Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tonymoly "Petite Bunny Gloss Bar"

Tonymoly "Petite Bunny Gloss Bar"

by Violetta


I´ve bought these two sweet bunny sticks on . I really like this shop, because there are always no shipping costs regardless on how much money you spend. They have always an offer, where you can buy two sticks for $8,51 while a single one costs $4,95 (you save $1,29), but this offer is only for members. 



PRICE: $4,95


TYPE OF PRODUCT: LIP PRODUCT (something between lipstick and lip gloss)

It´s a series of 9 different shades, 6 normal ones with a certain fruity smell, and 3 neon colours.

First I have to say, that I don´t like any lip gloss products much (I actually really hate the consistence of it), but this one is really not like one, although the description on the internet page is different (something betweet lipstick and lip gloss). It is more like a moisturizing tint or a blam that colours your lips. The colour of each of this two sticks is really long lasting if you didn´t combinate it with any other product like an extra moisturizer.

I have two very different shades:

The first one I bought (No. 5) is a very discreetly colour, which I really wanted for the every day use (for school and so on). I wanted a colour which is not so dark and heavy, so I ordered a very light shade. I didn´t knew that this colour would have a little orange tone beside the discreetly pink, but I really like it. You can see the orange tone more on my arm than on my lips. This colour is really the colour I wanted and beside the colour, I think that this stick is very good moisturizing and makes my lips very smooth. The scent is not too pushy, so If you don´t like it, it´s ok, but I actually really like it. It´s a bit peachy and fruity and I really like it.

The secound one I bought (No. 8) is one of the neon shades and I thought also that it´s colour is very discreetly but I had to realize that it´s not. My sister said that the colour is discreetly and not very dark, but I think that the colour is very intense, not that this is a bad thing, but I actually wanted a colour for school and so on. Although the stick generally is yellow, the colour changes on your lips into a relatively dark pink. Right after the first use the stick also changes partly into a pinky red, but not completely. Apart from all this, I really ike the colour, maybe because I love the moisturizing effect, which is not too sticky.
I think this stick has also a light fruity scent, which is very pleasant, but I can´t really say what it is, because it is too light. 

Here you can see the partly colour changing of No. 8 into a pinky red.

All in all I really love this lip product and I´m thinking of trying also another shade, because I really like the texture. :3

Thank you for reading! Please tell me your impression of this product, because I want to hear if you´re maybe not that happy with that product, or if you love it so much than I do. :)

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