Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Etude House "Wonder Pore Freshner"

Etude House "Wonder Pore Freshner"

by Violetta


This is a review about the Etude House "Wonder Pore". I´ve bought the 250 ml bottle and later I bought the 500ml bottle, too. (because I was interested in the pump system!)

Wonder Pore 250 ml bottle

Wonder Pore 500 ml bottle

This is the packaging of the 250ml bottle.
You can see a scale on the bottle which shows you, when your pimples are gone :)

 This is the packaging of the 500ml bottle.
Inside are some cotton pads (right) and the product itself (left).

The 500ml bottle with the cotton pads.

what the product is good for (written in korean but also showed with pictures) :)

 to compare the two bottles here you can see the 500ml bottle (left) and the 250ml bottle (right).

The two different "openings" of the two bottles.


VOLUME: 250ml/500ml

 PRICE: $9,00/$15,00


The description from the global page:
"Quick Overview

ㆍThis is a total solution product that effectively cleans the inside and outside of pores with its special peppermint extract.

ㆍThis Freshner balances pH levels, making skin pure like baby skin and preventing skin troubles caused by pH imbalance. [Wonder Pore Daily Cotton Pad (50 Sheets) Pore clarifying daily cotton pad for Freshner (Free Gift)]

ㆍThe thickness of cotton pad helps contents absorb effectively into skin and helps balance moisture and oil levels.

ㆍThe holes on the cotton pad’s surface clean off dead skin cells and sebum to complete perfectly clear pores."

I really love this product, because I think it works very well. I also like the smell of it (they say it is a mint smell, but I think it really smell very hygienic and not chemical or like alcohol). My skin is really refreshed after using it.

Here you can see the product on a cotton pad before using (left) and on the other side the cotton pad after using (right). I´ve done this in the morning after cleaning my face with water and you can really see many particles and dirt on it. It is much better than all the other face waters I´ve used before, but it´s also the most expensive one.

Here you can see my own try and I think you can see that I wripped off some little particles.

I´ve used this product every morning for 4-5 months and I can say that my complexion is now much better and I really think that my pores are a bit smaller than before. It´s also very good that it balances the pH level of my skin, because I have a very sensitive skin and this feels very great on it.

so my result is, that this product is really good, also for sensitive skin (or exactly for sensitive skin). It cleanse very well and the smell is very pleasant. The only disadvantage is the orice, but you see, I´ve reordered it because it is that good. :)

Thank you forreading. If you want, you can write in the comments what your impression of this product is (I´d really like to know it). 
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  1. It looks really cool. I'm loving the picture descriptions, because I'm still shit at reading Korean. The product itself seems to satisfy, so thumbs up for the Wonder Pore :D

    1. Yea! The language gap is a little problem. One week ago I got a new mask pack with ONLY a korean descrpition how to do it. ... well kind of exhausting ^^