Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Etude House "Dear Darling Water Tint" #3

Etude House "Dear Darling Water Tint" #3

by Rosalie




Hi Lovelies,
ordering overseas still let me feel uncompfortable. Why? Sometimes packages get lost with no one doing anything wrong, you can loose your money...

For the product I want to write about today it was something I really wanted to try for a long time. I ordered it and the packet never arrived. After waiting for some more time now I decided to get it a new try (also with a different colour choosing...) and I finally got this product yeii! <3

It's the "Dear Darling Water Tint" from the korean brand Etude House.


PRICE: $5.20


In Germany I never have heard of something like a water tint but in korea it is pretty popular these day's. Other brands like TonyMoly have some similar product's, too.

The product came in 3 shades, wich is pretty untypical for a Etude Hosue lip product, since they always create reaaaaaly many colours like 3 red's, 5 pink's...
So having only 3 colours to choose from can help but also can make it more difficoult if you couldn't choose wich colour you want but simply wanna try the product because you are curious! :D On my first try I choosed red but this time I ordered the colour #3 orange.

The applicator: similar as from lip gloss products. With this applicator it is pretty easy to put the colour where it belongs to!

The consistency of the product is really liquidy. Like you really have coloured water in this tiny bottle. So for your own sake don't put the open bottle upside down! :D

As the product is equal to water it also is like water when you apply it onto your lips. For me it was a bit tough to controll the liquid from not running away up to my chin. (It's not so bad ahha! But if you try to put real water onto your lips you can feel what I mean. It is and will always be really liquidy!) :D

But after using it for 3 times I become more familiar with it.

The product has a intense smell out of the bottle wich should be like oranges or fruits? I don't really like it, but after the product is dry on your lips you couldn't smell anything so it is ok for me.

Also, the colour looks more pigmented and intensive when it is still  liquid.
As it dries (or you reapply it with a fingertip) the colour dissapear a bit. It is a bit like using water colour's: the colours look much more interestung wet but dry they can loose some intensity. But for this product I really like the final colour. I mean the wet colour would really be heavy, to much for me. So this is a really nice all day colour and I also use it with low make up and it looks really natural but put's a bit of a colour finish to my lip's. 


All in all this is a really interesting product and I am really happy that I could use it after a long wait. If you have tried different colours please let me know what you think about them.
Bt to all of you who search for a great new lipproduct I highly recommend this one. It also doesn't makes my lip's dry, wich is always a big plus.  

I hope this review was fun and helpfull for you! ;)

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