Saturday, July 30, 2016

Etude House "Real Art Cleansing Oil MOISTURE"

Etude House "Real Art Cleansing Oil MOISTURE"

by Violetta

Today I wanted to share with you this really nice and cute cleansing oil from Etude House. To be honest, this is the first cleansing oil I tryed, because of my oily skin, I kind of avoided them. But I got a sample of this cleansing oil with one of my orders from Etude House (it was part of an event) so it happened that I tryed it. And OMG! I liked it so much. I just had to order me a full package one, because I liked it so much!

Since Etude House celebrated it´s 10 th anniversary, they made new designs for the most popular items with the designs from Kerrie Hess. I also loved her designs from the dreaming swan collection, so since I wanted to order this product, I got the special redesigned version. I looked it up on the official Etude House store (where I got it) and they don´t sale it there anymore, but maybe you could find this special design somewhere else now. But beside of the package, it is the same product as in the original package. Here I have a picture for you, where you can see the three Real Art Cleansing Oils they offer:

The original package of the cleansing oil I got is the left one.

 And here are photos of the package I got:

(left) the container without the pump.(can you see the cleansing oil in the table?),  (right) the carton it comes in

Isn´t the design just beautiful? I love the artwork of Kerrie Hess so much. You definitelly have to check her out if you haven´t heared of her. She makes so beautiful paintings.

Kerrie Hess during painting one of her great artworks

But now back to the product. :3

You can get this product on the official Etude House global store , but only in the original design. At first, I thought that $16.60 is quite much for 185 ml, but I really have to say that it is worth the money.

The consistence is like a thick oil that gets milky in the combination with water

Woah! Everything is gone!

On the pictures above you can see, ho great is really cleanse your skin. I tryed some hard-to-remove eye products too, but this cleansing oil really did a great job!

How to use:

You just have to apply this oil on your (dry) skin, massage it in and wash it off with lukewarm water.I personally use one pump if I didn´t wore make up and two pumps if I have make up on.

The oil gets really milky when you wash it off. This way you can remove the oil after it did it´s job with cleansing reallyreally fast and easy. It isn´t oily in the combination with water at all.

The cleansing oir is really easy and fast to use, because you also don´t need some more tools for it like a cleansing brush or something like that. I personally like to apply the oil and massage it in before going under the shower and remove it in the shower. If you are a lazy person like me, it really is great, also if you don´t want to wash your hair, because it  goes off so fast. :3

Because it comes with an extra cap, you can also take it with you really easy and without worries on a trip or on vacations.

It has a really really nice smell. I can´t really describe what it smells of, but if you have tryed Etude House products before, you would know that they all smell really nice.
The "bonus" of this cleansing oil out of these three Real Art Cleansing Oils is, that it is extra moisturizing. I just reallized after the first try of the samples I got, that my face feels really nice and not as dry as sometimes after using a cleansing foam. I can´t say that it really moisturized my skin, but it really didn´t dryed your skin out.


I really love this cleansing oil and when this one is empty, I will definitelly buy another one. Maybe I´ll try one of the other two variants. The price is not the cheapest, but I think for this product, the price is absolutelly ok. (But there is nothing against waiting for an discount event on Etude House ;-) ) I can really recommend this product to you. If you´re thinking about buying it, you definitelly should do that. :3

Thank you for reading this post. Please leaf a comment, if you have any questions or if you want to share your experiences with us. We really love to read your comments. <3

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Etude House "Berry Delicious CREAM BLUSHER #3"

Etude House "Berry Delicious CREAM BLUSHER #3"

by Violetta

Hey everyone!
I know I´m a bit late, but I wanted to show you this awesome blusher, before you can´t get it anymore. This was a little spoiler, but I love this blusher soooo much!

Ooohhh! He also wants to try it out! :3

Since I love the "Berry Delicious" range, I had to get this blusher, although I´m not such a big blusher fan (I have to say I wasn´t), but this one looked sooo beautiful on the internet, I just had to get it. My friend gave it to me as a present. She got it on her trip to Japan (How cool is that?!?).  I´m so thankfull! <3

But if you´re from overseas, you can get it from the official Etude House Global online store for $11.00. Since I love my colour so much, I´m always thinking about ordering another one, but for me as a poor student, $11 is quite much, so I have to wait till it´s on sale.

First I have to say, that the blusher looks lighter on the internet than it does in real live. I think that´s something you need to know when you order your products on the internet. (like I do)

Beside that, the colour is really really nice. I just love it. I ordered this colour (#3), because I wanted a colour that is not to dark. I just love this colour! (I mean, the colour-difference is not the biggest, but it´s also not the exact colour.) This one is the lightest colour. All in all you can choose out of three different shades, a red one (#1), a pink one (#2) and this orange-peach (#3) one.

I have read manny reviews about this product where people say, that it´s difficult to apply thiswith a brush, but since you have a sponge within the package, I personally think you don´t really need a brush. But if you are that type of person, that HAS to apply it with a brush, it is a bit difficult with this texture.
But the sponge itselfe works really really well. You can regulate really exact, how much of the product you want, both less intense and more intense. You can also apply it with your finger if you want (because of the creamy texture, that works really well), but I think the sponge is more ideal.

The sponge is a bit like the typical cushion sponge, but a bit more soft.

When I say cream texture, I don´t mean it like a foundation or something, but more like a creamy pressed powder, that gives your cheeks a moist natural glow.

In the picture above you can see, how easily it  is going to be applyed (with the sponge) and how even the application is. (nice cheek on my arm, isn´t it?)
The product itselfe has a very light smell of strawberries. But it´s so light that you nearly smell nothing.

The only "negative" thing I have to say about this is, that there is no mirror in the container. It would be really nice, if there would be one, because I could take it with me, but this way, I could only reapply it somewhere I have a mirror.


I really love this blusher. If you have no problems with the price ($11), you should definitelly try this one out.

Thank you for reading. If you have any question about the product or something you want to say, feel free to do so.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Etude House [Berry Delicious] Play Nail #2 #10 #6

Etude House [Berry Delicious] Play Nail #2 #10 #6

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today I will show you the nail polish from the Berry Delicious line from Etude House.

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But now to the product! ;)
This was the last one I ordered from this range. At first I don't thougt that I need them, because I already have so many nail polishes that I think I can never wear them all. But then the colors were soooooo amazingly pretty! <33 Aaaand the other products from the range are so nice that I decided to try them out, to collect most of the products from the line! <33 (Yes I am a collector! :D )


 PRICE: $ 3.90



I ordered the product at the Etude House Global store a while ago. 
I have to say that all the colors are really pretty, so it was hard to make a decision wich color I will have. Here you can see the colors:

Surprisingly the colors are in real live nearly the same as they are showen on the picture from the store. That's a big plus, because I had often problems with choosing because I know in the end the color will come out differently!

The design is soooo cute, the bottles looks like strawberrys! *__* I am in love with them.
Originally they came out as colors from the big "play nail" range from Etude House.

I ordered #10 (a nice an bit shimmery mint color), #2 (a sweet and shiny pink), #6 (a playfull glitter like color)

Like in the whole range I think that the colors match really nicely together! <3 Wich allows nice and colorfull naildesigns! So you can have much fun with them! <33




#10, #2, #6




Applying them is really easy. But after trying them for the first time I was like ohhh... the color is not as pigmented as I thought it is in the beginning. But putting on a second layer will show a rich and full pigmented color on your nails. Plus I love how the glitter polish #6 works with the other colors! *__*

Here are some swatches:

#2, one layer

#2, one layer

#2 with #6, all one layer

#10, one layer

#10, one layer

#10 with #6, both one layer

When the polishes were dry I found out that they have a smell, too. OMG, I love nail polishes with a nic smell, because they give me a feeling of berry delicious hands! :D (If that even makes sense!)

The glitter one (#6) is the most intensive smelly polish, it smells like super sweet strawberrys, the pink polish (#2) has a very light smell, also like strawberrys. The mint polish (#10) is hard to descripe, it's more like a bit lemon and a bit of grass... really hard! But really interesting. But I think if you don't like when your hands smell like something this can be a bid or a burden for you. But the smell is not more intensive than hand cream, so don't worry. It's more like a little lovely plus to make the nail polish even more special! <33

The color itself stays for a long time and the color dries really fast.

So in the end I really can recommend this nail polish to all of you, who already have looot's of nail polishes but want a new special one. A nice summer color with stays long.

I hope this review was helpfull for you. if you stilll have questions please feel free to ask me! :)

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Monday, July 18, 2016

FOODAHOLIC "3D Natural Essence Mask"

FOODAHOLIC "3D Natural Essence Mask"

by Violetta


Hello together!
Today I wanted to share this really really nice mask sheet from Food A Hollic with you. My sister, my mother and me, we are always doing sheet masks togehter on the weekend and are always curious about new ones. So we also had to try out these ones. :3
The special thing here is, that the sheet itselfe is not shaped simmilar to other normal sheets, because it is made out of peaces arranged together, so that the sheet has a 3D shape, which should match your face shape better.

As you can see in the first picture, there are manny differend kinds available. I tryed 2 different ones of these: the ORANGE and the TOMATO one. Before I start with the details, I wanted to say, that they were both really simmilar, depending on the smell, the amount of liquid in the pack and the results, but later more.

I bought mine a while ago on Cosmetic Love. Unfortunatelly they don´t offer these masks anymore there, but I remember it was a really good deal. I ordered an offer, where you get 6 sheets of one kind (here I thing it was around 6$ for all, means 1$ for each mask, which is a really good deal). I looked it up on amazon and you can still order them there, but I think some of them are a bit to expensive ... but just in case you want to order some. :-)


"(1) After washing the face, arrange the skin with a skin toner." (I just cleansed my skin and didn´t apply a toner :P)

"(2) Match the sheet from the eye and fix it all over the face with a fingertip."
"(3) Remove the mask after 20~30 minutes and use the finger to absorb the remaining fluids lightly and arrange the skin according to the basic care order." (I wore it for 30 minutes and then massage the rest of the essence into my skin, until it is completely soaken in.)

"Use it regularly 1~3 times a week to get a better effect." (I use sheetmasks once a week, because I think to often, they could damage your skin more than they help.)


 "Avoid using on blemishes, pimples, irritated or sun burn skin" (When I read that, I was a bit confused, because I have always a view pimples, but it doesn´t damaged my skin, butI think this caution is more for people with sensitive skin. I´m just a bit confused of that, because ... well ... manny girls in my age (around their twenties) have a bit problems with pimples ... -.-) Anyways, it wasn´t a problem for me doing this mask with pimples.

Here are some shots of the sheet:

Me during putting it on. My sis made the photo, I was to focused ^^. You can see, that the shape matches my face really good. I also like that there is also enough fabric around the nose, so that this area does not has to stay dry. ^^ Because of the slices near the ears, you can regulate it really good.

The mask goes really far under the chin! *.*

The sheet itselfe has also little lashes on the side, to arrange it ideal on the face

Here you can see one of the "seams". They´re not really sewn together, but pressed, which made this area a bit problematic, because it happened to me that it ripped off. So you have to be very careful when putting it on the skin.


  • easy to apply and to use
  • matched my face shape really well
  • vitalized my skin really well
  •  not to sticky afterwards (just like normal ones, e.g. the Etude House "I Need You Masks")
  •  nice price
  • many different kinds (but I personally think they´re all quite equal)
  • smell is not that nice (like a anti-mosquito-cream I used when I was younger)
  • the "seam" is a bit weak
  • 20~30 minutes masks are really long for people who don´t like the feeling of having something on the skin


All in all, the mask wasn´t bad. I didn´t really like the smell, but after a certain time, it gets less.
I think it´s a nice mask for this price, but I preffer others more. If you want to try these ones out, I can only encourage you to try them, because the shape of the sheet was really nice.

Thank you for reading. Please let me know what you think about this mask. Have you tryed it jet or do you want to try them?

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