Monday, November 14, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird October Box "Pink Vital Water", "Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk", New Mask collection

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird October Box

by Violetta

Hi Hi!
We are back again with the latest ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird Box. This month, we have quite alot interesting stuff for you, so please look forward to it.

Like for the last boxes, I´m doing a little haul for you where I link down the reviews.


"Pink Vital Water SERUM"

"Dear My Enamel Eyes-Talk" RD301, OR201, PK002


My sis made a little video where she shows a cute makeup and skincare tutorial with some of these and some of the last Pink Bird Boxes. Check it out!


"Pink Vital Water SERUM"

full review:

This Serum is supposed to revitalize and moisturize your skin without a sticky feeling.

I tryed this one before so I could say that the texture is really great. The smell is really nice and the moisturizing effect doesn´t replace a moisturizing cream for me, but I love to use it directly after cleansing my face after work (to care for my skin in the time gap betweet "after work" and showering, or after removing the makeup before sports). I realized that if I don´t clean my skin right after I come home, my skin is turning really bad and I get more pimples and such stuff. Because I shower so late, that if I wouldn´t clean my skin on time, my makeup would be way to long on my skin.
And if you may know, you should remove your makeup before sports, because if your body get´s warmed up, your pores are opening and all the dust od the day in addition to the makeup on your face is going into them.

 So for all this, the Serum is a really really nice product. ^^

You can get this product at the official ETUDE HOUSE online store for $20,40.

ETUDE HOUSE made a whole collection with this "Pink Peach Water" ingredience. (Just to let you know) ~

"Dear My Enamel EYES-Talk"

If you read our last Pink Bird Box haul, you may know that we got the "Dear My Enamel LIPS-Talk" in september. If not, you are pleased to check out this post. :3

full review:

These, well, I would call them cream shadows, are enveloped in  addition with the lipsticks.

However, these eyeshadows are not powdery, but really creamy. I personally think you can ONLY apply them with your fingers, which could be a little problem for those of you, who are not used to apply eyeshadow with the fingers (like me). So this needs a bit practise, but they´re really colourintense and easy to blend, so don´t worry about that to much.

These eyeshadows are available on the ETUDE HOUSE global online store in 12 different shades and 3 textures, $8,50 each.

And at last, the ominous


full review:

ETUDE HOUSE send us 5 different mask patches of their latest collection.

The design is so cute, theyr mascot cat ETTIE is on each in a different pose, trying to use the patches to improve her skin. So adorable.

All in all, ETUDE HOUSE offers 9 different patches, some for moisturizing, some for cleasing or recurring.

You can get them on the ETUDE HOUSE global online store for around $3 each.

Waaaaa! We are at the end of this haul already. Thank you for reading. Please tell us what you thing about our post and / or about the products themselfes. We are curious and always happy to read your comments. ^^

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