Thursday, July 6, 2017

Holika Holika "Pure Essence Mask Sheet"

Holika Holika "Pure Essence Mask Sheet"

by Rosalie



Hy Lovelies,
the test's are over now yeiiiii! Now the summer can start for us, too! <3
I hope that we will be able to write more often.

Anyway, I often mentione how important skincare is, especially in summer time. Your pores are big because of the heat and your skin get's dry.
The best way to fight against this and cool your face down is to make a face mask. Out of all mask sheet's I have tried I really think that korean mask sheet's are the best one's you can buy.

Today I will write about the "Pure Essence Mask Sheet" from the brand "Holika Holika". It's my first mask sheet from this brand but with other product's I was really happy so I wanted to give it a try.


PRICE: ca. $1


I ordered this product at , 4 mask's fro around $4, wich is a really nice price so far.
The product came out in 10 different kind's.

In the following you can see the different kind's I ordered.

I think the design is really cute and gives me a happy feeling because of the colours. I also like when you can choose from different kind's of the mask's, to be able to use the best mask for your skin type.

Going with lemon is for my skin type for nearly all sheet mask's the best! What about your skin type? Wich mask type do you prefer?

The masksheet itself is really thin. As I unfold the mask I was really scared if I would rip the mask. :D
All different types are this thin. But each (of course) has a different smell. The lemon one for example really smell's like lemon and the green tea smell's a bit medical but also clean.

I guess it is because of the thin mask sheet, but this one really stick's on my face and doesn't fall off by accident. That way my skin can absorb all the moisture from the mask. My skin also feels super cool while I am wearing the mask and feels super refreshed and with a high moisture level. After I have removed the mask I had to massage the remain liquid into my skin. After a while my face feels super soft and nice. 

So all in all I really REALLY like this product. For summer it is the perfect moisturizing and skin care product. And It is also nice to choose from the different types to get the best mask for your skin type. It is also fun to try out the different types I think.

Wich is your favourite mask sheet in summer? Have you special hacks to refresh your dry skin in summer? Feel free to share them, I would love to hear them.

I hope this review was helpull for you and as usual, if you have some questions please feel free to ask! :) 

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