Friday, July 14, 2017

Bang Yongguk "Yamazaki" MV

Bang Yongguk "Yamazaki" MV

by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,
as you may know, I am a pure BABY (means fan from B.A.P) and my absolute bias is BANG YONGGUK! So I think it is my duty to write about the new artwork of my absolute hero in live.

On the 04th Juli 2017 Bang Yongguk released his solo musicvideo called "Yamazaki". In one word: amazing!!!!

Ok, this is not his solo debut. He has done some other projects, just let me give you a little survey about this:

2011: before the debut of B.A.P Yongguk featured Song Jieun in the song "Going Crazy"

2011: also featuring Yang Yoseob in "I Remember"

2011: debut of the group (ok, they only released this one mv as this so called group before the debut of B.A.P) Bang&Zelo "Never Give UP" 

2015: after a lawsuit all members stopped in activities for B.A.P, Bang Yongguk released the song "AM 4:44" 

 As you can see, he has done some solo things and I am always so impressed by his deepness. I also have the feeling like he is becomming more and more deeper, like he is trapped deep in his thoughts.

Yongguk and Sleepy

Yamazaki is not only the name for Yongguks new MV, it is also the name of a japanese whisky. And like this, in the lyrics there is much about drinking.
 It is like he only can drink, he think it is not a drug, but knows he can only drink alcohol. This stunned his thoughs, it is easier in this non living world. Like he is asking himself many questions about life and since of living, but because he can't find an answere he tried to get away from these dark ideas and minds, to become clearer. Also there is more often his own name in the lyrics, like someone or something is calling him. But this get's unimportant by drinking. Only woman and his guys are important now. It also looks like he is in a gang or something and having fun but also some deep problems because of this. (Please let me know your thoughs of this mv as well!! <33)

In the MV I see some japanese symbols like masks, writings, bonsais, it is like a enjoyable drinking thing, but also really bloody and absurd. I think because of the strange effects in the mv it is surreal and this also gives a good kind of feeling how he must feel with beeing drunk and running away from everything.


I guess Yongguk has some deep thoughts in his mind and tries to get them into the world with his music, I really respect him for that. But I am also kind of worried, I mean I hope he is all right!! <33

Beside this I am in love with the music and how Yongguk looks like, he is so handsome like an angel!<33 *__* His voice is awesome, I love the deep rapparts! <3 Also he self write about this mv as a art film, harrrr this makes my heart beat faster!<3

I hope you help Yongguk to share his artwork around the world, and I hope Yongguk will give us more of his inner thoughts in form of music! <3 

What do you think about this MV and the solo activities of Bang Yongguk?

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