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Etude House [Berry Delicious] Play Nail #2 #10 #6

Etude House [Berry Delicious] Play Nail #2 #10 #6

by Rosalie

Hi everyone,
today I will show you the nail polish from the Berry Delicious line from Etude House.

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But now to the product! ;)
This was the last one I ordered from this range. At first I don't thougt that I need them, because I already have so many nail polishes that I think I can never wear them all. But then the colors were soooooo amazingly pretty! <33 Aaaand the other products from the range are so nice that I decided to try them out, to collect most of the products from the line! <33 (Yes I am a collector! :D )


 PRICE: $ 3.90



I ordered the product at the Etude House Global store a while ago. 
I have to say that all the colors are really pretty, so it was hard to make a decision wich color I will have. Here you can see the colors:

Surprisingly the colors are in real live nearly the same as they are showen on the picture from the store. That's a big plus, because I had often problems with choosing because I know in the end the color will come out differently!

The design is soooo cute, the bottles looks like strawberrys! *__* I am in love with them.
Originally they came out as colors from the big "play nail" range from Etude House.

I ordered #10 (a nice an bit shimmery mint color), #2 (a sweet and shiny pink), #6 (a playfull glitter like color)

Like in the whole range I think that the colors match really nicely together! <3 Wich allows nice and colorfull naildesigns! So you can have much fun with them! <33




#10, #2, #6




Applying them is really easy. But after trying them for the first time I was like ohhh... the color is not as pigmented as I thought it is in the beginning. But putting on a second layer will show a rich and full pigmented color on your nails. Plus I love how the glitter polish #6 works with the other colors! *__*

Here are some swatches:

#2, one layer

#2, one layer

#2 with #6, all one layer

#10, one layer

#10, one layer

#10 with #6, both one layer

When the polishes were dry I found out that they have a smell, too. OMG, I love nail polishes with a nic smell, because they give me a feeling of berry delicious hands! :D (If that even makes sense!)

The glitter one (#6) is the most intensive smelly polish, it smells like super sweet strawberrys, the pink polish (#2) has a very light smell, also like strawberrys. The mint polish (#10) is hard to descripe, it's more like a bit lemon and a bit of grass... really hard! But really interesting. But I think if you don't like when your hands smell like something this can be a bid or a burden for you. But the smell is not more intensive than hand cream, so don't worry. It's more like a little lovely plus to make the nail polish even more special! <33

The color itself stays for a long time and the color dries really fast.

So in the end I really can recommend this nail polish to all of you, who already have looot's of nail polishes but want a new special one. A nice summer color with stays long.

I hope this review was helpfull for you. if you stilll have questions please feel free to ask me! :)

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