Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Holika Holika "Heartfuk Silky Lipstick"

Holika Holika "Heartfuk Silky Lipstick"

by Rosalie

This is the first product I get from the cosmetic brand "Holika Holika". I just heared much positive things about it, before. So I decided to order this cute lipstick for the begin!^^ 



PRICE: $6.93


I bought this product from the online store Beautynet Korea . 
The Lipstick came out in 8 colours. I also know that there are some other lines from Heartful Lipsticks, the "Heartful Glossy Stick" and the "Heartful Moisture Lipstick", wich you can also buy on the store where I bought. 

For the begin I only chose one colour: SCR301 Candy Store - Bright Coral.
(This is my FIRST orange coloured lipstick!!! I know that this colour for lipsticks is very famous in Korea, but in Germany, no brand makes orange lipsticks. So it is something very special for me and I was interested how the colour looks like on my lips) :3

This is the first time for me that I see a lipstick in a different shape than usual.
OMG, it is a heart!!!!!!!!
Could a lipstick be more adorable than this one?!?!? (OMG)

haha, yes, I still love the design of the product. If you see it in the pictures I think I don't have to say anything than this is the cutest lipstick I own. (And I am sooooo happy about it!^^)

Now I want to show you, how the colour looks like:

I think it is a very nice and lovely colour. I can easily wear it every day. Beside that, I think orange is a very nice lipstick colour. It looks more natural than pink or red ones. So if you want to feel like a princes and you would have light nice lips, this colour (and this product) fits you very well!^^
(And if you want darker colours you also can choose a other one from the line.)

To talk about the texture, it is really easy to apply. It is silky, wich means it doesn't moisturize your lips. Sometimes I mosiurize my lips before I put on this lipstick,because of the silkyness it makes my lips not dry but it sticks in the rills of my lips if I don't moisturize them before.
It also stands for a long time, so if you applied it, you can have a nice colour on your lips for a long time.

The lipstick has a scent, but it is very decent (a bit floral and a bit like make up, but I have to concentrate a lot to notice it). So you wouldn't notice something during wearing it.

All in all, I like this lipstick and it makes me happy simply looking at it, but it wouldn't be my most favourite lipstick of all the time, because of the stickyness...!
I hope this review was helpful for you.
If you still have any questions about the product or do you own this product, too, please let me know in your comments. (And If you own it, please let me know what you think about it!^^)
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