Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hairlekin: new Haircolor

Hairlekin: New Haircolor

by Rosalie

Hi everybody,
since a few weeks I have a new haircolor!! <33 SURPRISE SURPRISE!!! <33 *___*

It was a dream of me to die my hair in blue someday, since I was 14 I think. But time passed by and I did nothing fot this, but now I did!! Because I am a lot older now I thought all blue hair would be a bit to much and not seriously for other people, so I decided to try coloring my tips. (I think if I like this a lot it's possible to change to full blue hair! <3)

To not make a mistake and look ugly after changing the color I decided to go to a hairdresser.
My favourite hairdresser for years now: 

Because of my dark hair it has to be bleached at first. That's kind of scary of you never have bleached your hair before, so it was kind of shoking (positively) to see a part of my hair beeing light:

After that I hadn't the time to look much at the blond hair, now we took the blue color:

And the result: OMG!! I really love this color. IT'S AMAZING!!! <333

I am so happy that I had gone to the hair dreser and not trying it on myself! :D

What do you think of my new hair color?? Do you also have some hairdreams you wanna come true??
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  1. It looks amazing! :) I once had my hair bleached, and never again, because they had to bleach the whole lot of my hair, roots and all and it hurt my scalp. :( But as it wasn't the roots that was bleached, I might try that sometime :)

    1. Thank you! <333 *__*
      The best thing about coloring the hair this way is, that the color paste don't touch your scalp, so I think you will be fine with this, too! <33