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Etude House "Sweet Recipe Candy Stick"

Etude House "Sweet Recipe Candy Stick"

by Rosalie

 I was waiting for the opening of the ETUDE HOUSE GLOBAL STORE and in the first week of they're opening, I was ordering some stuff from them. I was as happy as a little princes, when the paket came.
One thing that I has ordered was the Sweet Recipe Candy Stick. I ordered together with my twinsister and with my mom, so we get all tree colours. 



PRICE: $4.50 


The store where I get it is the Etude House Global Store ( The paket came without any problems. But we have to pay for the shipping. (Now i know that there is an event to buy products without shipping costs from time to time.) From other stores I always get some e-mails when they send the product and when they get the payment. From this store I got nothing. This made me feel very unconfortable at the first time, but everything went al right so it was no problem at all.

The stick came out in 3 colours (yellow (candy#3), orange (candy #2), pink (candy #1)) and every colour has a different smell. The smell was the first thing that I noticed. The yellow stick smells like lemons, the orange one smells like oranges and the pink one smells like strawberrys. The smell is very sweet, but we all like it very much, because it is not chemical or something, it is more natural and like candys. 

 The design of the sticks is very cute. It looks like a candy stick which you can eat! :3
(So it makes me happy by yust look at it.) 

The Stick is easy to apply. the colours came out very nicely and soft.

On the following picture you can see how the colour of the orange one came out on my lips.

It is a very nice colour for every day wearing, so it isn't a "to much colour" product. It isn't moisturizing!!! It isn't silky, it doesn't take moisture off from your lips, but it doesn't give much moist. When I applyed it, it is a little bit glossy, but then it dry's and the colour stands. 
The colour itselfs stays for a very long time. If I applyed it in the morning it can stay until the afternoon. :)

The only thing I have to say against it is, that the white print on the product goes after a time, because of rubbing with nails on it or something. (But I don't think that this makes the product a bit worse.)

With the design, the colour and the smell together I think this is a very good product. Perhaps I can say this is one of the best lip products that I've ever tried. It makes me happy to look at it, so wear it and to sniff on it.

If you want a product for every day and a nice colour, these sticks are pervect.
For all of us the orange stick is our personal favourite, because the colour is the most natural (but as pigmented as the other ones at the same time). But all three of them are very nice and beautiful.

If I forgot something about this product or do you need any more information, please give me a comment! ;)
I hope it helps you.
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