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Etude House "Zero Sebum" full edition

Etude House "Zero Sebum" #White Sebum Clear #All Day Matte Gel #Drying Powder

by Violetta

Hey Loveliez!
Today I wanted to showw you the Etude House "Zero Sebum" edition. As you may know, I wrote a review about the "Zero Sebum Drying Powder", but now that I tested them all (I ordered the other two products because I love the powder so much), I wanted to put them all in one post together.

But first some words about the edition itselfe: It is supposed to help people with oily or mixed skin with their blackhead, whitehead and oily skin problems. Etude House already published some new products with a bit different design, but for me, it seems like they´re just the same, but well ... I haven´t tryed any of the new ones yet.

I really like the design. It looks really clean and hygienig, but also really sweet and girly. ^^ The title ("Zero Sebum") is shiny while the rest is mat, wich is a nice message through the package (that they want to reduce the oilyness on your skin) and it really feels nice while holding. :-)

I bought everything on the Etude House online store.

"Zero Sebum White Sebum Clear"

These are the areas where I apply the product (T-zone and nose area).


PRICE: $13.20

TYPE OF PRODUCT: cleansing cream

VOLUME: 15 ml

This is sort of a well ... I would call it cleansing cream. You have to apply it in the morning on the dry skin (the areas where you have oily skin and blackheads or whiteheads) and leaf it on 3 minutes (1 minute if you are in a hurry). After that  time you have to wash it off. After that the sebum and oil on your skin (that was produced from your skin during you sleep) should be cleared and your pores are supposed to be cleared from whiteheads.

I only use this product in the morning, but I think you can also use it in the evening if you want. But I would only use it once a day.
Anyways, it is not drying out the skin, but also not really moisturizing. Since that´s nothing it promises that´s ok. I really like the scent. It´s not really intense but smells fresh and clean.
One pump is enough for all areas I´m applying it to.

After I tryed it the first time, I thought "What a waste of money!". -.-
But now, after I used it every morning for around 1-2 months, I have to say that I can really see that my pores are smaller and the blackheads / whiteheads are smaller. I´m really surprised because I couldn´t see any improvement in the beginning. But now, I can only recommend this product to everyone with the problems of oily and mixed skin.
I think sometimes, a product can´t do much if you don´t use it often and include it into your skincare routine.

"Zero Sebum All Day Matte Gel"

These are the areas where I apply it, but sometimes I also apply it on the whole face. I think it´s also really useable for the skin area around the eyes.


PRICE: $12.00

TYPE OF PRODUCT: oil controlling gel

VOLUME: 65 ml

This gel type product is supposed to "dry out" (I don´t mean that the skin is really going to be dryed out, just that the oil is going to be removed) the skin on the areas that produces oil, or to provide the skin from producing oil. You can apply it onto the skin in the morning and evening, just whenever you think you need it. I personally don´t apply it over my makeup. I apply it after I put on moisturizer.

I can not say that it removes oil (because I clean my skin before I apply it, or else I don´t have a really clean feeling on my skin). I can also not say that it makes the skin mat the whole day. I think that depends on how much oil your skin produces. But I have the feeling that my skin produces much less oil than without the gel on it.  
So all in all I think I can recommend this product to you, because it really helped me with my skin troubles, not exactly the way Etude House promised, but nevertheless it really does.

"Zero Sebum Drying Powder"


PRICE: $8.50

TYPE OF PRODUCT: drying powder

VOLUME: 38 g

As I mentioned earlier I already wrote a full review about this product, but I will make a short summary for you here.

This powder is really easy to apply with the pad inside, and you can use it with every skin colour, because it is not really visible after applying. It has areally fresh and not to intense scent which I really like. A bit lemon like I would say.

You can apply it whenever you need it to remove shinyness and oil from your skin, or just directly after applying the make up to provide it from getting shiny to fast. Well, your skin will get shiny even with this powder on, but trust me, it really needs much longer with the powder.

The powder also works really well for your hair to remove the oilyness, as you can see in the pictures above.

I personally have only two little problems with the product and that´s because of the case. Sometimes it´s a bit hard to close it, because the plastik is a bit stiff. The other problem is that I would really wish for a little mirror inside it, that it becomes easyer to apply it on the road. But since these are the only problems I have with this product, I still can recommend this powder to you.

After a half year, I´m still using it and it doesn´t semms to become empty soon. So since I didn´t found a better powder than that till now, I will definitelly repurchise it.


So all in all, i can really recommend every product of this edition and I´m really happy that I could tryed them all out.

I wrote the prices from the global online store from Etude House to each product, but I personally bought them all on an event, where they were like half the price. Etude House has an event category called "Good Bye? Good Buy!" where they sell products 50% off. They selled all of these three products there and I think they do so because of the "new" ones they´re releasing now. I still don´t know what´s the difference between the old and the new designed ones, but I think it´s really just the design.
Anyways, I think since the products have a really really good price 50% off, not manny of them are left yet. But if you want any product (not only depending on these), I can just recommend you to look on that event first on your shopping tour. ^^
I don´t know if I´ll buy them all for the full price, because I´m just a poor student, but I´ll see.

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  1. The post is amazing ! You have specified every detail so perfectly! Big thumbs up! Great Review Hun! <3 <3

    1. Thank you really much! It´s always nice to hear that someone likes my post. :3

  2. Hi Violetta and Rosalie! Thank you for checking out my blog! I have heard so many great things about Korean beauty products but I haven't actually tried them. The Zero Sebum could be the perfect one to start with!

    xo Gennifer

    1. Thanks for reading my blogpost! <33
      You should definetly check out my "where to buy korean beauty porducts" blogpost! ;)

      xo greetings, Violetta!