax has to be really hot. That´s why I didn´t only took the bowl with the wax beside the shirt to draw, but the whole water bath, that the wax is longer hot.  You see that the wax is hot enough, when the areas where you put it is a bit transparent. This way the wax isn´t only on the surface, but also in the inside of the textile, so the effect will be visible.

Here you can see what I drawed on the front and on the back.You see the drawing is ot perfect, but this is the best you can get this way. If you want to get an interesting structure into the reserved areas, you have to make wrinkles into the wax, but you can´t controll or calculate it. (you can see the structure I mean in the next two following pictures)

After let it drying, you can go over to dye it. 

I use batik colour, For those of you who haven´t any exmeriences with this kind of dyeing process, you have to put the colouring powder inside a big bowl or pot, you can heat up. You have to boil the water, then let it cool down to around 40 °C, or else the wax would melt again. You need to heat it up (and don´t only use hot water) , because this way the colour particles can go better inside the fibre.

The shirt has to be inside of the water for around 20~30 minutes, depending of how much powder you use (you don´t need the whole package for one shirt, only like 1 or 2 tea spoons, but if you want it even more intense, you have to use more), but that really depends on how you want your colour. You have to stir the whole time, to get an more even dye. 

When you are happy with your colour (it looks darker / more intense when the textile is wet, so don´t take it of too early), you can get it out of the pot. Now wash out the rest of the colour with cold water (I would preffer doing it in a bucket or something that´s not awful when it gets coloured or dirty). Let it dry and then you can iron it, to get rid of the wax. But before you can try to pull out a bit of the wax before ironing, so that you don´t have the problem with dealing with so much wax on the paper. You will need muxh of newspaper or backing paper (I preffer backing powder, because you may get stains from the print of the newspaper). Put one inside, one under it and one above. Pay attention that you exchange the paper when it´s full of wax.

Depending of the material of the shirt, you can use it from midle to high heat. When there is nothing comming out of your shirt / when the paper doesn´t absorbs any more wax, you are ready. 
You can never get out every wax, but you can try to get out as much as possible.
When you wash it, theoretically there can´t go out any colour, because you´ve washed it out, but because of the rest of the wax, you should wash it per hand, to don´t ruin your washing machine. 

Thanks for reading! Please leafe a comment how you find this tutorial and the idea of making the own fashirts. ^^

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Vegan Make Up Remover - Coconut Oil

Vegan Make Up Remover - Coconut Oil

by Rosalie 

Hi everyone,
today I want to share with you a really amazing natural beauty product you can find in every drugstore: COCONUT OIL.

Long time ago I dont know about this wonder product. After watching a video from Wengie I was inspired to try it by myself. Maybe you can find some other interesting things in this video you want to try, too! ;)

I was a bit restrained at the first time but after talking with my sister about this beauty hack we both know that we want to try this out! <33

So in the drugstore we asked for coconut oil, just the normal one wich you also use to cook with. The price was around 3-4 €, so its really affordable.

Make shure if you buy it you buy the one that's nativ, wich means the coconut plant is able to regenerate itself. Its really nice for the nature, good for your skin and good for your purse.


For using thiy product you only have to put something out of the bottle on your dry face. Than you have to massage it in your face and remove it with a toner pad to remove the oil.

 At the begin I thought this only helps a bit but after my test I was like shocked how nice this oil removes make up:

Beside removing your make up the oil spend really much moisture to your skin. Sometimes after removing the oil there is some oilyness left, so I only use it before washing my hair cause I have oily hair. But anyway, the moisturizing is super nice. Sometimes I feel after my shower like my skin is super dry but with using the coconut oil my skin feels nicely moisturized and soft.

I only can recommend this beauty hack to you, we both really love it. There are so many positive aspects, no animal tests, vegan, nice for nature, I think this really can be a possibility for people who want to look after these things but love cosmetic, too! :D

If you know other hacks how to use natural products for your beauty please feel free to share them with us and I would love to try them out! ;)

If you still have questions please ask me.
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Where do we buy korean cosmetics?

Where do we buy korean cosmetics???


by Violetta


Some people asked me, where do I / we get my / our korean cosmetics from, because in europe, it´s not as easy as the most people think. So I wanted to write about this topic in this post, to show you my personal experiences.

First of all I want to say that this is not an advertisement for any store or shop. I also don´t want to say, that the stores, which I don´t talk about are not as good as the ones I mention in this post, because I talk about all shops I bought korean cosmetics from and about the experiences I made. I know that there are more stores online which offers korean cosmetics, but I haven´t tryed them now. If you have a special store which you love, then please don´t hessitate to tell me in the comments, because I´m always looking for new (maybe better ways) to get my stuff from. :-)

My main problem in ordering stuff from asia is, that the shipping costs are really high (it could also be that they´re higher than the cost for the product you order). So I preffer stores which don´t make their shipping costs in order to the weight of my package, because with every new product in the package, the shipping costs get higher and higher and higher and higher ...

Since I have to get my packages to germany, the shipping costs are alwasy a big issue, so I searched for stores with a good solution for me.

The next problem is to don´t get fake stuff, but luckily I didn´t made that experience yet. Here is my tip, if you want to be absolutelly sure to don´t get fake products: Order from the brands original online store, if they have one!
(But as I said, it never happened to me so you can also buy from other stores, if it´s cheaper)
Of course you can also check the products, in looking for reviews about them, because they often don´t look the same, only alike.)

--> something about fake products I heared: they are not real products, only made in the same style (If you are not sure if you can trust a shop, google it and find out what other gils say like on youtube e.g. (not that they´re always right, but maybe they can give you a good impression about a certain store)

Here is my list of online stores:

This was the first store where I ordered my cosmetics from. They often have events where you can get top sellers or new collections cheaper, or you can get any other gifts, depending on the event. But the online store never gives samples (which are not included in an event). I heared that you should get samoles at the store (in korea), but I never was able to go there since yet . : /
You also have to add the presents or other stuff you can gett through an event to your shopping cart, or else you won´t get it.  I made the experience that if you putt your made your order and brought the process to the end (after paying), the process of making the package ready is really fast, so if you forget to add a present, you can forget it. (but never give in! if this happens to you too, try to contact them, because once, they send me my stuff with the next package)
Pay attention: this stuff also has a weight you have to pay for.

Sometimes, etude house make events with free shipping (e.g. order over 50$, 60$ or 70$). I personally only order during such an event, because otherwise it would be to expensive. But in any case, you only get the free shipping (if offered) for a package under  1,6 kg, so if you can add presents to your shopping cart, calculate that in. I order together with my sister and my mother got get the sum together and in this way, I don´t have to spend so much money by myself only. ;-)

A problem in the beginning (when the online store was newly opened) was, that you couldn´t contact anybody. O.o They just didn´t replyed me and I also don´t get and information through e-mail, if my package is on the way or not. : /
Now, they are replying, but back then, I don´t know why, there was no one to ask for.

The problem (why I preffer other stores a bit) is, that if you spend more than around $20~$25 the package has to go through the customs office (since you order it from third countrys, for me, everything that is not from europe). I personally don´t really understand the german law in this situation, because they only want to get money from things, they have nothing to do with, but you can´t do anything against it. You have to count with 19 % more to pay, if they "check" your order.

Including that into my counting, I often preffer order from stores which have world wide free shipping, like:

They always give you free samples with every order. The more you buy, the more samples you get, but I alwas order more small packages, to guarantee that I don´t have to pay the custom office fees. ;-) I get less samples, but I don´t have to pay even more money. But I experienced, the more you buy, the better / faster is the shipping. My first order I did at beautynet korea was here after only two weeks, which is really fast if I compare it with the small packages, which can last from 6~8 weeks. O.o

An advantage comparred to the etude house online shop is, that you can order from more than one label. Both stores have simmilar and different things, and some of the simmilar things are sometimes cheaper in one of these two store, while an other product is cheaper in the other one ... . So when I look for a certain product, I compare between both stores. They both have some events often, e.g. on cosmetic love  is often one brand on sale and they have sets where the products are cheaper in the end. Or the new arrivals are often on sale at beautynetkorea. They also have special offers for members (like order 2 (you can also choose different colours) and get an discount of e.g. 20%)

The only disadvantage is, that the products are always a bit more expensive then in stores you have to pay shipping costs, but calculating this in, I think you are cheeper without shipping costs in the end.

I have an important story to tell you about Cosmetic Love:

Once I had a problem with my package. I ordered one at cosmeticlove and it never arrived. I waited for about 2 months and nothing. Since I payed with paypal, I got the customer security (it means that you can get your money back in emergency cases). I tryed to contact the shop through their service contact e-mail, but no reply. Then I tryed to contact them through their facebook page, but also no reaction. (There I saw a girl who had the same problem like me, that the package didn´t arrived and she couldn´t contact anybody ...)
My last try was to contact them through the e-mail adress, which sends me the advertisements of cosmeticlove (because that still worked -.-) and without having any hope, they really replyed. O.o
they said that they can´t say why I couldn´t contact them, but they gave me my money back within one or two days.
So in the end, I am not really sure if I should order there again, because of the package that never arrived, but after I could contact them (after manny tries) they helped me out. So I am really not sure about this. The funniest thing about this is, that I ordered a secound package on the same day (just because of the amount of the money to pay to don´t pay to the customs office) and that package arrived without any troubles. Thats why I was so confused why the other one didn´t arrived, too. (And that´s also why I could say that it was on time for it to arrive ;-) )

So as a conclussion I can say, that you have to make your own experiences and decide, which store and method is the best to ship it to your country. I only telled you our experiences and opinions. If you have nice stores you can recommend to us, please let us know. :-)

Because "All of us are born as a princess"

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Holika Holika "Daily Garden GREEN TEA Cleansing Foam"

Holika Holika "Daily Garden GREEN TEA Cleansing Foam"

by Violetta


 Today I wanted to write a review about the cleansing foam I am using for a long time now and well ... I really thought this one would have a really nice result, but I´m a bit confused after the extreme test. O.o

 I bought the product on beauty net korea. I think a price of $ 6.45 is a good price for a good cleansing foam which works good. 

You can get this in 5 different kinds. Here is the description of the brad:

I bought the green tea one, because they say it is against pimples and agne. (you can see the description of the different kinds in the picture above)


  • really nice clean smell (not like green tea, but also not chemikal)
  • good price for the amount
  • nice design
  • works really good WITH CLEANSING BRUSH
  • it´s easy to make foam / bubbles

  •   doesn´t clean so well without a cleansing brush 

Here you can see the texture. It has a bit of a green, but only in some light.

before cleansing

after cleansing just with hands (really disappointing result)
you still see allot of the concealer and the eyeliners -.-

after using the beauty brush everything is removed

Well, there is only one disadvantage, but I think it is a really big one, so I am really disappointed when I look at the results of my extreme test. 


Afrter this test I am really really disappointed. I think that I don´t repurchise this product, becaus eI know many others that work better for the same price or even less. I am going to finish it, because it works with the beautybrush, but not more.It´s sad, but I don´t have anything more to say. :-/

Anyway, thank you for reading. I am curious about your opinion of this product. Please leafe a comment if you want. :-)

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Etude House "Snowy Dessert" Range

Etude House "Snowy Dessert" Range

by Rosalie

Hey everyone,
now we finally write reviews about 3 products from the "Snowy Dessert" range from Etude House.
In this post we will collect all and repost the links to the reviews. 

"Snowy Dessert" Pudding Tint

#PK001, #RD301

Ginger Cookie Blusher and Contour Maker


Play Nail

 #75, #73 

So I hope our reviews are helpfull for you. We know the post itself is a biiit late cause we have april now, but I think it's still ok, cause you can still buy them on the Global Store! ;)

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

B.A.P. Live On Earth 2016 - Concert Diary #1

B.A.P. Live On Earth 2016 - Concert Diary


by Rosalie 


Hi everyone,
now this is the first part of our concert diary for the B.A.P. LOE 2016. We both are really excited that we have the possibillity to see B.A.P. live! OMG I COULD SCREAAAM! <3

(Diary #2(preparations), #3(the concert!!!))
This is our first live Kpop concert so we are really nervous. To get over the nervousness we decided to start this Blogserie, where we want to post how we prepare and things we are serious about.

So at first I want to tell you about how strange it was to get the tickets.

I found this page on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BAP-Live-on-Earth-2016-World-Tour-Awake-Europe) where all the news about the concert where showen. Where we can buy the tickets, how much they will cost...

 The tickets are so expensive!!! OMG!!!!! But for BAP.. I mean... yeah..... still expencive but me and my sister we wanted to see them really from near. So for us the VIP tickets for 129€ were affordable.

We have some friends wich wanted to go to the concert, too. I think there were like 6-7 girls who said they may come, too, wich makes me really happy cause the more people the more fun!
But in the end all girls said that this price is to much and so me and my sister we were the only two who wanted to go.
I had only one friend who said she want to go, too if we will buy the tickets for 89€, but thats difficoult cause we want to stay together in one price category and me and violetta we wanted to stay more in the front.

So we said we buy the tickets and we will see if we can get these VIP tickets ore if they are selled out. If they are selled out we want to buy the normal one together that we tree girls can go together.

It was a monday where they said they will sell the tickets at 3:00 pm. Violetta and me we had free time so we easily prepared everything since 2:00 pm that we definetly will get our tickets.

It was 3:00pm, we get into a waiting loop. 3:03 pm, we were at the point where we can decide wich tickets we wanted to but...... ALL VIP TICKETS WERE SELLED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So we hurried to get our 3 normal tickets, payed and yeah, we were shocked.
All was gone... all was gone??? It was a nightmare but still we are happy that we have tickets to see BAP but i never have thought about this strange scenario.

I also wanted to buy a signet album, wich costs 30€, I putted it into my shopping cart, than my sister sais she also want one (cause with an album you get the chance to win a ticket for the high five event), I go back to put 2 albums in my cart and than the webside said all albums are selled out!!!!!!! AGAIIIIN!!!!! I nearly cried, cause only because of this I cant get my album, and I seriously just want it because of the autograph!! I uploaded the webside a few times and than the album was back! OMG!!! I putted it into my shopping card and YES!!! I got it! jippiiiii! <33

This was so chaotic, I don't know! haha

After this adventure all girls went on facebook and there were many posts on this site that for the E-tickets (yes E-tickets, we print these tickets by our own) we all payed shipping costs. We where like, ok,....... WHY???? Shipping costs and nothing will be shipped cause I print the tickets at home??? bad joke, but we also payed the shipping costs,..... 46€!!!!!!!!!!!! (for nothing to ship)

after a few hours the site excused to everybody, they wanted to give these shipping costs back to everyone who have payed it. But after filling out the formular I am waiting since 2 weeks to get it back, dont get it yet. I hope we will get it soon.


ok, but I am really happy that we get tickets and that we can get to see BAP live.

Me and my sister we bought a light stick on Ebay, cause we want to cheer the group up! <33333
Here you can find where we bought it, but we are still waiting for them to arrive:

(UPDATE: the light sticks never arrived!!! 2 weeks before the concert they still hasn't arrived so we wrote to the seller where the product be, because it has to arrive since 1 month!!!!! They aid there were probloems with shipping so they got the light sticks back... so.... WHY DON'T THEY TELL US THIS??????? We got our money back after this conversation but still hasn't any light stick! :( But on facebook there are some pages where you can buy used kpop stuff, and we asked if someone will sell us one. And finally after half an hour we had some babys who wanted to help us out! It was so amazing!!! Kpop Fangirls are still the bets! love you all!!!! <33333 thank you for always helping each others!)

I am really interested if you also go to one of the Life on Earth concerts. If you do please share your experiences with me, I am really curious!!! <33
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Etude House [Berry Delicious] Fantastic Color Eyes #Strawberry Fondue #Strawberry Mojito

Etude House [Berry Delicious] Fantastic Color Eyes #Strawberry Fondue, #Strawberry Mojito

by Rosalie & Violetta


Hi everyone,
you know I am always excited to show you a Etude House product but I can't help it, this new Berry Delicious range is soooo cute and adorable.... simply berry delicious! <333 *___*

I got the "look at my eyes" eyeshadows from Etude House and I love them so much so I decided to get this palette, too!


PRICE: $16.80


I ordered this product at the Etude House Global Store

This palette came out in two color shades. I got the #Strawberry Fondue and Violetta got the #Strawberry Mojito. She bought it after she saw how beautiful my palette is. ^^

#Strawberry Fondue

#Strawberry Mojito

Yep, there was a transparent plastic thing between the mirror and the product. The names of the single colors are written on it. The names are toooooo cute, I mean how can they name a color Berry Milk Chocolate?!? *__*

#Strawberry Fondue

#Strawberry Fondue

#Strawberry Mojito

#Strawberry Mojito

For the everyday using I took the plastik thing away cause it was a bit nerve wrecking to take it everytime away and back again..., but still a cute idea. 

The palette came with a seperate sponge like brush. I don't used it yet cause I want it to stay clean as long as I could. But I like the idea to take it out in your make up back and apply it or reapply it where ever you want. The palette is smaller as I thaught, but this isn't to bad. Because of this it fits in every make up back easily, doesn't need much space and isn't to heavy. Beside this the mirror is as large as it can be in this packaging, so you really can see both of your eyes in the mirror at the same time wich is very usefull.

So all in all the packaging is super adorable but praktical, too. I think if I go traveling somewhere I will definetly take it with me.

Fantastic Color Eyes #Strawberry Fondue

They are not as pigmented as the "look at my eyes" eyeshadows, wich made me a bit sad at the begin, but now I got used to it, cause they really are enough pigmented! But simply not as much as the look at my eyes eyeshadows. But I think they are easy to handle in this pigmentation so this isn't a bad thing! ;)

From light and natural colors to dark and glittery colors you got all you need for many looks in this palette.

nude colors: #Hazelnut Chocolate, #Berry Milk Chocolate
shimery colors: #Cheese Berry, #Dip! Dip!
glittery colors: #Sugary Butter, #Fresh Strawberry

First I love all the colors!! <3 You can create a really nice pinky look but also a nice natural eye look, I simply love it! :3 I have no color in this palet wich I don't use from time to time. The nude colors match so well together but the brown colors mach together, too. All colors are warm tones, so yeah, I think you can combine all colors in this palette nicely together to create sweet looks.

Fantastic Color Eyes #Strawberry Mojito


I personally think that the colours in this palette are a bit bad balanced. There are only two mat colours and the other four are glittery / shimmery. The problem with this fact is, that the most glittery colours are really less colour pigmented and are more like a coloured glitter. But that must not be anything bad. It´s just something you should know when you think about which one of these you want to buy.

I´m personally really happy with the colours. They´re not soooo much pigmented, but you can work good with them. They´re easy to apply and really smooth. I just like the colour shades in the palette. I heared from a view people, that they were really curious about the green glittery shade. Well, I didn´t ever thought that it would be that intense in colour, but I also didn´t wanted it to be. So I can only say that I´m really happy with that certain shade.

I also love to use the shade #Mojito Party! for my eye brows. The glittery effect in it is not really vissable. The #Soda Water is good for a base of for highlighting, or for the aegyo cell. But I use the shades #Spearmint and #Crushed Strawberry for the aegyo cell, or for the middle area on my upper lid. The shades #Berry Brown Sugar and #Mojito Party! are great for the outher parts of the lid, or for all over the lid. You can make a great smokey eye effect with these two shades. #Lime & Berry Squeeze is perfect for the base or for a little but of pink colour, if you want just ab small touch of colour.

So if you are looking for really intense colours and not to much glittery colours, this palette might be nothing for you. you would like the #Strawberry Fondue one much more! But if you are looking for a palette with a soft pigmentation and much glittery shades, this one is the right for you! I just love my palette, but I know Rosalie loves hers the same as I do. So it´s quite difficult to choose because they´re so differently.

If you forgot your brush or want to apply the color more softly the colorplaces are exactly as big as my fingertip, so its easy to us ethe palette like this, too. 

So all in all if you are searching for a nice palette in warm tones this product definetly makes you happy! Both palettes are really nice, but it could really be that you might preffer one of them.
Etude House really makes it praktically for a every day use and for a take away, too. Thank you Etude House for such a nice product! *__*

I hope this review was helpful for you. Please leaf a comment and tell us what you think about this Berry Delicious range. I think I will buy some other products in a while, too!
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reviews about the Berry Delicious line:

[Berry Delicious] Play Nail Nailpolish

[Berry Delicious] Color In Liquid Lips

[Berry Delicious] Cream Blusher

AAAAAnd I hope you read until the end! harhar. Cause Violetta and me we plan to go to the B.A.P. Life On Earth Concert in Düsseldorf and we got the Idea to show you how the planning is going and yeah, wich make up we take with us, how we do our make up for a event where we surely will cry (haha), yeah. We will write some posts about it soon, but now we are really excited about it! <33 You can tell us if you want to see the concert, too!<3 May in a different country?? Im very interested in this so please leaf a comment if you go to the concert, too!