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My top 10 travel beauty hacks

My top 10 travel beauty hacks

by Violetta

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Hey everyone!
Since it´s travel season right now I wanted to share my top 10 travel skincare and makeup hacks. I hope they could help you somehow on your trip. ^^


This is not only a tip for a better skin complexion in generall, but I personally tend to drink less when I´m on a trip, just because I don´t want to carry to much arround with me and because of the problem, that I don´t know if I always have a toilet around. But that´s really tricky, because of the sun and the walking around, your body needs enough hydration. Did you know that you have to drink 1 l water per 20 kg body weight? And If you did 1 hour workout, you have to drink one liter in addition to that.
I would personally say at least 3-4 liter water per day is a good score.
So when you are in a restaurant, always remember do order a big bottle of water, or else you would forget to drink enough, if you don´t carry much bottles around with you.

I always try to go twice to the toilet, when I´m at a restaurant, once when I arrived and once before I go, even if there is no need to, because a half hour later could be an emergency situation. Just try to catch every possibility you can :-)


Mists give you a great opportunity to refresh yourselfe from the hot summer sun and give your skin an extra dose of nutrition. No matter if you use it during a hot drive in the car (not during driving! ;-) ) or if you spray on the toilet of an restaurant, or during sightseeing, it´s just easy and fast in use and it cools you down really fast and great.

You can use a bought one, one you made yourselfe or you just spray water on, the effect is really great.

I have a really nice recipe for you! It´s a DIY hair mask and face mist in one. Check it out! :3


I like to collect samples from different kind of labels, but I always tend to not use them because after one use, I can´t try them again. :,(  (But I know it´s stupid, because this way, I´ll never try them. -.-)
If you go on a trip, this is the ideal time to try them all out. 
No matter if they´re skincare items, make up, for the shower or if it´s perfume.
If you have enough, you can calculate them a bit (so you really don´t need to take full size products with you). The ones which are only in a little plastic packing are usually for one use, but such little bottles like these "Pink Vital Water" products from Etude House have enough product for 1~2 weeks, depending on how much you use. I used the "Pink Vital Water TONER" twice a day and it was enough for 2 weeks. The "Pink Vital Water SERUM" was empty after one week.


Cushions save up alot of space in your bag. Since there are so many different ones on sale in Korea and also some freshly new ones in germany, you really can choose the texture, shade and everything you want. Many korean ones are available with SPF, so definitelly take a look on them.
Here you can see one of my favourite cushion foundations: The Etude House "Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion".


One good example for those products, which you can use for several things is my big Aloe Soothing Gel pot from Etude House. You can use it for your whole body skin, not only face. It is really nice in summer, because it cools down your skin and is not a bit sticky, but gives your skin the moisture it needs. Another good example is to you use your lip product for your cheeks. If you really have to calculate every single gram, this hack is really good. Or you can also use you lip balm as an eye cream stick.
Giving you skin enough moisture when you are swimming in the pool, in a sea or in the ocean is really important. So these are really good ideas how to secure the moisture of your skin and save space in your bag.


It´s better to take smaller eye shadow palettes. If you take 3~4 single eye shadows, you need much more space and you can also create less looks than with a good equipped small eyeshadow palette. But this is only effective if you have a good palette, because if you have to take two or more with you, then you also can take some single ones. You can look for one that you can also use for contouring and blushing, to not take so many palettes around with you. ;-)
I personally really love my "Berry Delicious Fantastic Colour Eyes" from (drom-roll) Etude House, but as long as there are all colours you need in a palette, you can choose every one you want. (I just wanted to give you an example ;-) )


This is also a good tip for those situations (we all know them)like: A sunday morning, you wake up and recognize a new pimple on your face. All drug stores are closed and you have an inportant event the next morning.
Or if you are in your hotel and see a new pimple. :O This happens really often to me when I travel, because in the region where I live, we have really good tap water. So when I come to a region with not so high quality tap water, my skin reacts really fast to that.

What to do? Ottokaji? :O

Just take a bit of your toothpaste and put it directly on the pimple (after cleansing the face). You can do this during sleep or if you don´t have any plans to go out, during the day.
It dryes really fast, so you don´t have to worry about smearing it all over your bed during sleep.
The mint in the toothpaste is desinfecting and clearing your skin. It also works really "fast". Not like a treatment you have to do for many weeks to see a result. After 6~8 hours, you should see a really great improvement.
I have also tryed a DIY mask with salt and toothpaste, but this was such a bad experience, I would not recommend this to you (to use it on the whole face at once). If you have a really bad skin complexion with many pimples and you use much of it, you will realize that the toothpaste is really hurting in the eyes, because of the mint steam. So don´t use it to near to the eyes.


Products with a mirror or a small mirror itselfe are really usefull if you plan on sleeping together with other people in one room. I often made the experience that there is just not enough space in the bathroom or there are just to many pricesses that need to put on make up at the same time in one room. Or if the light in your bathroom is really bad. I prefer taking produkts with me that have a big mirror included, like in my cushion, my eye shadow palette or those little travel brushes.
You can also take these products with you on your trip, so you don´t need a toilet around to check your make up.
It´s also an option to take small mirrors with you if you don´t have any product with a mirror, but I personally preffer mirrors included in the package of products, so you don´t have to hold to manny things at once during you put on your make up.


It´s always difficult to calculate the weather in your make up. Often the weather report says it will rain and then you get a sunburn. -.- So if you don´t like to apply suncream under your make up, because it is to sticky, use foundations or primers with SPF to always be safed of the sun. As a primer, I like to use the Etude House "Baby Choux Base" which has 33 SPF, or from The Saem "Saemul Face Lightener" with SPF 30.
There are really nice products in Korea for summer with 50 SPF. I never got a sunburn since I use them. But these with 30 SPF are also not bad, if you don´t plan on going to areas that are to warm.

If you are interested in the suncream I put under my makeup, I use the Etude House "Sunprise Must Daily SPF 50+/ PA +++". But you can also use a normal suncream under your makeup.

It´s just important to remember to put on something with SPF, no matter which product you use!


No matter if you have to cleanse intense enough or if you need to remember to moisture your face or your whole body after a sun bath, always remember to ... really do it.
I know if you are on you hotel room at the end of a really long and nice but exhausting day, it´s hard to do the whole skincare program, or even to clean the face. But beside of your trip, it´s important to not neglect your skin. You will really regret it if you do so.
It´s ok to be tired at the end of a nice and long day, but if you get pimples or dry areas on your face, or you forget to treat your sunburn, your will remember my words.
Try to take products that work fast, like cleansing products you don´t need to do to many steps and moisturizer that are absorbed really fast.

So these are my top 10 beauty hacks for you. I hope you liked them or they could help you.

Please tell me your beauty hacks for traveling in the comments, I´m curious!!! :3

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  1. I always tend to drink less when on a trip too! I think it happens to everyone. Haha, everyone is lazy. Thank you for these tipps. I've seen Face Mist in a video on YouTube and you got me curious too, so maybe I'm gonna try it in the future.

    1. Yea, since drinking enough is a big issue in normal live, it is even more important during times when you don´t have a solid routine.
      And I love spraying mist on. I have one right now that is with aloe extract and it cools my skin so great down. When I´m at home the whole day, I tend to spray it on like once in an hour.