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Etude House "Play Nail" Part I ,#21, #23, #26, #76, #43

Etude House "Play Nail" Part I

#21, #23, #26, #76, #43

by Rosalie

This first part of the Etude House "Play Nail" is about the normal, unglittery nail polishes! :)

(If you are also interested in my review about the unglittery ones, please click on this link: Play Nail Part II , Play Nail Part III

But at first I have to say, that this line of nail polishes has soooooo much colours. As example I show you some pictures with a few colours from them. (For a nail polish freak like me this is a real paradise :D ) 
(The Etude House Global Store doesn't have all colours of the line.) 



PRICE: $2.00


 You can buy this product easily on the Etude House Global Store (
I get 4 of them from there. I bought my first one (#76) in a store in London's Chinatown. (The price was soooooooooo expensive!!!!! But this was a few weeks bevore the Global Store opened. I yust wanted this so much! After my friends said that i am stupid to buy nail polish for this money we go on the next day in the same store and they bought some nail polish, too! haha ;D 
I searched it up but I didn't find a store with a better price like the Globa Store. If you know one, please let me know!!!)

Anyway, there is a little difference between the one I bought in London and the other ones that I get from the Internet: Etude House removed the beautiful edging from the bottles.

On the picture from the Global Store, there are the bottles with the edge, but it is missed on the ones wich I get from the Global store. :(
(But this doesn't make anything against the product.)

But the cap of the bottles look exactly the same. I hope you can see it in the picture, but they punched the logo of Etude House on it. <3


I want to show you the colours, that I own. But I also wanted to show, how big the difference can be from the picture of the Store and the reality. I don't say, that every colour came out in a other way in reality, but you can compare by yourself.
In the following pictures the first two images are from me and the third is from the Stores page. I tried to show you the real colour of the nail polish. The colour from the bottle looks exactly as if you put the colour on your nail! ;)



(I think on the picture with #23 there is the biggest differfence.)
 If you want to order one of this polishes and don't be shure how the colour cames out, you can look the colour of it up in a internet search engine. (for example "play nail # [x]") Then you can find some pictures from other people who buyed it and see the real colour. :)

In the End I want to show you the compares between the Etude House nail polish and a discounter nail polish! 

The first big difference between both is, that the texture of the  Etude House one is much thicker than the one from the discounter. For me, it makes it easyer to apply it. (But I know that this can be different for other people).
I only applyed it one time, and the Etude House one makes a really nice, deep, full pigmented colour. The discounter one looks like I have to applyed it a secound or a third time again, to get the colour that I wanted. (The colour of the discounter should be BLACK!)

 Now I wanted to show, how good they stayes. You have to know that I work much with my hands, so nail polish normaly doesn't stay long on my nails.

On the secound day the Etude House one stays really well, but the discounter one leafes on much parts of my nails. (Before I tried Etude House I was really frustrated because of this. But my sister has the same problem with nailpolishes. They doesn't stand on for much days! :( )
 But the Etude House one stands very long. I still love it! <33333

 Even after the problem with the colour by ordering them on the internet, I still love this product. I think the colours looks very nice, they are easy to apply, they stand for a long time and they are really cheap. (I think the discounter nail polish from my example abouf costs nearly the same as the Etude House one)

I hope this review was helpfull for you. 
If you still have any questions about if I would be happy if you write a comment. :)
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