Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tony Moly "Red Appletox Honey Cream"

Tony Moly "Red Appletox Honey Cream"

by Rosalie

I am sooooo happy to write my review about this adorable product!!!
At first I was searching for a nice cream wich moisturize my skin and smells nice.
After a long searching I found this product and I thought, this looks so cute and amazing, I yust want to try it!! <3



PRICE: $9:85

VOLUME: 80ml

I ordered this product from the cosmetic-love-shop .

TonyMoly made a new line with some other fruits and vegetables. For example as face peelings or as lip balms. 

The design of this product is yust so amazingly!!!! (I always ask myself why there is no german cosmetic wich looks so super cute, because I yust love it!^^)

The product came with a little spoon to make it more hygienic to get the cream out of the bottle. 
The cream itself looks like the inner, yellow part of a real apple. So if I open the bottle it is easy to think that this is really a part of an apple.

The cream is very liquidy, so for me it is easy to apply and it absorbs very fast on your skin. So you can use it before you go to sleep or you use it under your make up.
It moisturizes your skin so good, it is so amazing. AND the smell is really like an apple.
I think this product is yust full of fun to use it and I always feel happy when I use it! ;)

Allin all I can say that this product is so lovely and nice, if you are searching for a nice moisturizing cream wich also makes you happy than this product is really amazing for you! ;)

I hope this review was helpfull for you
If you have some requests please let me know in the comments.
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We have made a Facebookpage for our Blog!!!

We have made a Facebookpage for our Blog!!!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Etude House "Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit"

Etude House "Precious Mineral BB Cream

Blooming Fit"

by Rosalie


I always wanted to buy a BB cream form Etude House, because I watched and read so many reviews about it and I thougt that this is amazingly for my skin.
But it was a long way of a decision, because I also wanted to buy "any cushion". I tried it to order any cushion like my sister (You can click here if you want to read her review about Etude House's "any cushion"), but there was always a mistake with the order or the product wasn't available. After this I thought that I still shouldn't own "any cushion" so I ordered this BB Cream. My sister wrote a post about all the "PRECIOUS MINERAL BB CREAM BLOOMING FIT, PERFECT FIT & COTTON FIT". PLease read it if you are interested. ^^



PRICE: $15.00

VOLUME: 60ml


 I ordered this product from but you also can buy it from the Etude House Global Store (

There are two other lines of the BB Cream: a "perfect fit" and a"cotton fit" one. There are all for different face types. This"blooming fit" one is against wrinkles, and gives whitening and anti darkening to your skin. (But I personally think that the types are very similar. But if you have tried out all different types and find out some differents please let me know in the comments!!!)

The BB Cream came up in a box where you also can find the colour wich I choose. (BB_W13)
The design of the box is as cute as the design of the bottle. I think it is a bit similar to the design of any cushion. It looks luxerious and cute. I love it. <3 (I also looked very intensive on the design of german BB Creams. The result: they just look boring!!!! As I saw them in the store I yust don't wanted to buy these BB Creams! haha )
But Etude House still have the best designs! :3

To get the product out of the bottle you have to press on the upper part. (But before you have to shake the product ^^). I think with this system it is very easy and hygienic to get the BB Cream out of the bottle.

I also tried german BB creams but the colours doesn't fits my skin so well. (They were to dark) So I was hopefull to get a colour that fits my skin, because I think the korean BB Cream colours are more light.  I ordered the middle colour and I think this colour fits me very well. ;)

I think that this BB Cream looks very natural on my face. It covered the red places in my face very well (especially my cheeks and the area around my mouth) and it covered my pimples in a natural way. I hate BB Creams wich makes my face looks like I am wearing a mask! So this BB Cream is simply perfect for me. 
The product also has a scent. I like the scent because it smells a bit fresh and a bit flowery, too, and I like this kind of scents! :)

By using it, a bit of the BB Cream goes a long way. The texture is very liquidy, so for me it is easy to apply it and also it's easy to makes it look natural. 

All in all I think that a cushion is more practical than a normal BB Cream like this. But after my hard way wich brings me away form my any cushion I am very happy with this product! <333 
So if you are searching for a nice light BB Cream that makes you look natural and gives you a nice smell than this product will be good for you! ;) 

I hope this review was helpfull for you in your decision to buy or not to buy this product! 
If you have questions about it, please let me know in the comments. 
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tonymoly "Petite Bunny Gloss Bar"

Tonymoly "Petite Bunny Gloss Bar"

by Violetta


I´ve bought these two sweet bunny sticks on . I really like this shop, because there are always no shipping costs regardless on how much money you spend. They have always an offer, where you can buy two sticks for $8,51 while a single one costs $4,95 (you save $1,29), but this offer is only for members. 



PRICE: $4,95


TYPE OF PRODUCT: LIP PRODUCT (something between lipstick and lip gloss)

It´s a series of 9 different shades, 6 normal ones with a certain fruity smell, and 3 neon colours.

First I have to say, that I don´t like any lip gloss products much (I actually really hate the consistence of it), but this one is really not like one, although the description on the internet page is different (something betweet lipstick and lip gloss). It is more like a moisturizing tint or a blam that colours your lips. The colour of each of this two sticks is really long lasting if you didn´t combinate it with any other product like an extra moisturizer.

I have two very different shades:

The first one I bought (No. 5) is a very discreetly colour, which I really wanted for the every day use (for school and so on). I wanted a colour which is not so dark and heavy, so I ordered a very light shade. I didn´t knew that this colour would have a little orange tone beside the discreetly pink, but I really like it. You can see the orange tone more on my arm than on my lips. This colour is really the colour I wanted and beside the colour, I think that this stick is very good moisturizing and makes my lips very smooth. The scent is not too pushy, so If you don´t like it, it´s ok, but I actually really like it. It´s a bit peachy and fruity and I really like it.

The secound one I bought (No. 8) is one of the neon shades and I thought also that it´s colour is very discreetly but I had to realize that it´s not. My sister said that the colour is discreetly and not very dark, but I think that the colour is very intense, not that this is a bad thing, but I actually wanted a colour for school and so on. Although the stick generally is yellow, the colour changes on your lips into a relatively dark pink. Right after the first use the stick also changes partly into a pinky red, but not completely. Apart from all this, I really ike the colour, maybe because I love the moisturizing effect, which is not too sticky.
I think this stick has also a light fruity scent, which is very pleasant, but I can´t really say what it is, because it is too light. 

Here you can see the partly colour changing of No. 8 into a pinky red.

All in all I really love this lip product and I´m thinking of trying also another shade, because I really like the texture. :3

Thank you for reading! Please tell me your impression of this product, because I want to hear if you´re maybe not that happy with that product, or if you love it so much than I do. :)

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tonymoly "Magic Food Banana Hand Milk"

Tonymoly "Magic Food Banana Hand Milk"

 by Rosalie

Today I want to review the Tonymoly "Magic Food Banana Hand Milk". I really love the idea to have products, wich looks like food! haha
So I was interested in this banana hand cream, too. I know that there are also two other apples, one tomato and a secound banana in this line!^^ (Really makes me hungry!!!)



PRICE: $7.20

VOLUME: 45ml


I bought this product from
But this shop gave the opinion to buy two bananas for a better price ( $11.70 for two, this makes $5.85 for one.).
I don't know the product before, so I orderet together with my mom! :) 

The description of the product says, that this is perfectly for rought and dry hands to moisturize them well. This was one reason for me to buy it, because I have very dry hands (especialy in the winter...).

 The pakaging is the most striking thing on the product. It really looks like a little banana. I think this is so amazing!!!!!
To get the product out, you have to press (a BIT stronger) on the upper part of the banana and then the hand cream came out.

The name of the product is "Hand Milk" but the texture is more thick. (I think like a normal hand cream).
The scent of it is like banana milk (Like the banana milk I drank as a child!) and it is very strong. But after applying it, the strong scent goes away to a nice light scent of the banana milk, so it is a nice thing if you like this scent at the firts but don't want to smell it so strong all the time.

The moisturizing effect is really great. I think from all hand creams that I own, I would prefer this one!!!
It really gives much moisture to my hands and it holds on for a very long time.

Sometimes, I apply the product before I go to bed (If my hands are super dry) and in the next morning my hands are so amazingly soft. I yust love it! So if you have similar problems with your hands I think this product can make you happy with it's nice texture, smell and nice design! <3

I hope this review was helpful for you and you enjoyed it. If you have some questions about the product please feel free to write a comment!

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Etude House "Nail Remover #1 Mild"

Etude House "Nail Remover #1 Mild"

by Rosalie

Hello Ladys! :)

Today I want to give you a review about this nail polish remover from Etude House. I simply bought this, because I've got some nail polishes from them and I thought that there are amazing! (I also have reviews about the nail polishes, please read them if you are interested: Play Nail normal colours , Play Nail glittery ) So I was hopefull that the nail polish remover from Etude House is amazing, too.



PRICE: $1.50

VOLUME: 100ml


I get this product from the Etude House Global Store (

The design of the bottle is as cute as always. (The designs from Etude House are always so cute! <3) I mean, there is a little drawing of a smiling nail on it! :D
As you can see on the pictures I've already used a lot from the product. Opening the bottle is easy if you know how: you have to press the cap down and then open it up. I think this is nice if you have children or little brothers and sisters to know that this bottle is save! ;)
When I normally snif into the bottle (UPS! don't try it at home! haha), you just can realize the normal smell of nail polish remover. But if you use the product, the scent change into a very nice and flowery smell. Yay, I love this smell!^^ I just hate it when my nail polish remover just smells like aceton or alcohol or something chemical. This also makes you feel very clean and relaxed!

The remover also removes the nail polish very good from my nails. After using there is no nail polish on my nails at all.

I think this nail polish is ways better than the german nail polish removers!!!!! seriously, they all smells sooooo badly. I also tryed to remove Etude House nail polish with a german remover, but it was so hard to remove just a bit. I have to rubb hard and there was still some polish. I also tried to remove my german nail polish with the Etude House Remover and it still works with the german nail polish very good.
I also think after using it, that my nails aren't so dry like after other removers, so it is a really nice product if you have problems with it, too! ;)

II hope this review was helpful for you!
If you have any questions about the product wich the review wasn't about, please feel free to write me a comment! ;)
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Holika Holika "Heartfuk Silky Lipstick"

Holika Holika "Heartfuk Silky Lipstick"

by Rosalie

This is the first product I get from the cosmetic brand "Holika Holika". I just heared much positive things about it, before. So I decided to order this cute lipstick for the begin!^^ 



PRICE: $6.93


I bought this product from the online store Beautynet Korea . 
The Lipstick came out in 8 colours. I also know that there are some other lines from Heartful Lipsticks, the "Heartful Glossy Stick" and the "Heartful Moisture Lipstick", wich you can also buy on the store where I bought. 

For the begin I only chose one colour: SCR301 Candy Store - Bright Coral.
(This is my FIRST orange coloured lipstick!!! I know that this colour for lipsticks is very famous in Korea, but in Germany, no brand makes orange lipsticks. So it is something very special for me and I was interested how the colour looks like on my lips) :3

This is the first time for me that I see a lipstick in a different shape than usual.
OMG, it is a heart!!!!!!!!
Could a lipstick be more adorable than this one?!?!? (OMG)

haha, yes, I still love the design of the product. If you see it in the pictures I think I don't have to say anything than this is the cutest lipstick I own. (And I am sooooo happy about it!^^)

Now I want to show you, how the colour looks like:

I think it is a very nice and lovely colour. I can easily wear it every day. Beside that, I think orange is a very nice lipstick colour. It looks more natural than pink or red ones. So if you want to feel like a princes and you would have light nice lips, this colour (and this product) fits you very well!^^
(And if you want darker colours you also can choose a other one from the line.)

To talk about the texture, it is really easy to apply. It is silky, wich means it doesn't moisturize your lips. Sometimes I mosiurize my lips before I put on this lipstick,because of the silkyness it makes my lips not dry but it sticks in the rills of my lips if I don't moisturize them before.
It also stands for a long time, so if you applied it, you can have a nice colour on your lips for a long time.

The lipstick has a scent, but it is very decent (a bit floral and a bit like make up, but I have to concentrate a lot to notice it). So you wouldn't notice something during wearing it.

All in all, I like this lipstick and it makes me happy simply looking at it, but it wouldn't be my most favourite lipstick of all the time, because of the stickyness...!
I hope this review was helpful for you.
If you still have any questions about the product or do you own this product, too, please let me know in your comments. (And If you own it, please let me know what you think about it!^^)
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