Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tony Moly "Fruit Capsule Tok Tok - Orange Sleeping Pack"

Tony Moly "Fruit Capsule Tok Tok - Orange Sleeping Pack"

by Rosalie


Hi Lovelies,

these days I really have some stress because all my Test's will come up next week. ._.

But to get something different into my head I still wanted to blog about something hehe.

Today I will show you this new sleeping pack from the korean brand Tony Moly.


PRICE: $10

VOLUME: 80ml


WHERE TO BUY (click for link)

I bought this product at The sleepingpack came out in 3 different kinds: orange, kiwi and tomato. Together with the orange one my mum bought the kiwi one for her self.

In the following you can find some informations from the brand itself about the product.

Now I want to show you how the product look like. I think the packaging is suuuuper adorable. The fruit on top just looks super delicious (OMO!! I shouldn't ever eat this haha).

There is a spoon in the bottle, as well. With this one it is super easy to get a little amount out of the bottle without using your hands.

As I opened the product for the first time I got a super sweet but absolutely natural scent into my nose. Just like I have a real orange with some joghurt inside this bottle. OMG! I really love the smell! <3

In the mask you can see something like the cream (white) and these little orange dot's. As soon as you apply the product onto your skin, they dissapear. I guess they are like a special moisturizing thing. Plus it looks like I have little orange parts in this cream as well.

In the following you can see the product on my skin. As you massage the cream into your face the cream get's transparent and , as I said earlyer, the little dot's melt and get into your skin as well. It need's a while for my skin to really get into it, means the product is wet for some long time. Compared to other sleeping masks I have to wait quite a long time to get into it. Plus my skin feels like with super heavy moisturizing cream on it. But I guess that is ok, since it is no normal cream, it's a sleeping pack. After sleeping and washing the mask of my skin feels really nice and soft. I think this does a great job to my skin.

I highly recommend this product to all of you, who are searching for a nice sleeping pack or have trouble with dry skin. My mum also loves her kiwi one. I tried it myself, the smell is also really great and to be honest it's hard to decide wich one I will buy again since both of them do such a great job!!

Do you have experience with sleeping packs? Wich one do you recommend? Or have you already tried this TonyMoly one?

I hope this review was helpull for you and as usual, if you have some questions please feel free to ask! :) 

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  1. Hey, you cuties!

    Good luck with your exams next week! I'm rooting for you~ Also, this product is immensely cute <3
    Love, Katia <3

    1. thank you! Fighting for your's, too! <333