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Etude House "Real Art Cleansing Oil MOISTURE"

Etude House "Real Art Cleansing Oil MOISTURE"

by Violetta

Today I wanted to share with you this really nice and cute cleansing oil from Etude House. To be honest, this is the first cleansing oil I tryed, because of my oily skin, I kind of avoided them. But I got a sample of this cleansing oil with one of my orders from Etude House (it was part of an event) so it happened that I tryed it. And OMG! I liked it so much. I just had to order me a full package one, because I liked it so much!

Since Etude House celebrated it´s 10 th anniversary, they made new designs for the most popular items with the designs from Kerrie Hess. I also loved her designs from the dreaming swan collection, so since I wanted to order this product, I got the special redesigned version. I looked it up on the official Etude House store (where I got it) and they don´t sale it there anymore, but maybe you could find this special design somewhere else now. But beside of the package, it is the same product as in the original package. Here I have a picture for you, where you can see the three Real Art Cleansing Oils they offer:

The original package of the cleansing oil I got is the left one.

 And here are photos of the package I got:

(left) the container without the pump.(can you see the cleansing oil in the table?),  (right) the carton it comes in

Isn´t the design just beautiful? I love the artwork of Kerrie Hess so much. You definitelly have to check her out if you haven´t heared of her. She makes so beautiful paintings.

Kerrie Hess during painting one of her great artworks

But now back to the product. :3

You can get this product on the official Etude House global store , but only in the original design. At first, I thought that $16.60 is quite much for 185 ml, but I really have to say that it is worth the money.

The consistence is like a thick oil that gets milky in the combination with water

Woah! Everything is gone!

On the pictures above you can see, ho great is really cleanse your skin. I tryed some hard-to-remove eye products too, but this cleansing oil really did a great job!

How to use:

You just have to apply this oil on your (dry) skin, massage it in and wash it off with lukewarm water.I personally use one pump if I didn´t wore make up and two pumps if I have make up on.

The oil gets really milky when you wash it off. This way you can remove the oil after it did it´s job with cleansing reallyreally fast and easy. It isn´t oily in the combination with water at all.

The cleansing oir is really easy and fast to use, because you also don´t need some more tools for it like a cleansing brush or something like that. I personally like to apply the oil and massage it in before going under the shower and remove it in the shower. If you are a lazy person like me, it really is great, also if you don´t want to wash your hair, because it  goes off so fast. :3

Because it comes with an extra cap, you can also take it with you really easy and without worries on a trip or on vacations.

It has a really really nice smell. I can´t really describe what it smells of, but if you have tryed Etude House products before, you would know that they all smell really nice.
The "bonus" of this cleansing oil out of these three Real Art Cleansing Oils is, that it is extra moisturizing. I just reallized after the first try of the samples I got, that my face feels really nice and not as dry as sometimes after using a cleansing foam. I can´t say that it really moisturized my skin, but it really didn´t dryed your skin out.


I really love this cleansing oil and when this one is empty, I will definitelly buy another one. Maybe I´ll try one of the other two variants. The price is not the cheapest, but I think for this product, the price is absolutelly ok. (But there is nothing against waiting for an discount event on Etude House ;-) ) I can really recommend this product to you. If you´re thinking about buying it, you definitelly should do that. :3

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