Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Etude House "Big Cover Concealer Cushion" #vanilla

Etude House "Big Cover Concealer Cushion" #vanilla

by Rosalie

Hi my Lovelies,
I hope you are all well?!

Right now my vacations are gone so I have some stress to prepare things for university and stuff.

By the way, I am searching for a good new camera, does anyone have some recommendations?? It would help me a lot! <3333

Anyway, today I want to write about this concealer from the korean brand "ETUDE HOUSE".

I already have tried the stick concealer from this collection and I was quite impressed!
(check out the review!!)

REVIEW: ETUDE HOUSE Big Cover Concealer Stick

So that's why I had big hopes for the cushion one, too, to be great.


PRICE: $ 13.20




In this collection are 3 different kinds of concealers and one foundation.

I got this concealer in the color #vanilla.

To get the product out you have to pump... 

and than you get the product into the cushion, ready to be applied. ;)

In the following pictures you can see how the product look on my skin. Normally I use the color #naturalbeige if it comes to BB cream from ETUDE HOUSE, but at the time when I ordered only this light color was available.

As you can see the color is a bit light for me. I took these pictures in summer time, in winterdays when my skin is getting a bit lighter the color is good.
The product blend well and has a nice smell.
The coverage is not the best but since I don't have so many pimples to cover (or something else) it is really ok for me, because I like the natural look a lot more as if I would look like I have a mask on.


-handy packaging
-3 "normal" skin colored colors, 3 special colors (mint, pink, illumniate)
-nice smell
-blend well
-sun protection
-easy to use


- I am unable to clean the cushion end, so it's quite unhygienique
-not full coverage

So I hope this review is helpfull for you. I really like this concealer and use it quite often.

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