Monday, August 29, 2016

Etude House "Real Powder Cushion" SPF50+ PA+++

Etude House "Real Powder Cushion"

SPF50+ PA+++

by Rosalie 

Hi everyone,
I am sitting here, looking at my powder cushion and am deeply thinking what to tell you about this new cushion from the Brand Etude House. 

Why I am deeply thinking you can understand at the end of my review (I think)! :D

But first the facts:



PRICE: $ 21.40





I ordered this product at the ETUDE HOUSE Global Store, the price is from this webstore, too.

The design of the product is amazing!!! Have you ever seen a prettier cushion packaging?? It's in a sweet beige color with rose gold effects, the upper part is shining, wich makes this product really special looking (and high quality), simply a perfect foundation for a princess (as we all are!<3). Plus, the packaging is smaller than the normal "any cushion".

Do you see the shine?? :D

Even the paper package has rose gold elements! <333

left: Any Cushion Moist, right Real Powder Cushion

Seeing this after this product has arrived I was so excited to opened it!!
Here you can see how it looks on the inside:

As usual for ETUDE HOUSE cushions you can buy refiller for this one, too. I ordered the shade #naturalbeige, wich is the middle shade.

When I opened the foundation part I was surprised by a nice smell, like only ETUDE HOUSE can create it. <33

At first I thought that the color is way to dark for my skintone but after applying it matched perfectly.

But I have to say that I have my problems with applying it. (I mean I STILL have this problem, even after a longer use...)
Putting of the part to come to the foundation is really hard for me, because it is simply hard to open. But this also can mean that the foundation is more save from drying out.

This is my first powder cushion foundation, that I've tried. Once I had putted it on my skin it isn't like liquid anymore, it is like stiff powder, really hard for me to blend it nicely.

It has a really high coverage AND I don't know why but it is really sticky!! After I have applyed the foundation my pores are soooooooooooo big! (You can see them like as from far away!! :D ) 

ehm, yep, my big huge monster pores! :D

The foundation really makes my skin like it is powdered, but most of the time (right after applying it) my skin feels so dry, that I take my any cushion mosit to makes it more moist or use a mist. (This is also when I have applyed mositurizer exactly before applying this cushion!!)

I applyed my powder blusher after this cushion on my cheeks and my skin was dead!!! :D 
Also reapplying this product is impossible for me, because this makes it even more worse. So there is no good point that the new packaging is a bit smaller than the "any cushion" one.


This is really something difficult.

My mom has this cushion too, but she said she likes it. (But she also has the problem with the pores...)


-super amazing design
-nice smell
-new size, smaller than the ETUDE HOUSE any cushion
-SPF 50+, PA+++


-only 3 colors
-hard to open
-hard to blend
-makes my skin feels super dry
-create monster pores on my nose!!! :D
-can't reapply it because this makes it even more worse, all parts on my face has big monster pores than

I am thinking of giving this foundation away to my mom that she has a refiller from a foundation she likes. After she tryed it, not even my sister wanted to have it. :,(
I like the normal any cushion foundation much more. 

Etude House "any cushion mosit" review

If I had to choose I would definitelly recommend the normal / moist one and throw this foundation to trash!

OMO, ETUDE HOUSE, I am really sad that I can't like your product, but this is simply the truth! :(

I hope this review is helpful for you to choose the right product!!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Etude House VS. Yves Rocher

Etude House VS. Yves Rocher

by Rosalie

Hi Everyone,
today I want to do something really interesting, it's like a comparission between two of my favorite beauty brands:

 ETUDE HOUSE VS. Yves Rocher.

The theme is CONCEALER. I compare stick concealer wich are a bit alike to see wich one is the best one! *__*

The first concealer is the ETUDE HOUSE Big Cover Stick Concealer:

The secound concealer is the Yves Rocher Sebo Végétal:

Both packagins are alike in shape. Don't took to much space and are practical. The ETUDE HOOUSE one has a skincolored tone for the packagin. The Yves Rocher one has a fresh green color that stands out, wich makes it easy to find it in the mass of my makeup products! :D

The Yves Rocher Stick is a bit shorter than the ETUDE HOUSE one.

But the most important thing about the products is the swatch:

Ok, the color I choosed from the Yves Rocher stick is to dark, but the product only came in one shade. (in the description for this concealer the brand said that this consistency can match every skin tone but as you can see... it DON'T!!!) The ETUDE HOUSE stick is perfect for my skintone (You can choose from 3 colors).

As you can see the ETUDE HOUSE one can cover the eyeliner bether, it also is easyer to blend, it's more smooth! <3

from the pricy side they are eaqual:

ETUDE HOUSE: around 7€

Yves Rocher: around 7€

The worst thing about the ETUDE HOUSE product is you have to order in South Korea wich is really a big thing for people living in Europe (or not living in Asia). Shipping costs, long waiting until you can have the product (because of the shippment), hard to communicate if you have problems with the product (from person to person)
The Yves Rocher stick is easy to get, simply order online or go to a store nearby.

All in all:


ETUDE HOUSE: space saving design, 3 colored system, easy to blend, nice coverage

Yves Rocher: Space saving design, fresh green color, easy to buy (online or in a store nearby)


ETUDE HOUSE: you have to order from a online store in South Korea -> hard to get

Yves Rocher: only one color, doesn't cover as nice as ETUDE HOUSE, not as easy to blend

If I have to choose my favorite or if I should recommend a concealer to you it would definetly be the ETUDE HOUSE Big Cover Stick Concealer. For me there aren't any disadvantages, so simply a perfect product! <33 If you want to have this product you have to order online on a south korean store, wich can be a bit hard, but for me this was really one of the best things I have ordered!

If you want to learn where you can buy korean beauty products you can read Violettas Review:

Where to buy korean beauty products?

I hope this post was helpful for you. If you have some questions please feel free to ask me! <33

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Etude House "Big Cover Stick Concealer"

Etude House "Big Cover Stick Concealer"

by Rosalie


Hi Everyone,
I don't know why but lately I got some pimples, maybe because of my vacation job (I had to clean a mechanical hall, there was so much dirt and dust!!). :D

Anyway, because we all wanted to look like a princess in every life situation (it motivates me duing this hard work...) we need nice base make up And of course concealer! *__*

So today I will review to you the Big Cover Concealer Stick from the brand Etude House.




PRICE: $ 7.80


I ordered this porduct at the Etude House Global Store.
The concealer came out in 3 colors, I choose the middle toned color: #beige.

The packaging of thee product is really simple, so it doesn't take to much space on my makeup table.

The concealer is rich pigmented wich means it has a hich coverage. It's nice for the dark parts under my eyes, covers up my pimples and red areas.


-package is not to big so it doesn't take to much space on the makeup table or in the make up back
-high coverage
-matches my skincolor really well
-easy to blend


All in all I am in love with this nice concealer. I cant say anything bad about this product. The price is also ok for this nice quality. I definetly recommend this concealer to you! ;)

I hipe this review was helpful for you.
If you have some questions please feel free to ask me. :)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our Etude House "Berry Delicious" Collection

Our Etude House "Berry Delicious" Collection

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
in this post you can find all reviews about the Berry Delicious line from Etude House that we've got. So If you are interested in some special products you can read our review about it! <33

[Berry Delicious] Color In Liquid Lips

[Berry Delicious] Fantastic Color Eyes

[Berry Delicious] Play Nail

[Berry Delicious] Cream Blusher

All in all I think that all Berry Delicious products are really cute designed with much love and the quality of the products is really good. My personal Highlight is the new consistency from the color in liquid lips line with some surprising colors! <33 Violetta is absolutely in love with the blusher. So if you are interested you definetly should try out one of these special and cute products of the Berry Delicious line. We are already in love with them! :D

Do you also have a personal Highlight in this Berry Delicious line?? Or do you have other cute products you lately have fallen in love with??

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Etude House Play Nail, Nail Polish my collection

Etude House Play Nail, Nail Polish - my collection

by Rosalie


Hi everyone,
at the moment I am obsessed with nail polished, because summer time is simply perfect for it! <33

That's why I decided to made this post where I collect all links about Etude House Nail Polishes that I've written till today!<333

 I noticed that the colors match together really well. Such a nice color play!!

Play Nail Part I

Play Nail Part II

Play Nail Fall Collection

Play Nail Berry Delicious Collection

Nail Remover #1 mild

I hope this collection is helpfull for you. I simply love the nail polishes from Etude House! <333
So if you feel like you should order some new nail polishes you definetly should try out one from Etude House! <33

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Do you have a special favorite color?? Like a color you could were every day? :)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Etude House Pink Bird July "SWEET BOX PLAY 101 BLENDING PENCIL"


by Violetta

Hey everyone!
Greate News! We were able to join the special ETUDE HOUSE "Pink Bird" program. We are sooo happy that we got this wonderful opportunity and of course we want to share with you what we got this month.

ETUDE HOUSE send us the "Sweet Box Play 101 Blending Box". This is a special box where ETUDE HOUSE collaborated with a korean fashion brand called "DearMyUniverse".
I personally didn´t know this brand before. That´s why I made a bit of researches and OMG!, they sell sooo sweet and cute products. Their style match ETUDE HOUSE really well. I can only recommed you to look them up on the web or look on their (english) webside (just klick on the name of the brand). They sell theyr stuff on their online page globally.
"DearMyUniverse" included a nice bag into the box. This one is really nice, because of it´s different kind of handles and because the colour matches almost to everything. ^^

ETUDE HOUSE itself included two of the new "Play 101 Blending Pencil" in the box. (#5 & #20)

Since I like this box so much, I made a little makeup tutorial for you ("FROM DAY TO NIGHT - LOOK"). I included this in the end of the post, so stay tuned! ^^

Rosalie made a short video about the whole box. You´ll definitelly have to check it out! <3

Cute, isn´t she?

First I start with the bag from "DearMyUniverse".


  •  measure: 36 x 36 x 6,5 cm
  • two different kinds of handles / carrying (two short handles, one longer with variable length)
  • colour: navy blue
  • 100% cotton 
  • extra pouch with zip inside
  • has an extra magnetic button
  • possibillity to ruffle it together (but nly at the front)
  • shiny heart logo on the front

In my opinion the cut is very simple done, but nice. This is a really good bag if you want to carry it in different ways, matching the situation.

I really like the logo on the front of the bag. The design is not overloaded, but really simple and cute. It´s like a heart having rings like Saturn, so it matches the name of the brand really well. ^^ The shiny effect gives you an extra little cute detail.

The most things this korean fashion brand develops are bags and pouches. They sell a bag with the same cut as this one on theyr global page for around 30 $, so generally you could say that this box (around 25$) is not a bad deal. If you buy only two pencils of this edition (each for 9,80 $) you have to pay 19,60 $ for them, so if you put ontop a bit more money and get the bad in addition to that, I really think it is a good offer.

All in all I don´t know if you really NEED to have this bag (people like me, who didn´t knew the brand before are maybe not that motivated to get it), but it really is a nice one and it looks really cute. I looked it up on the internet and I couldn´t find where to buy it seperatelly, so if you under all circumstances, you´ll need to buy this box. Since the price for the box is a really good offer and you want to buy these pencils anyways, I could only recommend this box to you.

So without further do, lets start with the "Play 101 Blending Pencil"

These are the newest pencils ETUDE HOUSE enveloped.  They´re available on the global online store of ETUDE HOUSE.

Since this whole box isn´t available on the global online store yet, here is the link for the pencils on the onlinestore from ETUDE HOUSE themselfes: Play 101 Blending Pencil


Since these pencils are the brand new products at the store, you get them 30 % off at the moment. So usually you pay 9,80 $ each, but now they´re 6,68 $ each.
This price goes for the ETUDE HOUSE global online store.
(I hope you can use this opportunity, because saving money is always a good thing ^^)

I looked up where you can get this box from, and unfortunatelly I have to say that is´t a bit difficult to find them online. I think you can definitelly get them at a local store, but since I don´t have the possibility to look for that, I can´t prove it.

ETUDE HOUSE definitelly sell this box on their official korean online store (klick for the link) (22.000 korean Won) but I personally have never ordered from there, or more precisely I don´t know if they ship globally. In any case you can find there some more pictures and (if you understand korean) some more informations. ;-)

I only found the box on Beauty Box Korea, (25 $) but I personally haven´t placed an order at this store, so I can´t tell you if this is a good possibility (but I wanted to let you know just in case that you know this store, please let me know in the comments <3).

shade #5 and #20


size comparission of the "normal" Play 101 Pencils (above) and the Play 101 BLENDING Pencils (under)

Above is a little comparission of the size of the "normal" Play 101 Pencils and the Play 101 BLENDING Pencils. As you see the Blending Pecils are a bit shorter and thicker. I personally think that they lay really nice in the hand because of their bigger diameter. The Blending Pencils also have no sharpener (like the "normal" ones), but since they´re not designed to make small well defined lines, there would be no sense if they added one.

There are 4 different textures (CREAM, JEWEL, JELLY, VELVET) and 25 different colours. The colour system reaches from beige and brown shades to red, orange and purple-pink. That´s because these pencils are made to use them for the eyes, lips and face (cheeks and contouring). I´m a bit sad that they didn´t do more green or blue colours, also there isn´t a black colour, but if you want to try these pencils, you will definitelly find a colour you´ll like.

Depending on the colour you choose, you´ll get one of the four textures.
I got two different textures in this box: CREAM (#5) and VELVET (#20).

#20 is a orange red colour, that is really smooth to blend and has a little flowery scent. Although it´s velvet is most designed for the lips. Since it feels a bit dry on my lips (I only apply it over a lip balm), it also works really fine on the eyes and cheeks. (see on makeup tutorial below)
The texture gets really nice blended, not only with your fingers and a blending sponge, but also with a brush (I didn´t expected that).
Since I love this colour so much (I think this is going to be one of my new favourite lip colours), I could recommend you on buying this for the lips, but you have to deal with it´s dryness. :3 I like it much more for my eyes.

#5 is not so different in the texture from #20, although it´s the CREAM one. It has no scent (unlike #20) and is nice for eyes, cheeks and lips. Since this is not such a common colour for the lips, I´ll show you how I used it in my make up tutorial below. I think in real this colour looks a bit lighter than on the internet photos from ETUDE HOUSE, but it´s still a bit darker than my skintone. I would describe the colour as a beige with a really really small shade of pink.
The texture also gets really well blended with different kinds of tools.
I recognized how nicelly you can apply a normal black eye pencil on top of it. I have the feeling that the applycation is much more smooth and eays on top of it, so it also works really nice as a eye makeup base. :3

All in all these colours are really good matching together and so I think it´s a nice combination in this box. My ONLY disadvantage is that it feels a bit dry on my lips (I think these two textures are better working on the cheekt or eyes rather than the lips), so if you are looking for a nice lip pencil, I would not recommend these two to you. (It could be that one of the other textures works better on the lips)

So, these were all infos about the pencils, so now I want to share with you my

Make up tutorial "from day to night - look" featuring the "Play 101 Blending Pencil"

At first I wanted to start with the DAY LOOK

After applying your foundation, start with the eyes. Use #5 and make a like on the top of your lid. Blend it with your finger or a blending sponge. After that apply a thin black line near your lashes. Put on Mascara, do your eyebrows (I used the ETUDE HOUSE "Look at My Eyes Café" #BR402) and you are done with your eyes. :-)

Next are your cheeks. Apply a bit of #20 on the apples of your cheeks. Blend it with your fingers or a blending sponge.

Last but not least, the lips. As I said before, since these pencils are a bit to dry for me, I recommend applying a lip balm or something similar on the lips before applying the pencils. But you can also apply a lip balm after colouring it. :3I want to create a blended lip look. So first, draw with #20 on the inside of your lips. Then fill in the rest of your lips with #5. Blend it with your fingers or a blending sponge and you are done.

Here I have some pictures for you of the complete look featuring the bag from "DearMyUniverse". ^^

This light and natural look is really great for the daytime. You can also use it as a "no makeup -makeup look". I really like how the colour of my cheeks comes out in the mid picture. :3

Now it´s time to change this innocent day look into the more intense NIGHT LOOK!

First, apply a cushion foundation for a quick refresh of your makeup. To create a bit of a bronced look, apply #5 on your cheeks. Draw it more back to the direction of your ear, to create a bore addult look. Blend it with your fingers, a blending sponge or (also possible) with your cushion puff and your cheeks are done. :-)

Apply a thick line with #20  on your lid. Pay attention that the colour is still be seen with opened eyes (but if not, try to blend it a bit higher in the next step). Blend it with a blending brush. Next reapply a black eye liner, but this time a bit thicker than before. You can also draw on the lower water line if you want to create a more intense and smoky look.

For the lips, just apply #20 completelly over your lips. You can also overline your lips if you want. :3

AAAAANNNNDDD you´re done with the night look!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures for you. :3

It looks so fashionable and stylish, just right for the next beach party!!! \(*.*)/

Since the red on the eyes is not to intense (because the pencil is so nice to be blended), it really matches the lip colour. And since the pencils are so handy, you can easily put them into your bag together with your cushion and you are always able to refresh your look, withour carrying a big makeup pouch. ^^

Thank you very much for reading this long but much content included post. I just had to do a little makeup tutorial for you, because I was so hyped because of these pencils. I hope you liked. ^^

Please tell me know your opinion of the box, the pencils, the bag and my tutorial in the comments. Or anything, just tell me, I always love to read your comments. :3

Thanks again to ETUDE HOUSE, who made this post possible. <3 I´m curious about the next Pink Bird Box just now.

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