Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Etude House "Rosy Tint Lips"

Etude House "Rosy Tint Lips"

by Rosalie

This Lip Tint was my first lipproduct from Etude House. So I was very exited to try it out. Here is the review for it! ;)



PRICE: $8.50


I bought this product on the Etude House Global Store (www.etudehouse.com)
The product came in 8 different colours. I got the colour Rosy #3.  It is a red colour wich is a bit on the pink side. It is one of the more darker colours. :)
For using this product you have to press on the coloured part of the product. Then there came a very thick texture. The colour of the product is the same as the colour at the outside.

 For me it was a bit uncertain how the colour really came out. I hase make the experience, that the colours on the pictures from the webside are different from the reality. But well, I simply want to test it and so I ordered it.

In the following pictures you can see how the colour came out.

 The product isn't so easy to use but I think it isn't difficult to use, too. I think you still need some experience with lipproducts to make it look good. For me, the way how to use it was new, because I've never seen a lipproduct like this. But I think this makes it very interesting. (When I saw it I yust want to test it out! hihi!!)

The colour came out very nice. I like the 2 way's I can put it on. On the first opinion I can make it yust a bit pigmented and on the secound way I can make it look very strong and colourfull.
The colour stays very long. But the product makes your lips dry!!!!! So you have to wear a moisturizer under the product. But if you wear a moisturizer the tint doesn't stay as long as without it. As example I was drinking some coffee and was wearing the product. I nipped and the I get the shock!!!

Oh well, I thought the whole product is on my cup! :D
But after this, there was still much colour on my lips, so you doesn't see much differences. But I think this can be a problem. Yust after the first time this happened it makes me really sad, because first I loved this product, because the design is really REALLY amazing and beautifull. But I think the product is expensive, especially if it doesn't stand on your lips during drinking or eating. I own other lipproducts, wich costs not so much and they stand better.
I've tested it: without moisturzer the tint doesn't go off so easily and stays on my cup. (But then I have dry lips....)

So in the end I can say, If you havent a problem with my last part, this product will be perfectly for you. Because it is something special and really beautiful. But if you drink a lot (or yust a bit!! ;D ) you will be unhappy with it. 

I hope this review was helpfull for you.
If you have any questions pleasy feel free to write a comment. :) 

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