Monday, March 23, 2015

Etude House "My Castle Hand Cream"

Etude House "My Castle Hand Cream"

  by Rosalie

First of all I have to say that I love hand creams. So I found this hand cream when Etude House released it and I HAVE to buy it! :3

From this hand cream there are 4 different types of houses. the description from the website is very good:
"1. PINK WISH - This is a  beauty wish fulfilling "Pink Wish Castle" hand cream with fruity floral fragrance.
2. ICE FROZEN - This is a magical "Ice Frozen Castle" hand cream with ice floral fragrance.
3. SWEET COOKIE - This is a most sweet and happy "Sweet Cookie Castle" hand cream with sweet vanilla fragrance.
4. FOREVER ROSE - This is an elegant and feminine "Forever Rose Castle" hand cream with rose floral fragrance."

You can buy one house or you can buy a set with all 4 types. I get the "sweet cookie" one. About the smell I have to say it is less vanilla and more like coconut smell.



PRICE: $6.00

I bought this product on the Etude House Global Store ( .
One house contains 30ml. I think this is really not much when I see the price, so it is really expensive.
First time I see the price I thought that I simply have to pay for the design. But I mean, look at the cute way of designing a hand cream!!!!!!!!! I've never have seen such a cute way of designing hand cream or any other type of cosmetic, but I think this is one prominent thing from the brand Etude House to make very cute designs. I simply love it!

The roof is very cute and the print on the outsite looks like a candy house. I found one window where a little person looks out! (soooooo cute! hihi) All diffenent types of the houses has different shapes of roofes.

The product itself is light yellow. It isn't sso much liquidy as I thought at the first time.

This hand cream really moisturized my hands well. The smell stays as nice as I can sniff it from the bottle. It isn't dominant, so to say it more pictorial, it is like a sweet melody beside the daily working. It is there, but it doesn't distract your concentration. It is yust amazingly. <3
I don't know if I want to buy one of the other ones of the houses,because they are really expensive, but they are so cute, that I have to think about really hard!

I hope this review helpes you.
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