Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Holika Holika "Daily Garden GREEN TEA Cleansing Foam"

Holika Holika "Daily Garden GREEN TEA Cleansing Foam"

by Violetta


 Today I wanted to write a review about the cleansing foam I am using for a long time now and well ... I really thought this one would have a really nice result, but I´m a bit confused after the extreme test. O.o

 I bought the product on beauty net korea. I think a price of $ 6.45 is a good price for a good cleansing foam which works good. 

You can get this in 5 different kinds. Here is the description of the brad:

I bought the green tea one, because they say it is against pimples and agne. (you can see the description of the different kinds in the picture above)


  • really nice clean smell (not like green tea, but also not chemikal)
  • good price for the amount
  • nice design
  • works really good WITH CLEANSING BRUSH
  • it´s easy to make foam / bubbles

  •   doesn´t clean so well without a cleansing brush 

Here you can see the texture. It has a bit of a green, but only in some light.

before cleansing

after cleansing just with hands (really disappointing result)
you still see allot of the concealer and the eyeliners -.-

after using the beauty brush everything is removed

Well, there is only one disadvantage, but I think it is a really big one, so I am really disappointed when I look at the results of my extreme test. 


Afrter this test I am really really disappointed. I think that I don´t repurchise this product, becaus eI know many others that work better for the same price or even less. I am going to finish it, because it works with the beautybrush, but not more.It´s sad, but I don´t have anything more to say. :-/

Anyway, thank you for reading. I am curious about your opinion of this product. Please leafe a comment if you want. :-)

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  1. but you know you have to use oily cleaner or other makeup remover before, with Korean foam cleansers. That's the way korean skin care works :P

    1. I just wanted to show how it works for itself. In addition to that, this one works much better than every german cleansing product I´ve ever tryed. I´m just comparring to other cleansing foams that work better for itselfs. But you are right, you have to use more than one product often, but I personnal think it´s better to use less than more, just to don´t strain my skin to much. And that fore I´m looking for products that work the most effective way they could on their own. :-)