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Etude House "Precious Mineral MOIST Any Cushion"

Etude House 

"Precious Mineral MOIST Any Cushion"

by Violetta

I´ve dreamed for a long time of this product, since I´ve heard about it. I really loved all the advertisements with SHINee, Kristal and Sully, so when the online global store opened, I ordered Any Cushion right away. (At this time, the latest Any Cushion was the Magic Any Cushion and not the moist one.) When they published the moist cushion, I wanted to try it too, because it was winter and my skin was very dry.

(This is the advertisement, wich made me buy the product! hihi!^^)




PRICE: $18.00



I bought this product from the Etude  House Global Store (www.etudehouse.com). The product contains 15g.  This one is the shade W13 Natural Beige.

I also wanted to show you the difference of the cushion (outside) from the precious mineral any cushion (left) and the precious minerals mosit any cushion (right). The left one is grey and matte and the right one is more beige/white, smooth and shiny.

For those who don´t know what a cushion is, it can be used as a bb cream but also as a cc cream, which means it is a sort of foundation. This one has also a UV-protection and a moisturizing effect, which is ideal for the winter months. The moist one has a larger moisturizing effect than the normal one, which also means that it makes your skin more shiny.  You can buy it in 3 different colours. I wanted to buy the lightest shade at first, but then I´ve chosed the middle colour, because it is very bad if you choose such a light colour that you can´t use it (I know that a colour which is too dark is also bad, but for me, the middle colour was/is perfect for me).

 You can also combinate it with many products from etude house, for example with the new "face blur" for a better foundation, under a lip stick (to get right the shade from the stick), mix it with the "ever due wrapping oil" to get a smoth and moist make up and so on.

Generally, I think that this product has many advantages:
  1. You don´t need to use your hands/fingers, so in the morning it is very fast  to finish up your look.
  2. The sponge (pad) is very soft, so it is really nice for my face.
  3. The texture is not like a mask on my face. I mean it doesn´t look heavy on my face, and I don´t think that my pores are plastered or anything. 
  4. It is very easy to put the refill in!
  5. The tone I´ve choosen fits my skin tone really well (W13 Natural Beige), so it looks also natural when I don´t want to cover my whole face (e.g. I only make my eyes and my cheeks). I have some dark areas in my face, so I think I don´t need to cover the whole face, but for such areas, it is very nice.
  6. The product has a very nice smell. I really like it, especially in the morning, I can start in the day with a smile on my face.
  7. The container is really good constructed for the use on the way, because of the mirror and the sponge (pad).
  8. I like that there is a plastic interlayer, because in this way the sponge (pad) don´t lays  directly on the product and the cream itself stays moist.
  9. Inside the container, there is a sponge, which brings you the product when you tap the blue sponge (patch) on it.  
  10. I can personally determine the grade of coverage by applying more than one layer.

And althrough I really like this product, there are also some disadvantages:
  1. The product contains only 15 g, and I think for this price, it is a bit too less.
  2. I have the feeling, that when the product is nearly empty, the sponge inside the case holds a bit of the product, I could never use, because the sponge doesn´t give it to me (If you know, what I mean).
  3. In my case, the sponge gets often dirty by using on the upper side. I don´t know why, but actually I think that this doesn' disturb the most.
  4. The BB Cream doesn´t covers everything, like every redness or every dark area, althrough I think the coverage is ok, because I also don´t want to look like wearing a mask.
  5. After washing the sponge (pad) like described (don´t wring it), I see that I can´t wash out the whole product.  That´s why I think you also can´t wash out all the bacteria, but the positive thing is, that you get a new pad with a new refill cushion (that was something I didn´t know before I got my refill).

Here is a good picture of the plastic interlayer over the product.

the Any Cushion sponge (pad) after using it like 5 times

The moist any cushion is a bit more moisturizing than the "normal" one, but I think that the normal one also moisturizes my skin as well, but since there is no difference between the prices, you lose nothing when you choose the moist one for the winter months. I have oily skin and I don´t have the feeling that the moist one is not good for such skin, because oily skin also needs moisture. But if you don´t like the glowy skin style from korea, it would be better if you choose the normal one. ;)

AS A CONCLUSION, I think that the Any Cushion generally is a really nice product, regardless if it is the moitfull one or not.  Next time, when I order at the global shop, I´ll order a "normal" refill (if I have enough money), because the next seasons are spring and summer. For winter I will order a moist one again for sure. I think the main thing why I like this product is the smell and that the colour fits my face really well. 

I also wrote a review about the brand new Etude House "SAVE ANY CUSHION CASES". Please read it if you are interested. :D

 I hope this article was usefull for you and if you like it (or not), or if you have anything to ask or to note, please feel free to comment, so I may help you. 
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