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Etude House "Apricot Stick Gloss"

Etude House "Apricot Stick Gloss"

by Violetta


I´ve bought this product on the etude house global page ( This is not a tint, but it is a non-sticky lip gloss in 8 different colours. I´ve bought 3 different colours, number 3, 4 and 7.

 No. 3
 No. 4
 No. 7




 PRICE: $3,50


First of all I have to say, that I wanted to try this product, because I thought it could be similar to the Etude House "sweet recipe candy stick" (here is my sisters review to that product: and only because of the design, which is not as sweet as manny of the other Etude House products, it´s a bit cheeper. That was a big error, because it is very different. 
The first thing that´s different is the colour, when you put it on the lips. It´s a really discreetly colour, which you could wear every day and it is not too dark or too  pushy. I really like the colours, because the look very natural. The only bad thing is, that the colours are a bit similar. I was thinking about which colour I should take very long. I´ve buyed No. 4 and 7, my sister buyed No. 3. In the end, I have to say that (regarding only to the colour) I could buy every colour. No. 3 is the darkest one and No. 4 is the lightest one of those three and No. 7 is like a colour between No. 3 and 4. It does not dry your lips or anything, so you don´t need any moisturisation under it (it is not a tint).

The second big difference to the "sweet recipe candy sick" is the smell. The smell of the candy sricks are all very strong, good for those people who like the smell it has (like my sister and me), but bad for those who don´t like it, but I think that the smell is natural and really good. The apricot sticks are a whole other world. The smell is very discreetly, for example No. 3 has really a little smell of apple (not a chemical smell, but very natural) and No. 4 has also a little smell of apricots (also not chemical), but I was very disappointed of the smell of No. 7. The smell is really chemical and not a bit of rapsberry. I really hate this smell, so if I use one of these sticks, I would never choose this one. The problem of a lip product you don´t like the smell is, that you have it all the time directly under your nose and you have to smell it. I´ve read some reviews about No. 7 which says, that the smell is very very nice and they really love this product (and that was why I´ve choosen this number). Maybe it´s only for me that I can´t stand this smell, but I really hate it.

So my result is, that if I want to buy me again any lip stick from Etude House, I would choose the "sweet recipe candy stick" and not this one. Of course I´m using my No. 4, but also my sister don´t really like to use her No. 3, because she has better things to use. I thing if you want to try it, you can give it a chance, because my No. 4 is quite okay, but the other numbers ...
well, everyone has a different taste and I really like the not pushy colour.

Thank you for reading my review. I really like to hear about your impression of this product, because I´m really not a fan of it, although I always love the products from Etude House. Maybe you´ve bought an other colour and you really love it, or maybe you really like the smell I don´t really like ... I am very interested in your opinion. :3

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