Monday, July 31, 2017

Tonymoly Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Perfect Sticker"

Tonymoly Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Perfect Sticker"

by Rosalie 



Hi Lovelies,
today again I wanna talk about these nose strips to fight against blackheads.
Last week I showed you one from EtudeHouse, and now I will show you the similar product from TonyMoly.
The product is called "pig nose" wich came in a pretty big range and I think the name is really funny.
Some time has passed away since I has tried this product first time and now I cant find a online store wich still has this product, sorry.




In the following you can see how the packaging look like:

It is all in pink. Even the strip itself is in passtel pink. It looks super adorable.

Putting the strip on is the same as other strips: wet the skin where you want to place it and put the strip with dry hands on. Wait for around 10 minutes (until the strip is dry) and rip it off.
At the end you can see the result onto the strip.

As you can see as the strip get's dry it build's up wrikles. With wrinkles on it it is obvious that the product can hardly remove anything.

part where the product worked, part where it hasn't done anything

And as I mentioned, the product didn't worked sooooo good for me as I hoped it would. It did removed some blackhead's but I am not absolutely happy about the result. And I really don't know where THIS sticker is "perfect" as the product name says haha!!!

I wouldn't really recommend this product to you, since you have seen how worse it has worked for me. Let me know if you have tried it how it has worked out for you, I am really curious.

Also, stay tuned for some blogging about my skin troubles in summer. I guess they will continue and I am searching and searching for nice products! <333

I hope this review was helpull for you and as usual, if you have some questions please feel free to ask! :)

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Etude House "Green Tea Nose Pack"

Etude House "Green Tea Nose Pack"

by Rosalie



Hi Lovelies,

it is summer time and for me it is definetly to hot!
My skin is oily, my blackheads grow and I get sunburned. 

That's why I have to take special care to my face in summer. Today I wanna write about one product that helped me by removing blackheads.



PRICE: $0,70 (each) 


I think these small patches are really handy, because in a short time period I can see results (if they work well...).

This nose pack came out in green tea and carcole, but I tried the green tea one.

I like how they even coloured the patch in green, that gives me really the feeling of the green tea.

With this side the product aimes to pull out the plackheads.

As I said earlyer, using this prodduct is really easy, just wet the skin where you wanna use it and put on the dry patch. Wait for ca 10 minutes (just wait as long at the patch is completely dry) and pull it off.

In the following you can see how the removed patch looks like.

 In this last picture I pointed out the parts, where the product really putted out the blackheads and the parts where the patch was getting of from my skin and couldn't remove anything.

All in all I think the product removed quite some blackheads and the sebum on my skin. Compared to other nose patches these itchy partes are small and it worked ok for me.

Out of 10 (1- worst, 10-best) I would give this product a 8.

Do you have some nose patches that you would recommend? I am still searching for some good ones so please let me know! <33

I hope this review was helpull for you and as usual, if you have some questions please feel free to ask! :)  

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Bang Yongguk "Yamazaki" MV

Bang Yongguk "Yamazaki" MV

by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,
as you may know, I am a pure BABY (means fan from B.A.P) and my absolute bias is BANG YONGGUK! So I think it is my duty to write about the new artwork of my absolute hero in live.

On the 04th Juli 2017 Bang Yongguk released his solo musicvideo called "Yamazaki". In one word: amazing!!!!

Ok, this is not his solo debut. He has done some other projects, just let me give you a little survey about this:

2011: before the debut of B.A.P Yongguk featured Song Jieun in the song "Going Crazy"

2011: also featuring Yang Yoseob in "I Remember"

2011: debut of the group (ok, they only released this one mv as this so called group before the debut of B.A.P) Bang&Zelo "Never Give UP" 

2015: after a lawsuit all members stopped in activities for B.A.P, Bang Yongguk released the song "AM 4:44" 

 As you can see, he has done some solo things and I am always so impressed by his deepness. I also have the feeling like he is becomming more and more deeper, like he is trapped deep in his thoughts.

Yongguk and Sleepy

Yamazaki is not only the name for Yongguks new MV, it is also the name of a japanese whisky. And like this, in the lyrics there is much about drinking.
 It is like he only can drink, he think it is not a drug, but knows he can only drink alcohol. This stunned his thoughs, it is easier in this non living world. Like he is asking himself many questions about life and since of living, but because he can't find an answere he tried to get away from these dark ideas and minds, to become clearer. Also there is more often his own name in the lyrics, like someone or something is calling him. But this get's unimportant by drinking. Only woman and his guys are important now. It also looks like he is in a gang or something and having fun but also some deep problems because of this. (Please let me know your thoughs of this mv as well!! <33)

In the MV I see some japanese symbols like masks, writings, bonsais, it is like a enjoyable drinking thing, but also really bloody and absurd. I think because of the strange effects in the mv it is surreal and this also gives a good kind of feeling how he must feel with beeing drunk and running away from everything.


I guess Yongguk has some deep thoughts in his mind and tries to get them into the world with his music, I really respect him for that. But I am also kind of worried, I mean I hope he is all right!! <33

Beside this I am in love with the music and how Yongguk looks like, he is so handsome like an angel!<33 *__* His voice is awesome, I love the deep rapparts! <3 Also he self write about this mv as a art film, harrrr this makes my heart beat faster!<3

I hope you help Yongguk to share his artwork around the world, and I hope Yongguk will give us more of his inner thoughts in form of music! <3 

What do you think about this MV and the solo activities of Bang Yongguk?

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

K-Drama Recommendation: "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon"

K-Drama Recommendation: "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon"

by Rosalie



Hi Lovelies,
today I want to write about a korean Drama I was watching recently.

I really wanted to watch a new drama, and after watching "HWARANG" I feld in love with the actor Park Hyung Sik, so I was searching for some dramas, where he is playing a main role. And I found This drama "Strong Woman Do Bong Soon". I have seen that this is the latest drama where he is in so I decided to watch it! harhar<3333

But I really have to say that this drama is one of my favourites out of all I have watched. I had seen that this is comedy and romance, so I was expecting a chilly story and a handsome actor. But really, the story was so like OMO please!!! This is to much for my pure kpop heart! :D Beside the usual love story there was so much happening. I was watching it at night and really got scared! Ok, I should say I really can't watch horror movies, but hwo is expecting this at a kdrama? :D SO DEEEEEEEP! 

Ji Soo, Park Boyoung, Park Hyungsik

The 3 main actors are:

-Park Boyoung as DO BONG SOON (girl, who has super strong power, very naive, in love with her childhoodfriend)
-Park Hyungsik as AHN MINHYUK (own a game company, is super arrogant but got blackmails, don't trust the police)
-Ji Soo as IN GOOKDOO (Childhoodfriend of Bong Soon, doesn't know about her power, working as a policeman)

release date : 24.02.2017 - 15.04.2017

16 Episodes

released at JTBC

gengre: romance, comedy 

Looking at the OST there are some really awesome actors, like Park Hyungsik, Mamamoo, Vromance and Jeong Eunji. I really like the music, listening at it gives me much energy (as Bong soon has haha!!)

*You are my super power girl* lalala <3  

If you want to watch the drama, you should stop right here with reading, I don't wanna spoile you!! But if you are interested in the acors and a bit of the story I will go on! <3

Now I want to talk about the story:

Bong Soon taking care about the drunken boys.

Minhyuk, falling in love with his bodyguard Bong Soon.

Do Bong Soon is a woman in her 20's. She is a really cute and tiny girl, but she has strong super power. Like she can lift up everything and punsh gangster. This sounds great first, but the only thing Bong Soon wishes for is, to be normal and make In Gookdoo fall in love with her. They know each other from childhood, but now he has a girlfriend and Bong Soon is trying really hard to be sweet and girly.

Bing Soon and Minhyuk at the library, can you feel the kdrama romance?? *__*

Bong Soon protecting Minhyuk while both are beeing in danger because of the blackmailer.

But they also can have fun with each other! :D

Bong Soon's mom and grandmother also has this power, it is like only woman in the family has this power. Bong Soons Twin brother doesn't has this power. The mother always sais that Bong Soon is the strong but naive one and her brother is the intelligent one, because he is a doctor now and she doesn't have a job or anything as the story started. The mother has lost her power because she has used it ony for herself, to be bether than any other in sport competitions. So if you want to keep hat power you should always help the ones who need the help.

Minhyuk and Gookdoo fighting because of Bong Soon.

I love how pissed of Bong Soon is at the beginning of the story because of her arrogant boss. She was only taking the empolyment because he promised after getting the blackmailer she would have a normal job at the company.

As Bong Soon was fighting with some bad guys on the street Ahn Minhyuk, owner of a game company, saw the fight and the power of her. As he was receiving some blackmail calls and got pushed, he decided that Bong Soon should be his bodyguard. I guess you can expect how strange it looks to have this tiny girl protecting a tall handsome men. haha
Within the first half of the drama this blackmailer thing get solved but beside this there is the childhoodfriend Gookdoo, who is a police man. Around the living area of Bong Soon there is a kidnapper, who only kidnap young and thin woman. The first victim even was killed by the kidnapper. In the story there are always these scenes where you see the dark selfmade prison with the woman in it. He tried to get 8 woman and marry them, he really is crazy. He also observe the woman with cameras, has cameras at the police station and on public places, wich really makes it hard for the police to solve this problem. Of course Bong Soon interfere into this and tries to help the woman, because her best friend also got kidnapped.

The kidnapper, tryingto get into the company building of Minhyuk to take revenge on Bong Soon.

The kidnapper, he really can mask himself to run away from police.

One of the kidnapped woman.

Beside this scary story there is the love story between Bong Soon and Minhyuk, who knows that she is in love with the police man but regardless fall in love with Bong Soon. As the story goes on She is also more and more in love with her boss (!!!!) and forget about the love to her childhood friend Gookdoo. Gookdoo's girlfriend broke up with him because of Bong Soons brother, because o this he is taking more action into this triangular relationship and makes it more and more complicatedfor everyone, saying he was in love with Bong Soon since childhood, too. Hm, this is really some kdrama sh***... sry, but WHY? Why is Gookdoo making things so hard for Bong Soon to get a boyfriend she likes? Her mother isn't a help, too, since she wanted from the beginning of her employment that Bong Soon should marry Minhyuk.

Bong Soon and Minhyuk at a lovey dovey picnik. I really am happy for both to have a nice time together.

Minhyuk and Bong Soon marrying? :P

Really, all in all this is only a bit of the story can tell you know. It's so much, like every episode is full of actions. Plus I don't want to tell who Bong Soon will be together with in the end. I always shipped Bong Soon and Minhyuk, because with him, she can be how she really is and say what she really thinkgs, because he knows her secret power. Plus they are really cute fighting at the beginning and falling in love after this bad start haha! And I love the character of Hyungsik, he is super arrogant and rich and always makes fun about Bong Soon. 
But all actors are super handsome, and I am in love with Bong Soons hair style! <333333

The end of the story is a bit fast, full of new informations and things happening.

If you are searching for a nice kdrama full of emotions and with a nice story, you really should watch this drama, since this story is amazing!!!

If you have kdramas, you love, please feel free to share them with me, since I am interested and always searching for a new good drama to watch. Also tell me what you think about the drama if you have watched it. Do you like it, too?

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Holika Holika "Pure Essence Mask Sheet"

Holika Holika "Pure Essence Mask Sheet"

by Rosalie



Hy Lovelies,
the test's are over now yeiiiii! Now the summer can start for us, too! <3
I hope that we will be able to write more often.

Anyway, I often mentione how important skincare is, especially in summer time. Your pores are big because of the heat and your skin get's dry.
The best way to fight against this and cool your face down is to make a face mask. Out of all mask sheet's I have tried I really think that korean mask sheet's are the best one's you can buy.

Today I will write about the "Pure Essence Mask Sheet" from the brand "Holika Holika". It's my first mask sheet from this brand but with other product's I was really happy so I wanted to give it a try.


PRICE: ca. $1


I ordered this product at , 4 mask's fro around $4, wich is a really nice price so far.
The product came out in 10 different kind's.

In the following you can see the different kind's I ordered.

I think the design is really cute and gives me a happy feeling because of the colours. I also like when you can choose from different kind's of the mask's, to be able to use the best mask for your skin type.

Going with lemon is for my skin type for nearly all sheet mask's the best! What about your skin type? Wich mask type do you prefer?

The masksheet itself is really thin. As I unfold the mask I was really scared if I would rip the mask. :D
All different types are this thin. But each (of course) has a different smell. The lemon one for example really smell's like lemon and the green tea smell's a bit medical but also clean.

I guess it is because of the thin mask sheet, but this one really stick's on my face and doesn't fall off by accident. That way my skin can absorb all the moisture from the mask. My skin also feels super cool while I am wearing the mask and feels super refreshed and with a high moisture level. After I have removed the mask I had to massage the remain liquid into my skin. After a while my face feels super soft and nice. 

So all in all I really REALLY like this product. For summer it is the perfect moisturizing and skin care product. And It is also nice to choose from the different types to get the best mask for your skin type. It is also fun to try out the different types I think.

Wich is your favourite mask sheet in summer? Have you special hacks to refresh your dry skin in summer? Feel free to share them, I would love to hear them.

I hope this review was helpull for you and as usual, if you have some questions please feel free to ask! :) 

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