Monday, April 10, 2017

Concert Diary B.A.P 2017 World Tour "Party Baby"

Concert Diary B.A.P 2017 World Tour "Party Baby"

by Rosalie

Hi Babys,
this year again, B.A.P is comming to Europe for the concert tour "Party Baby", and they are also comming to GERMANY!!!! YEIIIIII <333 To be more specific, they are comming to Frankfurt /Main, on 5th May. Me, my sister and my friend we went last year to the "awake" tour in Dusseldorf, too. So of course as german BABY's we are going to the concert this year,too. And I thought it would be fun to write a concert diary about it again, too, for BABY's who went for their first time to a concert to get some impressions beforehand.

B.A.P Concert Diary "Awake"-Tour 2016

Awwww, I am so absolutely happy about this  OMG!!! A while ago the ticket sale startet.
In the following you can find a price list but also a link for more details about this. I think the prices are really crazy, I mean my mom went to a ACDC concert last year and payed around 100€ for one ticket but now we have to pay something like 300€ for a korean group?!? (OK, I think that's a fighting point on all kpop concerts, but it's just my opinion that this is really to much and maybe some babys can't go there because of this and so the boys can't get all the love from Germany that they deserve.)


There are 5 possible Ticket Versions for Frankfurt/Main:
  1. Party 89€
  2. Crazy Party 129€
  3. Silver Party 169€
  4. Golden Party 199€
  5. Diamond Party 299€
more Details: 

For concert preparations it's super important to know how to come to the concert, going with friends, skipping school (because it's a week day)....

Also important!! :D
I wanted to have my own light stick as my sister had last year. Violetta bought one second hand and I wanted to do this, too. But unfortunately there wasn't any I could find. So I bought a new one on, they have some different light sticks from kpop groups. I got my light stick for 40€, yep, pretty expensive! :D

So now we have the two versions of the light sticks.

I really didn't hear anything about fake light sticks in the beginning of my research, but I read that there are really many fake ones you can buy on ebay. You have to look at the packaging if there is this copyright symbol there, than you can be sure that this is not a fake light stick. (maybe for some of you this isn't important, but I don't want to have a fake one and believe that this is the original one...)

first version B.A.P light stick

2nd version B.A.P light stick

Hopefully everything will be ok for the concert for all of you. Please stay as excited and happy about B.A.P in Germany as you are! haha!!

I am thinking about getting some present's for the boy's but I hadn't a great idea right now. Last time there was also the possibility to give them letter's or presents!^^

If you have some question's about buying ticket's or how the concert was last year please feel free to ask me! <33 (I was really nervous before my first time, too, so really, there are NO stupid questions!! :D )

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