Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Beauty Drama - Sweet 20s , INNISFREE" , Korean Drama Review

"Beauty Drama - Sweet 20s , INNISFREE"

Korean Drama Review

by Rosalie


Hi everyone,
today I am in the mood to recommend you a korean drama, wich I really enjoyed to watch.

It is not like a regular drama (you know if you have watched some dramas, one very famous drama for example is descendence of the sun...)
THIS IS A BEAUTYDRAMAAAAA!!!!! Like someone invented the best drama verssion just for all beauty loving girls (like me!!).

You have a story that continue till the end but in this story you have the main character doing make up looks for the current situation. She shows many beauty hacks, not only make up looks.

About the story:
main character: BAE YOONHA, a girl living in a korean town in her twentee's. She is searching for a job. (In Korea it's like super hard to get after your school or university directly a job, that's why the yoing people still have to study hard, do many interviews to finally get a job, after really hard work!!)

The story begins on Yoonhas birthday. At first she is studying in the library, getting a call from her boyfriend (Kim Kangwoo) that he want's to meet her. They made up a date for the evening, Yoonha is so proud of her boyfriend but later on this evening he canceled the meeting at the last minute and Yoonha was crying. They tried to get along again but ended up fighting and broke up.

After that she naturally is sad but, again, needs to study for her job search. Her friend tought her to get with her into a study group, where she met the most handsome guy in the whole drama: Tae-Jun!! <33
He is super intelligent, has nice manners and likes Yoonha very much. PLUS HE IS SUPER HANDSOME AND ATTRACTIVE!! <33333333333333

Now Yoonha has to decide what she will do. :D

Every episode is around 13 minutel long, wich is super short for a korean drama, and the drama is finnished in 10 episodes. 

It really helps to get fast a nce story, nothing like to many filler episodes...

Of course the drama is sponsored by the korean beauty brand "INNISFREE", that's why you only can find products from Innisfree in the tutorials, but all in all you cal also protect the hacks into your own make up things. 

I am in love with the actors , with the beauty brand (after watching you will understand!!) and with the story. I am not really happy how the drama end's but that's just because I would've decided differend than Yoonha.But really all in all it is a super drama. I've watched it now for 4 times, it doesn't get boring! :D

I have watched it on Youtube on the "Onstyle" channel, where they subbed the drama in english.

I hope you will have time to watch this nice drama as well and I want to hear your opinion about the end of the drama. Kangwoo or Tae-Jun?? :D

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