Friday, July 21, 2017

Etude House "Green Tea Nose Pack"

Etude House "Green Tea Nose Pack"

by Rosalie



Hi Lovelies,

it is summer time and for me it is definetly to hot!
My skin is oily, my blackheads grow and I get sunburned. 

That's why I have to take special care to my face in summer. Today I wanna write about one product that helped me by removing blackheads.



PRICE: $0,70 (each) 


I think these small patches are really handy, because in a short time period I can see results (if they work well...).

This nose pack came out in green tea and carcole, but I tried the green tea one.

I like how they even coloured the patch in green, that gives me really the feeling of the green tea.

With this side the product aimes to pull out the plackheads.

As I said earlyer, using this prodduct is really easy, just wet the skin where you wanna use it and put on the dry patch. Wait for ca 10 minutes (just wait as long at the patch is completely dry) and pull it off.

In the following you can see how the removed patch looks like.

 In this last picture I pointed out the parts, where the product really putted out the blackheads and the parts where the patch was getting of from my skin and couldn't remove anything.

All in all I think the product removed quite some blackheads and the sebum on my skin. Compared to other nose patches these itchy partes are small and it worked ok for me.

Out of 10 (1- worst, 10-best) I would give this product a 8.

Do you have some nose patches that you would recommend? I am still searching for some good ones so please let me know! <33

I hope this review was helpull for you and as usual, if you have some questions please feel free to ask! :)  

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