Monday, October 17, 2016

Etude House "Moistfull collagen facial Stick"

Etude House "Moistfull collagen facial Stick"

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today I am sitting here and I am damn happy to write about this awesome product! Really, before you haven't used it you don't know that you'll ever need this but after using it you cant stop this! :D

I am talking about ths facial stick from the moistfull collagen range from Etude House. It's a product you can use instead of eyecream, for sensitive and dry eye skin. I personally don't have this, but my mom does, so that's why she decided to get this product and she was super kind and let her daughters try this product out. For the next order on the Etude House Global Store I knew, I had to get this, too! <33
(Violetta was thinking the same) So now we are here with 3 happy girls (me, violetta and my mum) all having this stick.

A few days after the order arrived we got the new Etude House Pink Bird Box, opened it and... there was this stick in it, too! :D
So now we already have 4 sticks... somehow I think we are crazy! :D
But anyway, I really can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I am in love with this eye stick.

If you want to know what else was in the box just click HERE so see the blogpost! ;)



PRICE: $ 12


As I said earlyer you can get this product at the ETUDE HOUSE Global Store.
You can decide between the normal and the dumbo design but I think the dumbo design is a limited edition... somehow! :D

Ok, to tell the truth, this thing really looks like a glue stick! :D and if a stranger will watch you when you apply this maybe this can look funny! :D

But because of this stick shape it is so easy to apply! I don't even need a mirror!! I most often use it on my eyes but you also can use it in all parts of your face. Yust like me when you are late in the morning, have a dry face but no time to apply eyecream and moisturiter (because sometimes every secound is important in the morning! :D )

 On the left you can see the normal designed one and on the right there is the dumbo designed stick pulled out th the maximum. As I told you earlyer we all used the normal designed quite often, like for 4 weeks and there is so much product left, I mean you don't need much and don't waste product somehow! The smell is like the other moistfull collagen products, somehow clean and sweet, like a nice flower?? (hard to descripe)
This stick goes a long way. So even it is more on the pricy side it's okey for me.

The cream is super moisturizing as the name sais and it gives a refreshing touch to your skin. Really nice on my eyes in the morning. <33

It also goes into your skin really fast.

Swatching it to you is kind of hard, because like all the other moistfull collagen products this think is transparent on your skin.

To all of you out there I really will recommend this. I am in love!! <333 I am using this in the morning, when I come home, after showering and before I go to bed. (and sometimes between when I have time and want to use it! <33)

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you have some questions please feel free to left me a comment! <3

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