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Masks, Masks, Masks...

Masks, Masks, Masks...

By Violetta and Rosalie


Hi everyone,
this time we want to talk about some maks patches ETUDE HOUSE send to us. They´re all pretty amazing, so stay awake Loveliez! ^^

Ettie looks so adorable on every single package. We just love it. ^^

Honey / Cherry Jelly Lips Patch

I often saw these lip patches from korean makeup brands online and I always wanted to try them out. But they where always a bit expensive, and that´s why I haven´t tryed these or simmilar ones before.

Since we got the opportunity now, I´m so happy that I can talk about them here, because they´re soooo amazing. ^^

Cherry Jelly Lips Patch is for Vitalizing,

and the Honey Jelly Lips Talk is for Moisturizing.

Rosalie wearing the "Honey Jelly Lips Patch" in addition to the "Blach Hydrogel Eye Patch"

"Honey Jelly Lips Patch"

The "Cherry Jelly Lips Patch" is pretty much the same when it comes to the material (gel patch), as you can see.

You can buy it on the official ETUDE HOUSE global store for $3,30.

The patch feels really nice on the lips and it also stayed really well on my skin.
(BUT: For the pink patch, everything was ok, but the yellow one tended to fall of. I had it on my face and lie down so there was no problem but moving around in my room or sitting was difficoult...)
The "How to Use" is really simple: Just apply the patch onto the lips for 10~15 minutes and then massage the remaining product in.

For me, my skin was so dry, that the patch was almost completelly dry. :O

After using it, my lips feel really really nice for one week. This whole time gaps I didn´t needed to use any moisturizer for my lips, because they felt so nice. ^^

So all in  all, these lip patches are so great, we can really recommend them to you, because it really is worth it´s price. 

Black Hydrogel Eye Patch

Sometimes my eyes really are super tired. Simpply because of looking at my computer all day, looking at the phone and don't get enough sleep.
Because of thiese bad habbits you can get wrinkles!!! But that's why Etude House invented this mask, to get rid of the tiredness and give much moisture to your eyes.  

With this mask you also get a fun and cute looking thing for much selfies harhar!! :D The mask looks like batman's mask, sooo coool! <3
I am in love  with it. And because it is a gel patch it doesn't fly off when I weared it. It sticked on my eyes like the hero masks in the disney movie "the incredibles" (wich I always was jellous for ads kid!...)

You can buy the mask on the ETUDE HOUSE GLOBAL STORE for $3.30

I was very compfortable wearing this mask. The mositure was totally soaked into my skin after I removed the patch. Normally I am supposed to massage the remaining moisture into my skin but there you can feel how tired and dry my eyes are! :D (BTW the brightening part from the mask is really hard to see for me on my skin since I did the mask on a sunday when I hadn't dark undereyes...)

After using it I am thinking how to get this mask again, even for a price from around $3 I am willing to pay this because of the nice quality. The only thing I am sad about this mask is, that I had no lid (or extra patch thing) to put onto my eyelids. On thie mask the eyelids are without patch but these parts need moisture, too. But really, I am still in love. <333 


Calming Cheek Patch

This is a cream gel textured patch that soothes and moisturizes dry and irritated cheeks. Since it´s winter season now here in Germany, my skin feels really really dry (but not only on the cheek area).

However, these patches are really great. Beside the easy useage, the patches stayed really great on my face during masking time.

My skin felt so great after it and the patches were almost dry (means my skin really needed this). ^^
I love them, it´s so fast and easy to do, just perfect for stressed evenings in winter.

They look so cute, the faces are so adorable. ^^

Doesn´t this look cute? :3
right after putting it on the skin, soaked with alot ptoduct

after 20 minutes, you can see how dry the patch and how moisturized my skin is now ^^
You can get these patches on the official ETUDE HOUSE global online store for $2,60.

As all the other masks, I can really recommend this mask, because my skin felt so nice after. If your cheeks are a really great problem zone for you, I would definitelly buy them. ^^
But I have to say in addition that I personally never made bad experiences with ETUDE HOUSE moisturizing masks at all.

Laugh Lines Care Patch 




This image is so cute! Ettie with an iron for her wrinkles. ^^

And last but not least, let´s care for our laugh lines.

Since the patches are transparent, it´s a bit hard to show them in a picture. If you look closely, you can see that they covr my laugh lines perfectly.

I have the feeling, that I have o care for this area on my face from now on, if I don´t want to have deep laugh lines. But as you can see, I don´t have some yet. But I think for wrinkle prevention, this one is really great! (I can´t say if wrinkles are disappearing with this), but my skin was really well moisturized after.

The mask patches stay good on the skin, if you aren eating or talking during that time. But if you hold still, they stay well.

After 40 minutes, the patches were almost dry.

All in all I like the other patches a bit more, but just because I kind of needed them a bit more. ✌ But this one is also really good, so if you are looking for something to care for your laugh lines, this mask is definitelly useful.

You can buy this mask patch on the official ETUDE HOUSE global online store for $2,60.

AAAAAAANNNNDDDD we are at the end of this post. I hope you liked it and that it was helpful and interesting for you.

Please let us know what you think in the comments. We are always happy to hear from you.

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