Monday, March 30, 2015

Etude House "Play Nail" Part II ,#112, #114

Etude House "Play Nail" Part II

#112, #114

by Rosalie

As I promised, here is the secound part to the "Play Nail" collection from Etude House. This is about the glittery ones.

(If you are interested in my review about the unglittery colours please click on this link: Play Nail Part I, Play Nail Part III )



PRICE: $3.00


You can buy the product from the Etude House Global Store (
I only bought the colour #114 there. The other colour (#112) I bought in a Store in London's Chinatown (for to much money).
Unfortunately they don't have all colours on the Etude House Global Store.

I tried to search for a full list of these glittery colours:

The packaging looks like the unglittery ones. It is a cute little bottle, with the stamped logo from Etude House.
Ony the fact, that the bottle from the Global Store doesn't have the top edge. This makes me a bit sad after recognizing it, but I think the product work with and without this detail. ;)

I think the colours on the pricture from the Webside looks like the colour in reality.
But you can look by yourself:

 I love this product. The colours are funny and easy to aplly and if you have an other colour as foundation, the glitter makes it very special and beautiful! Here you can see some examples with the Nail Polish #112.

I know that they make a arctic line of nail polishes  from "Play Nail", too. Unfortunately I couldn't buy any of this colours, because they don't have them on the Global Store.
But the universe of Play Nail is still big! 

The nail polish itself stays very long (longer than other nail polishes.), so I really like it!
I love the design of the bottle and how the colours look like.
So if you are interested in some special nail polishes, wich have to stay long, you would be happy with this polish! ;)

I hope this review was helpfull for you and you enyoyed it! :3
If you still have any questions, please feel free to write a comment.
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  1. I brought 112 its called glitter fireworks. Good idea for layering over other colors!

    1. Thx!! <3 yes, I think it's nice to see the effect! ;)