Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rosalies stamp love #3 vintage stamps

Rosalies stamp love #3 vintage stamps

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today again there is a new part about my stamp collection!
In this post I want to present my vintage stamps, to say easyer... MY FLEEMARKET GOALS! :D
Most of them are really old.

In this first part I will show you old adress- and company stamps.

Somehow I am in love with my stamp carussell. Meanwhile I have a second one with two sections / floors. All in all in my new one there can hang 14 stamps in total... and after the latest fleemarket there are all given! :D

Really, I think it's super fun to see what was important for People or what they've used much that they decided to build up a stamp of this.

Of course you can ask me again, why do I need this much stamps??
I study textile design so a main Point in my work is to build nice surfaces. And for this I think stamps can be a artistic way to do this. Especially with These old and maybe nostalgic words this makes it more awesome. I simply can say that this is art! :D
If you don't want to understand or accept art than you may never will understand my love!...

Now I will come to my letters and numbers.
I bought all numbers together (ecxept the "8") for 1€ on a fleemarket. The old man who had selled them was so kind and I was absolutely happy with this price. <33
 The "8" I found on the same market.
The letters are not complete. I dream from a nice letter set but I am a bit picky with that! :D

I think the structure wich came from old brocken things on the stamp will give it even more a nice artistic look.

This is an old childhood stamp from my mother. This was a full set with more stamps but now I only have 2 stamps from the set left.

In this box are all my stamps. (and some are on the carussell)

I hope you like this 3th part, the collection isn't finshed yet. So there will be more soon! <33

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