Friday, October 14, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird September Box "Any Cushion Cream Filter", "Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk", "DUMBO Moistfull Collagen"

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird September Box

by Violetta


Hey Loveliez!
I´m so happy to tell you that the third PINK BIRD Box from ETUDE HOUSE already arrived. And again there is really exciting stuff in there. So stay tuned! ^^

Since I thought it worked really well the last time (PIRD BIRD BOX AUGUST klick here), I decited to do a litte haul for you first and then link the certain reviews in here when they´re done.

First I want to introduce the new ANY CUSHION CREAM FILTER to you. ^^ 


It is a real eyecatcher with it´s rainbowy, perlmut print on it. So cool! The only thing is that it´s quite difficult to catch it in a picture. ;-)

 Full Review:

When I saw the advertisement online, I thought this is just a new textured cushion version in the size of the POWDER CUSHION and the AC CUSHION that ETUDE HOUSE offers since summer. But now that I tryed it and saw it in real life, it definitelly is not.
I honestly have to say that I found it never as easy to put on the foundation s with this cushion. That´s because there is not like a sponge inside, but it´s like an interlayer and under it is the foundation. You only need to push really softly to get alot of amount. That´s also like that after using quite a time (unlike to the normal cushions, where it get´s harder and harder after a certain time). Up to this point, I can only say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cushion.

(left) Moist Any Cushion in #W13, (right) Any Cushion Cream Filter #Vanilla

The covering is not the highest I think (I will show you some pictures in the review), but this way it doesn´t looks heavy on the face. It looks really natural, like if my blank skin really is as nice since the cushion goes so smooth onto the skin. I´m really amazed.

ETUDE HOUSE send me the cushion in the colour #VANILLA and I think the colour #BEIGE would be a bit better for me, but this also works. In generall they have this cushion in 5 shades. In the picture above you can see a little comparission of the colour on my MOIST ANY CUSHION (left) which is #W13 and the ANY CUSHION CREAM FILTER (right) which is #VANILLA as I said.

You can get this cushion at the ETUDE HOUSE online store for $21,60.

secound are the wonderful "DEAR MY ENAMEL LIPS-TALK" lipsticks


It´s so nice that ETUDE HOUSE send us 3 different colours, the #BE101, #OR205 and #RD306. This way we are able to show you three different tones of the collection. These colours are really nice, although I need to say the RD306 could be a bit dark for every day, but that´s not a matter for me personally. ;-)

All in all, there are 20 different shades available, including one less pigmented but really glittery. :D

Full Review:

In addition to that, ETUDE HOUSE also send us a little bag with a lipstick pattern on it. It´s quite small, but I really like it. This is a good size as a make up pouch when you have just a little bag.

The texture of the lipsticks is really glossy, but not sticky for my taste. I would say that it also moisturizes the lips really well. That´s why I really like to wear them during the whole day. Since it´s a glossy texture, it goes of when you eat or drink, but I personally think that´s ok since the colours are so pretty and the texture is really nice.

The bonus is the super cute packaging. I think this is the new design they enveloped for their lipsticks. It´s not as girly e.g. as for theDEAR MY WISH LIPS-TALK,
but still really beautiful and girly-like. Maybe a bit more adult-like than before, but still beauyful.

These lovely lipsticks are available at the ETUDE HOUSE online store.

Last but not least ...



I already mentioned in the last PINK BIRD BOX haul that I´m going to make a review about this product soon, because I already had it and I also wanted to order the DUMBO version. Now I have the perfect opportunity to do so. ^^

Full Review:

Isn´t the packaging just cute?

I love the stick, especially in the morning for my tired eyes. I´ll show you the "normal" packaging in the review, too.

You can apply this stick on the areas of your face, that feel really dry or exhausted (like my eyes in the morning). It´s pretty unbelieveable how long you can use just one stick, even when you applying it several times a day.

The transparent texture is really hard to show you in a picture, but I tryed my best in the review. It goes really fast into the skin, no matter at which area you apply it on your skin.

You can get this facial stick here at the ETUDE HOUSE online store for $12.00.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are as curious for the upcomming reviews of this box as we are. ^^ Please leaf us a comment if you have a question to any of the products or if you just want to chat us. We always love to hear from you. <3

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  1. Hello Violetta,

    thank you for your extremly cute review about the latest Pink Bird Box! I must say that I absolutly adore the designs of the products and as expected from Etude there quality is also really high. Your review was very helpful as always.

    Keep it up,

    1. Hey Katia! Yes, the designs from ETUDE HOUSE are always the best! I love them so much.

      Greetings! Violetta <3