Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Face Shop "Coral Cushion Blusher" #2_coral_cushion

The Face Shop "Coral Cushion Blusher" #2_coral_cushion

by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,
in Germany, spring is comming back and I am really enjoying it! *__*
So just to let you know but I am able to write this blogpost outdoor! <33333 like heaven!

Anyway, I want to review this cute blusher from the korean brand "the Face Shop".
I was searching for a nice blusher, wich isn't to much pigmented and has a everyday like colour. So  found this product and have choosen this #2 coral colour out of 5.





I am not so sure where I original have bought this product, but I am sure, that I have payed less than $9, that's only the price I found...

I think its pretty cute that they have a different design for each color. Plus the applicator is adorable, that was a reason for me to choose this product, because I like products wich contains the applicator. 

In the following pictures you can see how the product looks like:

The product is smaller than I have expected it. It is really tiny. But that isn't something bad, because I can take it with me for traveling easily. The packaging is out of paper (what????? At the beginning I was a bit confused about this...) and it hasn't a mirror inside.

clean applicator

The blusher is in general pressed powder and a very light colour. I think it isn't the most pigmented product ever but as I mentioned in the beginning, I was searching for a less pigmented one. I think it is easier to apply and not to look like a clown after doing my makeup! haha!!!

It really is a great coral like colour. Applying the product is really easy with the applicator so I have no problems with that.

used applicator

I hope you can see a bit of the colour around my cheek area! <3


 -cute and less pigmented colour (what I was searching for)
-easy to apply
-cute and individual packaging for every colour
-5 colours to choose from
-tiny size
-contain a applicator


-no mirror
-paper packaging (I am not sure about that because it wasn't bad for me until now but I think if something liquid rins of in your makeupback this will be something bad...)

Anyway, I really like this blusher and use it nearly every day. I think this colour is just perfect for me, but for someone with darker skin I think you might not see the colour...

So I hope this review is helpfull for you. I really like this concealer and use it quite often.

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