Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Beauty drama - Beautiology101" , INNISFREE Korean Drama Review

"Beauty drama - Beautiology101" , INNISFREE

Korean Drama Review

by Rosalie

Hi Lovelies,
somehow I am in the mood for it. It's Drama time again!
There isn't only one Korean Beauty Drama out there. So today I will write about a other drama that I've watched.

latest beauty drama review: "Sweet 20s"

Again it is sponsored by the korean beauty brand Innisfree, that's why you only find products from this brand in this drama. But again I love the concept of having a drama, a story And Make up hacks and looks.

(Sorry, but I can't stop laughting about her cute and natural face! Just like everyone of us looks like from time to time! :D)

about the story:
main character: Lee Bongju, a girl who has not really a idea of make up, but of skin care. She will go tho the K Beauty School, wich is really fampous and hard to get in. Her mother rent a face massage and skincare kind of bussines, that's why Bongju knows so much about skincare.

Bongju has a bad start at the school because of her natural non make up face in public. At a beauty school of course you have to wear make up. She needs her time to get this. There is a boy (Won Namgung) who tease her always, but is the class best. It's a difficoult relationship between both. But he also ha a  secret (as always in korean dramas...)

And there is a nice boy (Haein Jung) who helps Bongju and get good friends easily with her. (I think he is super amazingly handsome. Am I the only one noticing it??) :D

All in all the story is about wich problems the students have at this school, about friendship and love. All in all a nice cute story. Plus you also have some Make up looks. But it looks like if doing the eyebrows is the most important thing in EVERY single make up look and hack! :D

Comparred to the last beauty drama I have written about these beauty looks aren't as good. But the story is deeper with more characters. So it's a new thing. I think it is also nice that it is different than the last drama, because we don't want to see the same thing only with different actors!! :D And this time there is more fun in the story itself, like more comedy.

There are 10 episodes wich are around 20 minutes long. Wich means if you have a bit of time and want to watch a drama wich makes fast a good story without to much filler episodes, this is super nice for you.

I am in love with Haein Jung!!! What about you???
What do you think about this beauty drama? Do you like the idea of beauty dramas?? :D

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