Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tony Moly "Red Appletox Honey Cream"

Tony Moly "Red Appletox Honey Cream"

by Rosalie

I am sooooo happy to write my review about this adorable product!!!
At first I was searching for a nice cream wich moisturize my skin and smells nice.
After a long searching I found this product and I thought, this looks so cute and amazing, I yust want to try it!! <3



PRICE: $9:85

VOLUME: 80ml

I ordered this product from the cosmetic-love-shop .

TonyMoly made a new line with some other fruits and vegetables. For example as face peelings or as lip balms. 

The design of this product is yust so amazingly!!!! (I always ask myself why there is no german cosmetic wich looks so super cute, because I yust love it!^^)

The product came with a little spoon to make it more hygienic to get the cream out of the bottle. 
The cream itself looks like the inner, yellow part of a real apple. So if I open the bottle it is easy to think that this is really a part of an apple.

The cream is very liquidy, so for me it is easy to apply and it absorbs very fast on your skin. So you can use it before you go to sleep or you use it under your make up.
It moisturizes your skin so good, it is so amazing. AND the smell is really like an apple.
I think this product is yust full of fun to use it and I always feel happy when I use it! ;)

Allin all I can say that this product is so lovely and nice, if you are searching for a nice moisturizing cream wich also makes you happy than this product is really amazing for you! ;)

I hope this review was helpfull for you
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