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ETUDE HOUSE NEW "Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk"

ETUDE HOUSE New "Dear My Enamel Lips-Talk"

by Violetta

It´s PINK BIRD time again! I´m always so happy (but a bit stressed) in that time. This time we were able to test the new lipstick collection from ETUDE HOUSE.
If you want to know what else was in the box this time, plese click HERE to get to my haul about the PINK BIRD BOX SEPTEMBER.


But I don´t want to start up with a description of the product, but to "speculate" about the price. I say this as weird because there are actually really strange things going on on the global online store of ETUDE HOUSE. The price there is written as 24$ and since this is really expensive for ETUDE HOUSE and they also have no other lipsticks with such a hihg price level. They´re all bout 12$, so I don´t think the price is correct. When I look the product up on other shopping pages, it´s also around 10$, so I think that´s just a little error on theyr page, but I don´t know if you order it right now, if you really pay this price or not.

I just wanted to mention this, because it made me wondering ...

Anyways, let´s talk about the product now! ^^


Please click HERE for the INGREDIENTS, because every colour has like it´s own. (go to INGREDIENTS in the menu)

ETUDE HOUSE has 20 different colours in this collection, from beige, pink to red. I got 3 different colours: BE101, OR205 and RD306.
Here is a little ;-) image for you with the colours they got.

As you can see, there is one colour, the WH901, which is a bit different then the others. Since I tested that colour yet, I can just speculate, but to me it seems like there is no pigmentation in this colour, but it is glittery in addition to the formulation of the others. In the picture above you can see, that you can combinate this WH901 to all the other colours. If you are a glitter junky, this seems like a really great option for you, but also those who don´t like glittery lipsticks can buy all the colours and are happy, too. Seams like quite a good deal to me. :-)

The texture is really glossy and moisturizing. When I wear these lipsticks I don´t need to use a moisturizer in addition to them. That´s so cool!
Glossy doesn´t mean like a lipgloss, less liquid, so it can be sticky for you if you are a really hater of such textures. But it´s also not a balm, because for that it´s to liquidy. Somehing in between both I would say. I personally really love the texture, but I also never have struggles with the wind blowing my hair into my face since I´m short haired. ^^
I think you could compare the texture to the SKINFOOD "Tomato Jelly Tint Lips". (I want to write a review about it soon)

Here are some swatches of my colours:

As I mentioned in my haul, the colours in combination with the texture is ideal for every day. The RD306 is a bit dark though, but I personally don´t mind, because you can "controll" really nice how dark you want them to appear on your lips.

The package is really cute, too. Not as princess-like as the Dear my wish lips talk, but really girlish. Just a bit more adult looking (but just a bit ;-) )

The package itselfe is a combination between  a golden metallic parts and a glittery rose case. I hope you can see this in the picture below a bit, but this is a bit difficult to put in a photo.

The only thing I don´t like that much is, that cover to close it is not round, means you cn only close it in the right direction.  That´s a bit stressfull when you are late in the morning (like me every morning), but actually not the biggest problem as I would say you should not buy it, because the packae is just so adorable. ~(*3*)~

In addition to the lipsticks ETUDE HOUSE send us a little pouch (simple sewed). It looks so cute with it´s lipstick pattern on it.

But it´s not quite big after all. There is exactly one cushion and one lipstick fitting in. Really great if you have just a small bag with you. ^^


Letting the question of the price out of my result, I think these lipsticks are really great. Not only for a special event (looking on the darker colours) but also for an every day look. The moisturizing effect is really great and you can kind of controll how intense you like your colour. It´s also really nice blendable and the design is just cute. 
If you are looking for a new lipstick, definitelly check these out, because I´m so amazed of them I´m wearing them every day. :D


Thank you for reading. I hope this post was helpful for you in any way. :-) If you have any question about the product or if you want to share your impressions of them with us, please write a comment. We are always happy to read them. ^^

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