Saturday, July 7, 2018

Wall Picture - quality and look

Wall Picture - quality and look

by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,
I love to hang pictures on my walls. Pictures with my friends, from vacation trips or just funny pictures. But without a frame they don't look high quality like. But there are some other possibility to hang up your pictures without a frame but in a good look. 
I tried out wall pictures (ger.: Wandbilder). The are available in different qualities like acrylic glass, alu dibond, gallery print and some others. I ordered this the wall pictures on They have nice quality.

In the past I also ordered a photo book, if you are interested you can  read my review about it, too.

Review: Photobook - is it worth it?

To design the final product you need to download a design program to place the pictures and order the hang up and other different things around it. Also you can choose different sizes. You can see the most used sizes but also you can order your personal own size as I did. The price isn't different to the normal sizes. The price of the product depend on how big it is and how much material they need to print on. So you easily choose your options and order the final product.

I personally ordered 2 wall pictures in the same size, 10 x 10 cm in acrylic glass quality.

After my ordering the products arrived within3 days with normal sent option. So for a spontaneous present you can have it really fast (within Germany, I guess to other countries they need some more time to send the product).

 In the following you can see the final product.

It came with an protecting foil so the product couldn't have scratches. Also I ordered the pictures with the standard hanging option. You can glue the hanging onto the wall picture, also the spacer to protect the wall from scratches from the picture.

Also the glass is really thick and looks like high quality. I really like the final products. Lso the colors came really nice and clear. 

So I think this is a really nice photo product. I think it is a bit stressing if I need to pay for every extra think which is added to the product. But anyway, the service is pretty good and the product looks nice.

I hope this review was helpful for you. Have you tested some wall picture services and want to share details about it? Please let me know because I am always searching or some new nice services.

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