Friday, January 27, 2017

Holika Holika "Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner #5 brown amber, #10 chocolate citrine

Holika Holika "Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner

#5 brown amber, #10 chocolate citrine

by Rosalie

Hi my lovelies,
today I will write about my latest favourite eyeliner.
I have watched some makeup tutorials, also from PONY, and I am in love with the eyelooks created by brown eyeliner. The eye's look so soft and dreamy! I only had black eyeliners but with the decision to buy a brown one I also decided to try out this eyeliner collection "jewell-light waterproof eyeliner" from the korean brand Holika Holika.



PRICE: $5.80

I ordered two brown colors: #5 (brown amber) and #10 (chocolate citrine). In total the collection has 12 different colors you can choose from. There are also some light colors you can use for your aegyosal or something different than only the eyeliner.

I wanted to have this eyeliner because I thought that there is the mechanism to turn the upper end and get more out of the pen. But I only have looked at the pictures (so it's my own mistake) so I didn't noticed that there isn't such a mechanism. What you see there is like the cup for the inside of the pen, where they closed it up. To get more of the eyeliner you have to sharpen the pen... yes, you have to sharpen the plastic!!!!!

I think if I have known this beforehand I wouldn't have buyed the product, cause I cant imagine to sharpen plastic.... NOT AT ALL!
But after trying it I think it's not so bad. It is really soft so no problem with the sharpening.

I think you cant see the glitter in #5 so well, but it's also hard to see it on the eye. (Yes, color #5 is with glitter...)
Plus I think both colors really look alike. Hm....
When I have freshly applied the product you can blend the color as you can see on the picture. But after waiting two minutes the color really stay and it also is waterproof.
The texture of the pen mine is soft so it's really nice to apply it on your eye.
I like the (one) color really much!

So after all of that I can say I really like thee product. You cant see the glitter but that's not such a big deal for me. I like the color and it goes nicely onto my eye. And for this quality the price is ok. So I can recommend this product to you if you are searching for a soft waterproof eyeliner. I personally love it. And now the pen is nearly empty and I think I will buy a nother one again! <33

I hope this review was helpfull for you.

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