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FOODAHOLIC "3D Natural Essence Mask"

FOODAHOLIC "3D Natural Essence Mask"

by Violetta


Hello together!
Today I wanted to share this really really nice mask sheet from Food A Hollic with you. My sister, my mother and me, we are always doing sheet masks togehter on the weekend and are always curious about new ones. So we also had to try out these ones. :3
The special thing here is, that the sheet itselfe is not shaped simmilar to other normal sheets, because it is made out of peaces arranged together, so that the sheet has a 3D shape, which should match your face shape better.

As you can see in the first picture, there are manny differend kinds available. I tryed 2 different ones of these: the ORANGE and the TOMATO one. Before I start with the details, I wanted to say, that they were both really simmilar, depending on the smell, the amount of liquid in the pack and the results, but later more.

I bought mine a while ago on Cosmetic Love. Unfortunatelly they don´t offer these masks anymore there, but I remember it was a really good deal. I ordered an offer, where you get 6 sheets of one kind (here I thing it was around 6$ for all, means 1$ for each mask, which is a really good deal). I looked it up on amazon and you can still order them there, but I think some of them are a bit to expensive ... but just in case you want to order some. :-)


"(1) After washing the face, arrange the skin with a skin toner." (I just cleansed my skin and didn´t apply a toner :P)

"(2) Match the sheet from the eye and fix it all over the face with a fingertip."
"(3) Remove the mask after 20~30 minutes and use the finger to absorb the remaining fluids lightly and arrange the skin according to the basic care order." (I wore it for 30 minutes and then massage the rest of the essence into my skin, until it is completely soaken in.)

"Use it regularly 1~3 times a week to get a better effect." (I use sheetmasks once a week, because I think to often, they could damage your skin more than they help.)


 "Avoid using on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sun burn skin" (When I read that, I was a bit confused, because I have always a view pimples, but it doesn´t damaged my skin, butI think this caution is more for people with sensitive skin. I´m just a bit confused of that, because ... well ... manny girls in my age (around their twenties) have a bit problems with pimples ... -.-) Anyways, it wasn´t a problem for me doing this mask with pimples.

Here are some shots of the sheet:

Me during putting it on. My sis made the photo, I was to focused ^^. You can see, that the shape matches my face really good. I also like that there is also enough fabric around the nose, so that this area does not has to stay dry. ^^ Because of the slices near the ears, you can regulate it really good.

The mask goes really far under the chin! *.*

The sheet itselfe has also little lashes on the side, to arrange it ideal on the face

Here you can see one of the "seams". They´re not really sewn together, but pressed, which made this area a bit problematic, because it happened to me that it ripped off. So you have to be very careful when putting it on the skin.


  • easy to apply and to use
  • matched my face shape really well
  • vitalized my skin really well
  •  not to sticky afterwards (just like normal ones, e.g. the Etude House "I Need You Masks")
  •  nice price
  • many different kinds (but I personally think they´re all quite equal)
  • smell is not that nice (like a anti-mosquito-cream I used when I was younger)
  • the "seam" is a bit weak
  • 20~30 minutes masks are really long for people who don´t like the feeling of having something on the skin


All in all, the mask wasn´t bad. I didn´t really like the smell, but after a certain time, it gets less.
I think it´s a nice mask for this price, but I preffer others more. If you want to try these ones out, I can only encourage you to try them, because the shape of the sheet was really nice.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know what you think about this mask. Have you tryed it jet or do you want to try them?

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