Friday, July 8, 2016

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream, Dumbo Moistfull Colagen Cream (JUMBO)

Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream,

Dumbo Moistfull Colagen Cream  (JUMBO)

by Rosalie


Hi everyone,
Today I write about a really famous product from the brand Etude House: the mositfull collagen cream!!
You also can see a comparrision from the normal size and the Jumbo version that came out recently, it's named "Dumbo Moistfull Collagen Cream".



VOLUME: 75ml (normal); 110ml (jumbo)

PRICE: $20.4 (normal), $29 (jumbo)


I ordered the normal sized product at the Etude House Global Store, but seriously I don't think I payed $20!! I ordered it in a set wich was on discount so in the end I payed around $7-10, really not more. I know that the price can be different on other stores.
The JUMBO sized cream I got within the Pink Bird Box program from Etude House.


But come back to the product! ;)


The first good thing at this product is you got a spoon to easily and hygenic put on the cream. I have used the cream for more than half a year now, but suddenly the spoon dissapeard! :D I really don't know where it has gone... .__. But now I have a new chance with the Jumbo size to never leaf this spoon (hopefully!!) :D

Opening the bottle (both) is like woaaahhhh!!!! really great scent!!! Every time I use this cream I am absolutely in love with the scent. It's hard to descripe the scent, it's a bit flowery, fresh and clean, but not medical at all. Simply like heaven! *__*

The cream soaks in my skin really fast, so applying it in the morning before you do your make up is no problem at all. I use it more for my evening moisturizing, that's really nice, too. I am not really sure if this cream is only a day cream, so may I use it wrong! But it does a great job!!! My skin feels soft and nicely moisturized.

All in all a really lovely cream. Even my mom used it and loved it! Now she (YES MY MOM!!!) ordered the sleeping pack and the eyestick of this range! :D I think there are no big differences in the normal sized product and the JUMBO version, except that the JUMBO bottle is bigger and contains more.

So I definetly recommend ths cream. I really have no disadvantages, just the price is a bit high but as I said, may this is different in other stores. But for wich size you will go you have to choose on your own! I think if you are absolutely in love with this cream and all you can choose the JUMBO version, but if you also want to try different creams from time to time than the normal size is good, too. Because I have the normal sized one for a long time, the cream really goes a long way! <33

For ordering the normal sized cream I got a Moistfull collagen trial kit:

So cute, all thiese nice products in small. Nice for traveling or simply trying the products out! :3

If you are interested in reviews about the tryals let me know! ;)

I hope this review was helpfull for you. 
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