Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Etude House "Wonder Pore Freshner"

Etude House "Wonder Pore Freshner"

by Violetta


This is a review about the Etude House "Wonder Pore". I´ve bought the 250 ml bottle and later I bought the 500ml bottle, too. (because I was interested in the pump system!)

Wonder Pore 250 ml bottle

Wonder Pore 500 ml bottle

This is the packaging of the 250ml bottle.
You can see a scale on the bottle which shows you, when your pimples are gone :)

 This is the packaging of the 500ml bottle.
Inside are some cotton pads (right) and the product itself (left).

The 500ml bottle with the cotton pads.

what the product is good for (written in korean but also showed with pictures) :)

 to compare the two bottles here you can see the 500ml bottle (left) and the 250ml bottle (right).

The two different "openings" of the two bottles.


VOLUME: 250ml/500ml

 PRICE: $9,00/$15,00


The description from the global page:
"Quick Overview

ㆍThis is a total solution product that effectively cleans the inside and outside of pores with its special peppermint extract.

ㆍThis Freshner balances pH levels, making skin pure like baby skin and preventing skin troubles caused by pH imbalance. [Wonder Pore Daily Cotton Pad (50 Sheets) Pore clarifying daily cotton pad for Freshner (Free Gift)]

ㆍThe thickness of cotton pad helps contents absorb effectively into skin and helps balance moisture and oil levels.

ㆍThe holes on the cotton pad’s surface clean off dead skin cells and sebum to complete perfectly clear pores."

I really love this product, because I think it works very well. I also like the smell of it (they say it is a mint smell, but I think it really smell very hygienic and not chemical or like alcohol). My skin is really refreshed after using it.

Here you can see the product on a cotton pad before using (left) and on the other side the cotton pad after using (right). I´ve done this in the morning after cleaning my face with water and you can really see many particles and dirt on it. It is much better than all the other face waters I´ve used before, but it´s also the most expensive one.

Here you can see my own try and I think you can see that I wripped off some little particles.

I´ve used this product every morning for 4-5 months and I can say that my complexion is now much better and I really think that my pores are a bit smaller than before. It´s also very good that it balances the pH level of my skin, because I have a very sensitive skin and this feels very great on it.

so my result is, that this product is really good, also for sensitive skin (or exactly for sensitive skin). It cleanse very well and the smell is very pleasant. The only disadvantage is the orice, but you see, I´ve reordered it because it is that good. :)

Thank you forreading. If you want, you can write in the comments what your impression of this product is (I´d really like to know it). 
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Monday, March 30, 2015

Etude House "Play Nail" Part II ,#112, #114

Etude House "Play Nail" Part II

#112, #114

by Rosalie

As I promised, here is the secound part to the "Play Nail" collection from Etude House. This is about the glittery ones.

(If you are interested in my review about the unglittery colours please click on this link: Play Nail Part I, Play Nail Part III )



PRICE: $3.00


You can buy the product from the Etude House Global Store (www.etudehouse.com).
I only bought the colour #114 there. The other colour (#112) I bought in a Store in London's Chinatown (for to much money).
Unfortunately they don't have all colours on the Etude House Global Store.

I tried to search for a full list of these glittery colours:

The packaging looks like the unglittery ones. It is a cute little bottle, with the stamped logo from Etude House.
Ony the fact, that the bottle from the Global Store doesn't have the top edge. This makes me a bit sad after recognizing it, but I think the product work with and without this detail. ;)

I think the colours on the pricture from the Webside looks like the colour in reality.
But you can look by yourself:

 I love this product. The colours are funny and easy to aplly and if you have an other colour as foundation, the glitter makes it very special and beautiful! Here you can see some examples with the Nail Polish #112.

I know that they make a arctic line of nail polishes  from "Play Nail", too. Unfortunately I couldn't buy any of this colours, because they don't have them on the Global Store.
But the universe of Play Nail is still big! 

The nail polish itself stays very long (longer than other nail polishes.), so I really like it!
I love the design of the bottle and how the colours look like.
So if you are interested in some special nail polishes, wich have to stay long, you would be happy with this polish! ;)

I hope this review was helpfull for you and you enyoyed it! :3
If you still have any questions, please feel free to write a comment.
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Etude House "I Need You Mask (2014)"

Etude House "I Need You Mask (2014)"

by Violetta


I´ve bought this product on the etude house global page (www.etudehouse.com). I´ve bought nearly all of he 20 different ones during an -50% event, so usually the price is $0.95 for each, but I´ve bought each for $0,49. They´re normal face masks (sheets) and each has a different effect. Beside that, I can say that each has a different and pretty design (me as a textile designer, this aspekt is important, too, even if it is "just" a mask packaging). Each one has a moisturizing effect.


 (me while applying the mask sheet, still need to fold down the nose part)


VOLUME: 20ml

 PRICE: $0,95

1. ALOE MASK - This mask sheet contains aloe extract (Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract), known for its multi-function of quenching thirsty skini, soothing irritated areas and instantly cooling heated skin.
2. COLLAGEN MASK - This mask sheet contains Collagen (Hydrolyzed Collagen) that strengthens the skin for firm, youthful skin. 
3. HYALURONIC ACID MASK - This mask sheet contains Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) with excellent water storage capabilities, providing rich moisture to keep skin perfectly moist everyday. 
4. ROYAL JELLY MASK - This mask sheet contains richly nutritious Royal Jelly extract (Royal Jelly Extract), helping to enhance smooth, moist healthy skin by protecting weak and rough skin from the outer environment. 
5. PEARL MASK -This mask sheet contains pearl extract (Hydrolyzed Pearl) full of amino acids and minerals, brightening up dull skin for a bright and clear complexion. 
6. GREEN TEA MASK - This mask sheet contains green tea extract (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract), providing moist and comforting relief to sooth out rough and irritated skin. 
7. LEMON MASK - This is a soothing type of cleansing foam that has aloe vera extract that soothes and irritates skin. The aloe vera extract is known for its excellent moisturizing and soothing capabilities.
8. POMEGRANATE MASK - This mask sheet contains pomegranate extract (Punica Granatum Fruit Extract), providing smoothing and firming care to dull and lifeless skin.
9. TEA TREE MASK - This mask sheet contains extract from the clean herb, Tea Tree extract (Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Extract), with soothing properties on skin to provide a fresh, clean complexion. 
10. Vita Complex Mask - This mask sheet contains various vitamin derivatives that purify and brighten up dull skin for a healthy natural glow. 
11. Olive Mask - This mask sheet contains olive extract (Olea Europaea (Olive) Leaf Extract), fully moisturizing dry and rough skin.
12. Coenzyme Q10 Mask - This mask sheet contains Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) that helps protect skin's natural elasticity to enhance a firm complexion with a healthy glow. 
13. Mugwort Mask - This mask sheet contains mugwort extract (Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract) that improves circulation for a clearer complexion. 
14. Korean Ginseng Mask - This mask sheet contains nourishing Korean Ginseng extract (Panax Ginseng Root Extract), enhancing a youthful complexion by revitalizing exhausted and lifeless skin. 
15. Mango Mask - This mask sheet contains mango extract (Mangifera Indica (Mango) Fruit Extract) known for its variety of vitamins and fiber, helping to provide firm and healthy skin with its sweet and gentle touch. 
16. Snail Mask - This mask sheet contains snail mucus ingredient (Snail Secretion Filtrate) that protects the skin's natural barrier for smooth and elastic skin. 
17. Acai Berry Mask - This mask sheet contains superfood Acai Berry extract (Euterpe Oleracea Fruit Extract), essential fatty acids and various vitamins, providing antioxidants to deliver young and healthy skin. 
18. Bamboo Mask - This mask sheet contains bamboo extract (Bambusa Vulgaris Extract), providing cool, soothing relief to dryness for clean, moist skin. 
19. Rice Mask - This mask sheet contains rice extract (Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract) that brightens up dull and rough skin for smooth and healthy skin. 
20. Honey Mask - This mask sheet contains honey full of moisture, providing dry and rough skin with a moist, radiant look."

 As you can see, I´ve bough nearly every mask, so I think I can tell you a view words about it, but I´ve decided to say only something about the best and the worst ones.

First, the worst ones:
No. 14 Korean Ginseng Mask: My sister and me, we both think that this one is not that good than the other ones, because of different reasons. Korean ginseng is a kind of a root and so is the smell. We both were really curious about this mask, because we didn´t know anything about ginseng, so we thought it is really special. The smell really is like a root or any strong smelling wood (so really like the natural incredient), but my sister really hates this smell (she couldn´t stand it for a long time), but it wasn´t that bad for me, actually I think it´s a good thing when you recognize the ingredients, so I don´t have to say anything bad about the smell. I´ve used this mask in the evening and didn´t washed up the serum before sleeping, just in the morning. I had the feeling that my face was really dry, but that couldn´t be after using this mask. I even didn´t feel that my face was revitalized or anything.

No. 10 Vita Complex Mask: My mother used this mask and she really really loved the smell, as we all do, but there was one big problem: she got red rash on her face and it also hurts, so that was a really bad experience. I haven´t tryed this mask yet (because I don´t want to get a rash too), but it could be, that it´s not that bad on every face (my mother has a very sensitive skin, but she had also tryed some other masks of this row before without any turbulences).

And now, here are our favourite ones:

No. 7 LEMON MASK: This is the favourite mask of this row of my sister, because it moisturizes your skin very well, the smell is very nice and pleasant. My sister also thought that this mask helps her skin with her pimples and irritations.

No. 2 Collagen Mask: This is the favourite mask of my mother. It was very good for her face and she really liked the smell. It also moisturized the skin very well and she wanted to use it again right after using it the first time. 

No. 9 TEA TREE MASK: This is my favourite one. It helps my skin to not build any new pimples and moisturized my face very well. I also really like the smell, because it is not too pushy. 

No. 19 Rice Mask: This is my second favourite mask,  because it moisturized my skin very well and made it very smoth. I really love it´s smell, but I was really surprised, because the smell hasn´t even a bit of the typical smell of rice, but it has a really flowery and fruity one, which is very nice and really good. This is really my favourite smell of all masks.

Which mask is good for your face depends on your skin, so I could tell you only my experiences with these products.
In the end I have to say that I really like these masks, because they´re very easy to apply and it's also easy to remove the sheet. The texture isn´t all over your hair when you use it, so it is nice and easy for eveyone. The second advantage of this sheet is, that I can wear my glasses during I wait the 10-15 min and I can watch some videos, do my homework or read a book. When I use normal masks (not sheets) I could hardly do anything, because I can´t see anything, so I really like these masks because of this.
A disadvantage of the sheet is that the size couldn´t fit to your face, like in my case the sheet reaches nearly till under the chin, but I think that it´s also important that a mask is not only on the face, but also include the throat and the neckline.

Thank you for reading my review. If you like you can write a comment and tell me, which masks are your favourites and which ones did you not like. I really like to hear what you think. :3
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Etude House "Missing You Hand Cream"

Etude House "Missing You Hand Cream"

by Rosalie



 Today I want to review the most adorable Hand Cream that I've ever seen! :3



PRICE: $4.50


VOLUME: 30ml

I bought this product from the Etude House Global Store (www.etudehouse.com).
The product came out in different seasons. In this season the product hase 4 different types.
A pink dolphin, a panda, a penguin and a harp seal. 
The Idea behind the product is to save the named animals with the money from the product. So the packaging looks like these endangered animals.
I know that there are some other seasons with other endangered animals as packaging. I show you some pictures of the other seasons, but you only could buy the season I am reviewing. (If you know a store where I can buy the other seasons, please let me know! <3)

Here you can see the advertising for this product:

First of all I think this packaging is amazing. Yust AMAZING!!!!! (I couldn't find any other words to descripe it!) I love the idea behind it and I love the pastel colours.

I ordered the panda and the harp seal hand cream:

For me, yust looking at them makes me so super happy! :) On the paper box you can find a little story from the animals, wich gives you the feeling that you have to save them. <3 (You can find it on the pictures below.)

The colour of the product inside is white. They are yust different in they're smell. Both of them works similar. It gives a light scent and it makes my hands moisturized. But it didn't makes them oily. I hate hand creams that gives oily hands for a very long time after using it it. This hand cream soaks in very fast. It only leafes a nice, light scent wich stands for a long time.


The panda smells like peaches. So it is a really fruity scent wich is really lovely and not to sweet! <3 like a natural scent of a peach! ;)

The harp seal smells like aloe vera. It is more fresh and gives a clean feeling (by smelling). So it is also a very natural, light scent wich is not to dominant.

As extra I have to say that my sister (Violetta) has very sensitive skin on her hands. I asked her to try it out and it also makes a good feeling on her hands. So if you worry because you have sensitive skin I think it doesn't irritade your skin! ;)

All in all I love this product. I have nothing against it, only the price. I don't know if it is normally in korea for a hand cream to be so expensive, but in Germany hand creams aren't expensive. But they also don't haver such cute packagings like this one, so I have to say that it was a pleasure for me to pay the money for it.
I love the scent, the texture... simply EVERYTHING!!! <33333
My favourite from the panda and the harp seal is the panda, but only because of the scent (I love fruity smelling.). But i also love the harp seal very much.
If you are looking for a cute and adorable hand cream the "Missing You Hand Cream" is pervect for you!

I hope this review was helpfull for you.
If you have any questions please feel free to add a comment! :)
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Friday, March 27, 2015

Etude House "Apricot Stick Gloss"

Etude House "Apricot Stick Gloss"

by Violetta


I´ve bought this product on the etude house global page (www.etudehouse.com). This is not a tint, but it is a non-sticky lip gloss in 8 different colours. I´ve bought 3 different colours, number 3, 4 and 7.

 No. 3
 No. 4
 No. 7




 PRICE: $3,50


First of all I have to say, that I wanted to try this product, because I thought it could be similar to the Etude House "sweet recipe candy stick" (here is my sisters review to that product:  http://twinblogg95.blogspot.de/2015/03/etude-house-sweet-recipe-candy-stick.html) and only because of the design, which is not as sweet as manny of the other Etude House products, it´s a bit cheeper. That was a big error, because it is very different. 
The first thing that´s different is the colour, when you put it on the lips. It´s a really discreetly colour, which you could wear every day and it is not too dark or too  pushy. I really like the colours, because the look very natural. The only bad thing is, that the colours are a bit similar. I was thinking about which colour I should take very long. I´ve buyed No. 4 and 7, my sister buyed No. 3. In the end, I have to say that (regarding only to the colour) I could buy every colour. No. 3 is the darkest one and No. 4 is the lightest one of those three and No. 7 is like a colour between No. 3 and 4. It does not dry your lips or anything, so you don´t need any moisturisation under it (it is not a tint).

The second big difference to the "sweet recipe candy sick" is the smell. The smell of the candy sricks are all very strong, good for those people who like the smell it has (like my sister and me), but bad for those who don´t like it, but I think that the smell is natural and really good. The apricot sticks are a whole other world. The smell is very discreetly, for example No. 3 has really a little smell of apple (not a chemical smell, but very natural) and No. 4 has also a little smell of apricots (also not chemical), but I was very disappointed of the smell of No. 7. The smell is really chemical and not a bit of rapsberry. I really hate this smell, so if I use one of these sticks, I would never choose this one. The problem of a lip product you don´t like the smell is, that you have it all the time directly under your nose and you have to smell it. I´ve read some reviews about No. 7 which says, that the smell is very very nice and they really love this product (and that was why I´ve choosen this number). Maybe it´s only for me that I can´t stand this smell, but I really hate it.

So my result is, that if I want to buy me again any lip stick from Etude House, I would choose the "sweet recipe candy stick" and not this one. Of course I´m using my No. 4, but also my sister don´t really like to use her No. 3, because she has better things to use. I thing if you want to try it, you can give it a chance, because my No. 4 is quite okay, but the other numbers ...
well, everyone has a different taste and I really like the not pushy colour.

Thank you for reading my review. I really like to hear about your impression of this product, because I´m really not a fan of it, although I always love the products from Etude House. Maybe you´ve bought an other colour and you really love it, or maybe you really like the smell I don´t really like ... I am very interested in your opinion. :3

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