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Etude House


by Violetta 


Today I wanted to write a review about these three BB creams from Etude House. They belong into one range and each one has it´s own effect. My sister already made a blogpost about the etude house "PRECIOUS MINERAL BB CREAM BLOOMING FIT". Please check it out, if you are interested. 

I bought the perfect fit and the blooming fit one at the official etude house online store.  If you are interested in where you can buy korean beauty products, please read my blogpost about it "WHERE DO WE BUY KOREAN COSMETICS". The cotton fit sample I got from beautynetkorea as a little present. It was a little palette of these three bb creams. 

All these BB creams are available in 3 colours.I got all the middle shade W13 natural beige, which is the perfect colour for me. ;D


PRICE: $18.00


VOLUME: 60 g 

Generally I have to say that I love the BB creamy from etude house. All these three have a really high coverage and a really nice and pleasant scent (each one is a bit different, but all nice). Etude house says that they all keep your skin moisturized and healthy. Well ... I personally can confirm that for the Perfect Fit and the Blooming Fit ones, because the Cotton Fit is more dry. (later more about that ...)

They all get really good to blend. Sometimes, when I only want a small coverage, I mix one pump of a BB cream with the same amount of moisturizer. This is a gream way to get a less ... well ... extreme effect, if you understand what I mean. I think, because they cover so good, the coverage is often to much, so that my face doesn´t look natural. That´s why I personally thin it a bit up. All in all, they´re not sticky, just sometimes (like in summer season) a bit heavy.

You can see, that the differences between each others are:

Blooming Fit is a glowy and a bit like glittery look. it has small glowing pigments in it which make your teint nice shiny. It´s perfect for a moistfull look.

The Perfect Fit BB cream is a really shiny one. They say that it should cover the greatest of these three, but well ... I think they all cover really good, but I actually don´t see a difference each covering effect. If you say that the Perfect and the Blooming Fit has the same description, I wouldn´t agree with that. The Perfect Fit is more shiny, while the Blooming Fit is more glowy (like with little little glowy pigments). It´s really difficult to describe, but if you want to choose one of them, I can only say they´re both really great and you get a nice moistfull skin look (which is nevertheless different).

The Cotton Fit one looks more dry on the skin, which is perfect for a mate skin look. You see, that it is not just dry, but also moisturizing. I made the experience on many german bb creams which are just to dry and not moisturizing at all. In my opinion, if you want a mate skin look, this BB cream is a really good quality and I can only recommend it.

All in all I could say that all of these BB creams are really great! No matter for which look you are looking for a good BB cream, one of these three could definitelly be the right thing for you.

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment about your opinion of these products. I always like to read any comments. :)

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