Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE "Any Cushion Cream Filter"

ETUDE HOUSE "Any Cushion Cream Filter"

by Violetta

Hey Loveliez!
During enjoying the new BTS songs (online, still waiting for my album to arrive), I want to show you the latest cushion product from ETUDE HOUSE.
I got it within the PINK BIRD program. If you want to check out what was in the box this time, please click HERE. ^^

The name "cream FILTER" comes from the idea to get as nice skin as from a beauty filter on your phone. To spoil you a bit, it is really good working, just looking like you have no foundation on your skin while it looks just naurally perfect. *.*

 Waaaa! We all want to shine like Kristal!





TITLE: "Any Cushion Cream Filter"

PRICE: $21.60





You can get it on the ETUDE HOUSE global online store. ^^


For those of you who don´t know what a cushion is, I´m glad to tell you. ^^

Basically it is like a BB cream inside of a container, like you may know from powders. You can get quite a certain amount out of it without waisting anything. In addition to that, the applicator, most cases a puff, is included, so you can perfectly use it on the go, on a vacation trip or just in rush mornings.
Usually korean cushions have refiller, so ou don´t need to buy the whole pachage every time it gets empty, you can buy the cheeper refill instead.
Since there are many different cushions out there on the market, they are all different textured. ETUDE HOUSE has many different textures aswell, but also priner like the "Precious Mineral MAGIC Any Cushion" or the "Sun Blind Cushion". I think the most famous foundation cushion they sell is the "Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion".

The main point why I think it´s important to know that is because ETUDE HOUSE made an new container for their cushions. Means all the latest cushions have a different refill size than the older ones. This one is also a bit smaller. Please read this blogpost from Rosalie about the "Real Powder Cushion" to learn more about this. This cushion was the first one that was smaller sized.
So just in case you are ordering a different refiller to this one, you may have to make a bit researches how it is up with the sizes.


Beside the really cool, hard to take in a photo container, the whole inside seems to be new and different. There is like a fabric interlayer instead of the sponge which is in the others. lightly pushing this interlayer brings out the foundation. The first time I tryed it out, I pushed to hard, because I was used to how hard you need to push the "normal" sponge of the cushion. So it is really easy and fast to use. You always get a good amount of the product on the pad.

As all the other cushions from ETUDE HOUSE, this one has an included mirror, a pad and  also an included interlayer beteen the actual product and the mirror / where the pad lays. Thanks to this interlayer the foundation isn´t drying and also keeps the pad away from the pad,so it don´t gets smudged and soaked to much in the foundation.

In the picture below you can see on the left side the "Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion" in shade #W13 and on the right you can see the "Any Cushion Cream Filter" in shade #Vanilla. As you can see, the #Vanilla is much lighter. If you read some reviews from my sis or me, you may can see what that meens for you in colour choosing. ^^

the spongy texture of the "Pecious Mineral MOIST Any Cushion"
the interlayer where the foundation comes from at the "Any Cushion Cream Filter"

Here you can see the colours, but also the textures n compraission. ^^

As you see, the "Any Cushion Cream Filter" has a bit thicker texture. That doesn´t mean it´s to sticky. It actually feels really great during the day.

Unfortunatelly, the colour I got is a bit to light for my skin. I think for my skintone #Beige would be the perfect match. Here I got some swatches of me wearing it. :3

The cushion´s couverage is not the greatest, but it looks really natural and I personal think you are not looking like you have any foundation on your skin. You see that I have some ... well not so nice spots on my skin, but I think covering them with a concealor is ok, if I need it.

Since I saw people often applying the foundation with a brush, so I tryed some different ones out for you.

This more flat and soft brush takes the foundation a bit harder than I thought. But it´s easy to put it on the skin evenly, because it´s a bit mre creamy than the "Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion".

Secoundly I tryed a harder foundationbrush. I didn´t get the foundation really good on it. I needed to push it really hard. And as you can see the applicance is a lit lighter than with the first brush.

This is the appearance of it with the normal cushion pad. I think this one looks the best out of these three. It´s also the easyesr and fastest way to get the foundation out of the container.


The cushion is really nice and I just love it. I´m personally a great fan of foundations that are light-covering. So this one is definitelly great for me. Since the price is not to high for such a good quality, I´m sure I´ll buy me another one (but I´ll definitelly choose the #Beige one). Just great!!!

Thank you for reading! Please leafe a comment if you have any question about the product or if you want to share your thoughts with us. We are always happy to hear from you.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Etude House "Moistfull collagen facial Stick"

Etude House "Moistfull collagen facial Stick"

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today I am sitting here and I am damn happy to write about this awesome product! Really, before you haven't used it you don't know that you'll ever need this but after using it you cant stop this! :D

I am talking about ths facial stick from the moistfull collagen range from Etude House. It's a product you can use instead of eyecream, for sensitive and dry eye skin. I personally don't have this, but my mom does, so that's why she decided to get this product and she was super kind and let her daughters try this product out. For the next order on the Etude House Global Store I knew, I had to get this, too! <33
(Violetta was thinking the same) So now we are here with 3 happy girls (me, violetta and my mum) all having this stick.

A few days after the order arrived we got the new Etude House Pink Bird Box, opened it and... there was this stick in it, too! :D
So now we already have 4 sticks... somehow I think we are crazy! :D
But anyway, I really can tell you from the bottom of my heart that I am in love with this eye stick.

If you want to know what else was in the box just click HERE so see the blogpost! ;)



PRICE: $ 12


As I said earlyer you can get this product at the ETUDE HOUSE Global Store.
You can decide between the normal and the dumbo design but I think the dumbo design is a limited edition... somehow! :D

Ok, to tell the truth, this thing really looks like a glue stick! :D and if a stranger will watch you when you apply this maybe this can look funny! :D

But because of this stick shape it is so easy to apply! I don't even need a mirror!! I most often use it on my eyes but you also can use it in all parts of your face. Yust like me when you are late in the morning, have a dry face but no time to apply eyecream and moisturiter (because sometimes every secound is important in the morning! :D )

 On the left you can see the normal designed one and on the right there is the dumbo designed stick pulled out th the maximum. As I told you earlyer we all used the normal designed quite often, like for 4 weeks and there is so much product left, I mean you don't need much and don't waste product somehow! The smell is like the other moistfull collagen products, somehow clean and sweet, like a nice flower?? (hard to descripe)
This stick goes a long way. So even it is more on the pricy side it's okey for me.

The cream is super moisturizing as the name sais and it gives a refreshing touch to your skin. Really nice on my eyes in the morning. <33

It also goes into your skin really fast.

Swatching it to you is kind of hard, because like all the other moistfull collagen products this think is transparent on your skin.

To all of you out there I really will recommend this. I am in love!! <333 I am using this in the morning, when I come home, after showering and before I go to bed. (and sometimes between when I have time and want to use it! <33)

I hope this review was helpfull for you. If you have some questions please feel free to left me a comment! <3

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE NEW "Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk"

ETUDE HOUSE New "Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk"

by Violetta

It´s PINK BIRD time again! I´m always so happy (but a bit stressed) in that time. This time we were able to test the new lipstick collection from ETUDE HOUSE.
If you want to know what else was in the box this time, plese click HERE to get to my haul about the PINK BIRD BOX SEPTEMBER.


But I don´t want to start up with a description of the product, but to "speculate" about the price. I say this as weird because there are actually really strange things going on on the global online store of ETUDE HOUSE. The price there is written as 24$ and since this is really expensive for ETUDE HOUSE and they also have no other lipsticks with such a hihg price level. They´re all bout 12$, so I don´t think the price is correct. When I look the product up on other shopping pages, it´s also around 10$, so I think that´s just a little error on theyr page, but I don´t know if you order it right now, if you really pay this price or not.

I just wanted to mention this, because it made me wondering ...

Anyways, let´s talk about the product now! ^^


Please click HERE for the INGREDIENTS, because every colour has like it´s own. (go to INGREDIENTS in the menu)

ETUDE HOUSE has 20 different colours in this collection, from beige, pink to red. I got 3 different colours: BE101, OR205 and RD306.
Here is a little ;-) image for you with the colours they got.

As you can see, there is one colour, the WH901, which is a bit different then the others. Since I tested that colour yet, I can just speculate, but to me it seems like there is no pigmentation in this colour, but it is glittery in addition to the formulation of the others. In the picture above you can see, that you can combinate this WH901 to all the other colours. If you are a glitter junky, this seems like a really great option for you, but also those who don´t like glittery lipsticks can buy all the colours and are happy, too. Seams like quite a good deal to me. :-)

The texture is really glossy and moisturizing. When I wear these lipsticks I don´t need to use a moisturizer in addition to them. That´s so cool!
Glossy doesn´t mean like a lipgloss, less liquid, so it can be sticky for you if you are a really hater of such textures. But it´s also not a balm, because for that it´s to liquidy. Somehing in between both I would say. I personally really love the texture, but I also never have struggles with the wind blowing my hair into my face since I´m short haired. ^^
I think you could compare the texture to the SKINFOOD "Tomato Jelly Tint Lips". (I want to write a review about it soon)

Here are some swatches of my colours:

As I mentioned in my haul, the colours in combination with the texture is ideal for every day. The RD306 is a bit dark though, but I personally don´t mind, because you can "controll" really nice how dark you want them to appear on your lips.

The package is really cute, too. Not as princess-like as the Dear my wish lips talk, but really girlish. Just a bit more adult looking (but just a bit ;-) )

The package itselfe is a combination between  a golden metallic parts and a glittery rose case. I hope you can see this in the picture below a bit, but this is a bit difficult to put in a photo.

The only thing I don´t like that much is, that cover to close it is not round, means you cn only close it in the right direction.  That´s a bit stressfull when you are late in the morning (like me every morning), but actually not the biggest problem as I would say you should not buy it, because the packae is just so adorable. ~(*3*)~

In addition to the lipsticks ETUDE HOUSE send us a little pouch (simple sewed). It looks so cute with it´s lipstick pattern on it.

But it´s not quite big after all. There is exactly one cushion and one lipstick fitting in. Really great if you have just a small bag with you. ^^


Letting the question of the price out of my result, I think these lipsticks are really great. Not only for a special event (looking on the darker colours) but also for an every day look. The moisturizing effect is really great and you can kind of controll how intense you like your colour. It´s also really nice blendable and the design is just cute. 
If you are looking for a new lipstick, definitelly check these out, because I´m so amazed of them I´m wearing them every day. :D


Thank you for reading. I hope this post was helpful for you in any way. :-) If you have any question about the product or if you want to share your impressions of them with us, please write a comment. We are always happy to read them. ^^

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Friday, October 14, 2016

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird September Box "Any Cushion Cream Filter", "Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk", "DUMBO Moistfull Collagen"

ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird September Box

by Violetta


Hey Loveliez!
I´m so happy to tell you that the third PINK BIRD Box from ETUDE HOUSE already arrived. And again there is really exciting stuff in there. So stay tuned! ^^

Since I thought it worked really well the last time (PIRD BIRD BOX AUGUST klick here), I decited to do a litte haul for you first and then link the certain reviews in here when they´re done.

First I want to introduce the new ANY CUSHION CREAM FILTER to you. ^^ 


It is a real eyecatcher with it´s rainbowy, perlmut print on it. So cool! The only thing is that it´s quite difficult to catch it in a picture. ;-)

 Full Review: http://twinblogg95.blogspot.de/2016/10/etude-house-any-cushion-cream-filter.html

When I saw the advertisement online, I thought this is just a new textured cushion version in the size of the POWDER CUSHION and the AC CUSHION that ETUDE HOUSE offers since summer. But now that I tryed it and saw it in real life, it definitelly is not.
I honestly have to say that I found it never as easy to put on the foundation s with this cushion. That´s because there is not like a sponge inside, but it´s like an interlayer and under it is the foundation. You only need to push really softly to get alot of amount. That´s also like that after using quite a time (unlike to the normal cushions, where it get´s harder and harder after a certain time). Up to this point, I can only say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cushion.

(left) Moist Any Cushion in #W13, (right) Any Cushion Cream Filter #Vanilla

The covering is not the highest I think (I will show you some pictures in the review), but this way it doesn´t looks heavy on the face. It looks really natural, like if my blank skin really is as nice since the cushion goes so smooth onto the skin. I´m really amazed.

ETUDE HOUSE send me the cushion in the colour #VANILLA and I think the colour #BEIGE would be a bit better for me, but this also works. In generall they have this cushion in 5 shades. In the picture above you can see a little comparission of the colour on my MOIST ANY CUSHION (left) which is #W13 and the ANY CUSHION CREAM FILTER (right) which is #VANILLA as I said.

You can get this cushion at the ETUDE HOUSE online store for $21,60.

secound are the wonderful "DEAR MY ENAMEL LIPS-TALK" lipsticks


It´s so nice that ETUDE HOUSE send us 3 different colours, the #BE101, #OR205 and #RD306. This way we are able to show you three different tones of the collection. These colours are really nice, although I need to say the RD306 could be a bit dark for every day, but that´s not a matter for me personally. ;-)

All in all, there are 20 different shades available, including one less pigmented but really glittery. :D

Full Review: http://twinblogg95.blogspot.de/2016/10/etude-house-new-dear-my-enamle-lips-talk.html

In addition to that, ETUDE HOUSE also send us a little bag with a lipstick pattern on it. It´s quite small, but I really like it. This is a good size as a make up pouch when you have just a little bag.

The texture of the lipsticks is really glossy, but not sticky for my taste. I would say that it also moisturizes the lips really well. That´s why I really like to wear them during the whole day. Since it´s a glossy texture, it goes of when you eat or drink, but I personally think that´s ok since the colours are so pretty and the texture is really nice.

The bonus is the super cute packaging. I think this is the new design they enveloped for their lipsticks. It´s not as girly e.g. as for theDEAR MY WISH LIPS-TALK,
but still really beautiful and girly-like. Maybe a bit more adult-like than before, but still beauyful.

These lovely lipsticks are available at the ETUDE HOUSE online store.

Last but not least ...



I already mentioned in the last PINK BIRD BOX haul that I´m going to make a review about this product soon, because I already had it and I also wanted to order the DUMBO version. Now I have the perfect opportunity to do so. ^^

Full Review: http://twinblogg95.blogspot.de/2016/10/etude-house-moistfull-collagen-facial.html

Isn´t the packaging just cute?

I love the stick, especially in the morning for my tired eyes. I´ll show you the "normal" packaging in the review, too.

You can apply this stick on the areas of your face, that feel really dry or exhausted (like my eyes in the morning). It´s pretty unbelieveable how long you can use just one stick, even when you applying it several times a day.

The transparent texture is really hard to show you in a picture, but I tryed my best in the review. It goes really fast into the skin, no matter at which area you apply it on your skin.

You can get this facial stick here at the ETUDE HOUSE online store for $12.00.

Thank you for reading. I hope you are as curious for the upcomming reviews of this box as we are. ^^ Please leaf us a comment if you have a question to any of the products or if you just want to chat us. We always love to hear from you. <3

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Rosalies stamp love #3 vintage stamps

Rosalies stamp love #3 vintage stamps

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today again there is a new part about my stamp collection!
In this post I want to present my vintage stamps, to say easyer... MY FLEEMARKET GOALS! :D
Most of them are really old.

In this first part I will show you old adress- and company stamps.

Somehow I am in love with my stamp carussell. Meanwhile I have a second one with two sections / floors. All in all in my new one there can hang 14 stamps in total... and after the latest fleemarket there are all given! :D

Really, I think it's super fun to see what was important for People or what they've used much that they decided to build up a stamp of this.

Of course you can ask me again, why do I need this much stamps??
I study textile design so a main Point in my work is to build nice surfaces. And for this I think stamps can be a artistic way to do this. Especially with These old and maybe nostalgic words this makes it more awesome. I simply can say that this is art! :D
If you don't want to understand or accept art than you may never will understand my love!...

Now I will come to my letters and numbers.
I bought all numbers together (ecxept the "8") for 1€ on a fleemarket. The old man who had selled them was so kind and I was absolutely happy with this price. <33
 The "8" I found on the same market.
The letters are not complete. I dream from a nice letter set but I am a bit picky with that! :D

I think the structure wich came from old brocken things on the stamp will give it even more a nice artistic look.

This is an old childhood stamp from my mother. This was a full set with more stamps but now I only have 2 stamps from the set left.

In this box are all my stamps. (and some are on the carussell)

I hope you like this 3th part, the collection isn't finshed yet. So there will be more soon! <33

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rosalies stamp love #2 animal- and flowerstamps

Rosalies stamp love #2

animal- and flowerstamps

by Rosalie


part #1:

Part #3: http://twinblogg95.blogspot.de/2016/10/rosalies-stamp-love-3.html

Hey everyone,
today there is the next part from your stamping crazy Rosalie! :D harhar
Just to say this at the begin I would be really happy to find People who love stamping as much as I do! *__*

part #1 : http://twinblogg95.blogspot.de/2016/09/rosalies-stamp-love-my-japanese-stamps.html

In this part I want to present to you again two stamp sets that I have, one with cute animals and one with nice flower designs.

This stamp set was my very first one. I bought it in Leipzig at the "IDEE"-shop. They have so many nice things there, in General I just want to take the whole store with me! :D
(P.S. I am absolutely free for sponsorships! <33)
But after I had seen all stamps my decision was on this stamp set.

The 12 flowers and plants are super cute.
The stamp itself is out of Wood and is also nicely puffed that you can easily get a nice stamp result. <3

Also I like that there was a inkpad in this set, too. Like this I can take it with me and be all the time ready to stamp! :D

With this set it's definetly super fun to decorate letters, postcards or diarys (and muuuuch more...). <3


My next stamp set was a present from a friend to my birthday. This was really amazing! (In case that you'll read this you made me really happy with this present!) <33

It's a set within 8 cute animal stamps and an inkpad, wich contains 4 colors!

These stamps are also fluffy to stamp on. Super nice Quality!!!

The coala... isn't it cute??? :D (Somehow I think I sound a bit like Jong Up (BAP)! ;D )


Sometimes I think it's a bit strange to be all happy about These Little things, but after this I think, why not? It's so much bether than beeing always down from a hard work day and stuff. With this I always have something nice to think about! (How can I grow up my collection??) There are the small things in life that can bring you to happiness.

I hope you like this part, too! *__* 

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