Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rosalies stamp love #2 animal- and flowerstamps

Rosalies stamp love #2

animal- and flowerstamps

by Rosalie


part #1:

Part #3:

Hey everyone,
today there is the next part from your stamping crazy Rosalie! :D harhar
Just to say this at the begin I would be really happy to find People who love stamping as much as I do! *__*

part #1 :

In this part I want to present to you again two stamp sets that I have, one with cute animals and one with nice flower designs.

This stamp set was my very first one. I bought it in Leipzig at the "IDEE"-shop. They have so many nice things there, in General I just want to take the whole store with me! :D
(P.S. I am absolutely free for sponsorships! <33)
But after I had seen all stamps my decision was on this stamp set.

The 12 flowers and plants are super cute.
The stamp itself is out of Wood and is also nicely puffed that you can easily get a nice stamp result. <3

Also I like that there was a inkpad in this set, too. Like this I can take it with me and be all the time ready to stamp! :D

With this set it's definetly super fun to decorate letters, postcards or diarys (and muuuuch more...). <3


My next stamp set was a present from a friend to my birthday. This was really amazing! (In case that you'll read this you made me really happy with this present!) <33

It's a set within 8 cute animal stamps and an inkpad, wich contains 4 colors!

These stamps are also fluffy to stamp on. Super nice Quality!!!

The coala... isn't it cute??? :D (Somehow I think I sound a bit like Jong Up (BAP)! ;D )


Sometimes I think it's a bit strange to be all happy about These Little things, but after this I think, why not? It's so much bether than beeing always down from a hard work day and stuff. With this I always have something nice to think about! (How can I grow up my collection??) There are the small things in life that can bring you to happiness.

I hope you like this part, too! *__* 

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