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Etude House "Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit"

Etude House "Precious Mineral BB Cream

Blooming Fit"

by Rosalie


I always wanted to buy a BB cream form Etude House, because I watched and read so many reviews about it and I thougt that this is amazingly for my skin.
But it was a long way of a decision, because I also wanted to buy "any cushion". I tried it to order any cushion like my sister (You can click here if you want to read her review about Etude House's "any cushion"), but there was always a mistake with the order or the product wasn't available. After this I thought that I still shouldn't own "any cushion" so I ordered this BB Cream. My sister wrote a post about all the "PRECIOUS MINERAL BB CREAM BLOOMING FIT, PERFECT FIT & COTTON FIT". PLease read it if you are interested. ^^



PRICE: $15.00

VOLUME: 60ml


 I ordered this product from but you also can buy it from the Etude House Global Store (

There are two other lines of the BB Cream: a "perfect fit" and a"cotton fit" one. There are all for different face types. This"blooming fit" one is against wrinkles, and gives whitening and anti darkening to your skin. (But I personally think that the types are very similar. But if you have tried out all different types and find out some differents please let me know in the comments!!!)

The BB Cream came up in a box where you also can find the colour wich I choose. (BB_W13)
The design of the box is as cute as the design of the bottle. I think it is a bit similar to the design of any cushion. It looks luxerious and cute. I love it. <3 (I also looked very intensive on the design of german BB Creams. The result: they just look boring!!!! As I saw them in the store I yust don't wanted to buy these BB Creams! haha )
But Etude House still have the best designs! :3

To get the product out of the bottle you have to press on the upper part. (But before you have to shake the product ^^). I think with this system it is very easy and hygienic to get the BB Cream out of the bottle.

I also tried german BB creams but the colours doesn't fits my skin so well. (They were to dark) So I was hopefull to get a colour that fits my skin, because I think the korean BB Cream colours are more light.  I ordered the middle colour and I think this colour fits me very well. ;)

I think that this BB Cream looks very natural on my face. It covered the red places in my face very well (especially my cheeks and the area around my mouth) and it covered my pimples in a natural way. I hate BB Creams wich makes my face looks like I am wearing a mask! So this BB Cream is simply perfect for me. 
The product also has a scent. I like the scent because it smells a bit fresh and a bit flowery, too, and I like this kind of scents! :)

By using it, a bit of the BB Cream goes a long way. The texture is very liquidy, so for me it is easy to apply it and also it's easy to makes it look natural. 

All in all I think that a cushion is more practical than a normal BB Cream like this. But after my hard way wich brings me away form my any cushion I am very happy with this product! <333 
So if you are searching for a nice light BB Cream that makes you look natural and gives you a nice smell than this product will be good for you! ;) 

I hope this review was helpfull for you in your decision to buy or not to buy this product! 
If you have questions about it, please let me know in the comments. 
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  1. Great review! I bought this too a little while ago also from Beautynet Korea. :) I also review Korean beauty products and just started my own blog.